What Is Mixed Advertising? Definition of Mixed Advertising, Mixed Advertising Meaning and Concept

The concept of mixed advertising encompasses advertising practices that combine tools of informative advertising and persuasive advertising in a combined way.

Through the mixture of properties of both persuasive and informative advertising , it is possible, thanks to the development of mixed advertising, to create advertising campaigns better adapted to the specific needs of advertising companies.

Although it may seem complex at first glance, it is common for a commercial, advertising or institutional message not to be purely informative or persuasive. In other words, the use of truthful traits and more sensitive details has always been common to a great extent when promoting a certain product.

In this sense, as is logical, the range of sectors or products associated with this type of marketing strategy is very general and covers most of them. In other words, most advertising actions are defined under this concept.

Sectors less prone to mixed advertising

The use of mixed advertising mechanisms becomes especially complicated when announcing or publicizing the benefits of highly complex products, such as medicines, chemical products...

This happens because informative advertising is the most appropriate for them, since only measurable and exact information must be provided.

Alternatively, there are markets in which commercial or advertising success is largely based on the sensitive or emotional perception of the audience, regardless of whether technical or important data is provided in the advertising message.

Other criteria when defining mixed advertising

In the field of marketing it is also possible to find other uses for the denomination of mixed advertising.

For example, it is also known as mixed advertising that which refers to the duration of an advertising campaign . In that case, it would be the existing modality between a lasting or intensive campaign (with a higher frequency of repetition of the message) and another with a more concentrated period of time.