What Is Subscription? Definition of Subscription, Subscription Meaning and Concept

The subscription is the action that a user performs when he wants to receive a series of services, news, or products at a certain price, or for free.

In the digital marketing sector there are two options: paid subscriptions and free ones. Both are frequently used in digital matters, but each one of them has different objectives, and also certain characteristics.

A subscriber will be the one who carries out the action of subscribing, also having a series of objectives that he wishes to fulfill when carrying out said action.

What is a free subscription?

They are those that are normally carried out when a user subscribes to a blog to receive free content from the specialist who writes it. The objective on the part of the subscriber is to learn, or improve her knowledge on a subject that interests her for free.

The person in charge of the blog in this case, what you want is to get the email of that subscriber to later carry out email marketing campaigns with the mission of sending promotions, offers, information about your services, and also valuable content such as articles. of the blog.

The subscriber will receive all this periodically in his email, since after subscribing he accepts these terms.

These types of techniques are very common in the digital sector, it is a widely used tool from which both parties benefit. The subscriber because he receives free content that interests him, and the responsible one because he can advertise the services he offers, and increase his list of subscribers.

What is the paid subscription?

In this case, there is an amount in exchange for receiving information, courses, or documents. The subscriber signs up to receive premium content, or private content, since it is not available to the public.

A company can have this option for all those interested who want to expand their knowledge through the option of receiving new content on a regular basis through a monthly subscription, for example.

It is typical of websites where courses are sold, media that broadcast articles, and that to see them in full you have to be subscribed, or magazines that follow the same trend. One way or another, in this case if you want to receive more exclusive information you will have to pay for it.

What will you get when you subscribe?

This is what you can get if you carry out a subscription, either paid or free:

  • You will receive content in your email (in the case of free subscriptions) that will be of interest to you since you yourself have previously accessed it.
  • You will not have to be aware of what is published on the web, but you will be updated thanks to the newsletters you receive.
  • In the case of payment you can find exclusive content to improve your learning.
  • Normally, you pay a monthly fee (it is usually quite affordable), and everything is in a private section with easy access so you can always access it, and the content is not lost at any time.

As you will see, there are two very common options used in digital marketing , and you can choose which one is best for you according to your needs.