What Is Street-Marketing? Definition of Street-Marketing, Street-Marketing Meaning and Concept

Street marketing is a marketing modality that consists of carrying out different advertising actions that take place in public space, with the aim of attracting the attention of the public on the street.

Through communication strategies typical of street marketing, companies have the possibility of attracting the attention of a large number of people from the real world, that is, not from the Internet but from public spaces.

To do this, the messages must be original and creative.

Characteristics of street marketing

One of the main characteristics of this type of street marketing strategies is that they involve lower investments than those existing in other media such as online or traditional media.

A well-executed street marketing campaign can attract a large audience with low investments.

Other points to highlight in the development of street marketing actions are the choice of points or locations that facilitate people's attention, the creation of rumors that attract the focus of attention previously or the use of a closer language. and simple to achieve closeness with people.

In fact, street marketing manages to get closer to the consumer by invading their space and gaining their sympathy and attention.

The key then will be to be able to establish a kind of dialogue between the seller and the prospective buyer, taking advantage of this interactivity and closeness that this type of strategy offers.

In this way, the public can develop behaviors in relation to the advertising message or simply identify with it, which would already be a great result for the street marketing campaign.

Street marketing objectives

The use of this type of techniques serves for brands or companies to differentiate themselves from the competitor and acquire a status of innovative and creative firm, which is positive in the globalized world in which we live.

Finally, the similarity that street marketing has with guerrilla marketing in terms of originality and closeness to the public is evident. However, the basic difference between both communication tools is the channel, since, as indicated above, street marketing is carried out in an offline environment while guerrilla marketing can take place in online environments.

In addition, sometimes a marketing plan can devise strategies that combine both types.