What Is Road Show? Definition of Road Show, Road Show Meaning and Concept

A roadshow is a technique, an action, within the world of marketing . This consists of holding itinerant events, the objective of which is the promotion of a certain brand in certain geographical areas.

The roadshow, therefore, is a strategy used in the world of marketing. This technique consists of holding an event, which aims to promote a certain brand or product. The objective of holding roadshows is to promote said brand or product in different geographical locations. All this, without the need to have physical sales spaces in each place where said action takes place.

Through these roadshows, the brand gains visibility, while offering customers the option of interacting, often for the first time, with the brand.

Roadshows are very frequent in places frequented by many people, open or closed spaces with high traffic. Its presentation is similar to that of a fair .

Features of the road show

Among the characteristics that define a roadshow, the following should be highlighted:

  • It is a marketing action.
  • It focuses on the development of specific actions.
  • These actions have a great impact, which is why they sometimes require a greater investment . .
  • The actions are carried out in different geographical places, itinerant.
  • These actions are usually carried out in spaces where there are no points of sale.
  • The actions seek to give visibility to the brand.
  • These actions take place in open or closed spaces, but very busy.
  • It is a very simple way for the user to interact with the brand.
  • For its development, the brand usually installs stands in strategic places.
  • In these stands, the product or brand is presented to interested users.
  • Sometimes, they are also carried out in the vicinity of a recently opened point of sale, trying to get customers to focus their attention on that point.

road show example

To get an idea, the following image shows an example of a roadshow action, carried out by the Hyundai car company.

As can be seen, in this action, the brand places a stand in which it seeks to promote a certain make and model of car. Thus, the roadshow implements a product exhibition, customer service at a point of sale, a leisure and entertainment offer, through games and music, as well as an experience with the user, through a vehicle test .

Advantages and disadvantages of a roadshow

Among the advantages and disadvantages of holding a roadshow, the following should be highlighted:


  • It is a very effective marketing action.
  • It draws a lot of attention from the user or client.
  • It is a way to do marketing, as well as to do it in a fun way.
  • It presents cost savings compared to opening a new establishment.
  • It is a way to promote the brand to many potential customers at once.
  • A very agile, entertaining and fluid dynamic is established with the client.
  • The roadshow is a way of getting closer to the customer, without making them feel that we are going to sell them something.
  • In addition to a commercial relationship, we establish a more personal relationship with the client.


  • Sometimes a very tailored roadshow can be very expensive.
  • It requires an effort, as well as personnel to execute it.
  • Like everything, it is an investment and the return may not be as expected.
  • Sometimes, and when the staff is external, the message that you want to convey is not transmitted.
  • If not celebrated properly, the action can harm the product and the brand.
  • The place where it is established, if not correct, could damage the brand image.
  • It requires delegating tasks to employees who might not execute them correctly.

Actions at a roadshow

Among the various actions that we can execute in a roadshow, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • Delivery of documentation and information about the brand or product.
  • Product advice.
  • Realization of tests or delivery of samples to the client.
  • Actions of leisure and entertainment for children or adults.
  • Realization of shows or shows that call the attention of the client.
  • Hiring media people, or celebrities, to attract customers.
  • Specific and exclusive discounts at the roadshow.
  • Sampling and exhibition of specific products.

Real examples of roadshow

To finish understanding the concept, below are some real examples that have been executed by companies:

Roadshow Carrefour

In this roadshow, the Carrefour supermarket brand enabled a bus, in which the Carrefour club card was promoted, at no additional cost, for customers who came to said vehicle to request it.

mercedes benz road show

In this roadshow, Mercedes Benz, the German automobile brand, installs a quite visual and innovative promotional stand, in which a specific vehicle is exhibited, with the intention that the client can see it, observe its interiors, as well as obtain relevant information for its subsequent acquisition.

Gillette Road Show

In this roadshow, the brand of razor blades Gillette makes a free delivery of blades, in exchange for participation in a contest that consists of putting the ball in a goal. This roadshow implements the participation of those interested in leisure activities, which try to attract their attention.

As we can see, it is important to highlight that the actions to be carried out in a roadshow are very varied, and their choice (or limitation) depends on the company.