What Is Sales Techniques? Definition of Sales Techniques, Sales Techniques Meaning and Concept

Sales techniques are the different methods that sellers apply to be able to sell more efficiently, in order to achieve the company's sales objectives.

Without a doubt, sales techniques are used to make the sales process easier. That is, they are used so that the closing of sales is carried out faster and more efficiently.

In any case, these techniques are also applied to persuade the customer to buy the products offered by the company. Thus, when applying sales techniques, a certain experience and effort is required on the part of the seller so that they work properly.

That is why it is important that a company is constantly training its sales force, so that salespeople, apart from mastering and efficiently using sales methods, are up to date with the most modern and innovative techniques.

sales techniques

What sales techniques can be used?

Of course, sales techniques are not universally applicable methods. However, we can mention five of the most used:

1. AIDA technique

On the one hand, this technique focuses on satisfying the needs of the client, each letter of its name refers to an element of the purchase process. It begins by attracting the customer's attention, then arouses their interest, then motivates the purchase desire, to finally get the customer to make the purchase action. It is one of the most important techniques and generally serves as the basis for the others.

2. AIDDA technique

This focuses on the same factors that the AIDA technique takes into account, following the same scheme of attention, interest, desire. But here one more element is added, which is the demonstration, concluding the same with the purchase action.

3. AICDC technique

On the other hand, this technique gives priority to the aspects or themes in common with the client. The process begins with capturing attention, then goes on to arouse interest, then the convincing process is carried out, then comes the desire and ends with the closing of the sale.

4. SPIR technique

Then, the SPIR technique is much simpler than the previous techniques, it starts with a particular situation, then the problem is analyzed, immediately the implication of that problem is raised and it ends with the solution of the problem posed.

5. FAB technique (Features, Advantages and Benefits

It is also known as features, advantages and benefits. First, all the features of the product being promoted are presented to the customer, then all the advantages and finally the benefits that the product offers to the customer are presented. In this way, the idea is to generate a positive idea for the product. However, one limitation of this technique is that it does not focus on individual customer needs.

What sales techniques can be used?

In fact, there are many more techniques, but in this article we only mention some of the best known, so that we can get an idea of ​​how sales techniques are applied.

In conclusion, we can say that the application of sales techniques can favor the effective purchase actions by customers. Something, as we have seen, helps companies to achieve their sales goals and objectives. The success of the application of sales techniques will depend a lot on the experience that the seller has, as well as the effort he makes to better understand the client's needs.