What Is Qualification? Definition of Qualification, Qualification Meaning and Concept

A title is the name given to something specific in order to identify the information it refers to.

When we talk about titles, it may be that the first thing that comes to mind is the title of a book, a movie, or a song. For example, regarding movie titles we can mention: Forrest Gump, Nowhere, Batman, Spiderman...

As for book titles: Dead Souls, Wuthering Heights, The House of the Spirits, Bohemian Lights...

If we talk about songs, we can distinguish some: Salomé, Lucía, Lola, Laura is not there, Polly, It was jealousy...

These are some examples of titles of cultural works. Normally, the authors are the ones who choose the names, and they are related to the theme of the work, with the message they intend to convey, or even name the person to whom the work is dedicated.

But not only do these types of titles exist, but also when we talk about this concept we can distinguish a variety depending on the field we are addressing. We can talk about journalistic, informative, credit titles, among others.

Next, we will mention the most outstanding taking into account the sector to which they refer.

types of titles

These are the most outstanding when we refer to the different areas to which we address:

  • theme title. These titles are the ones mentioned above. It is about identifying the information included in the body of the text.
  • expressive titles.They aim to generate emotion, or feelings. They usually go between exclamation marks, such as: What a fear!
  • Informative title. They are the titles that show the fact that has happened. The objective is to summarize the news in a sentence to capture attention, and place the reader with the intention of clicking, if we are talking about a digital medium. Copywriting techniques are often used when we want to get an action from the user, and the titles are worked from this concept in certain cases.
  • Private credit titles.They are issued by individuals, with a commercial or civil purpose.
  • Public securities. These titles are those issued by the State, or by organizations that are related to it and that have this execution capacity.
  • Payment titles. They are the ones that have the right to pay money through checks, promissory notes, among others.
  • Social participation titles. Another name for this concept is securities. They indicate the quality of partner of the creditor , or the issuer that appears in the specific document.
  • Credit titles. They are documents in which a literal and autonomous right is reflected to be able to carry out both in the event that it is necessary.

Finally, although in another context, we could cite a title of nobility or an academic title.