What Is Emotional Advertising? Definition of Emotional Advertising, Emotional Advertising Meaning and Concept

Emotional advertising is one that appeals to the emotions of consumers to encourage them to buy products or acquire services.

When someone decides to buy a product, they do so subjectively. It is not always a rational decision, but it is also something emotional. For this reason, creating an emotional message that reaches this part of the brain is essential.

Ads that are aimed at appealing to emotions tend to remain in long-term memory, but they also motivate the purchase decision more.

Neuromarketing studies this type of techniques in which emotions and sales come together.

Characteristics of emotional advertising

These are the most outstanding:

  • It aims to create an emotional and affective union with the brand's products so that there is a long-term connection.
  • Sometimes if the product is not of great quality, is new, or has great competition, it can be a way to draw attention to them.
  • A message that sensitizes the masses aims to have a positive impact to generate a long-term relationship.

Elements that a company must take care of to create this type of messages

It is important that a brand determined to carry out this type of advertising does so without being forced, complying with and taking care of a series of essential elements:

  • Enhance your values . A company must know what values ​​it has and why they are important to its public. Encouraging them in this type of advertising will make them whole because customers will know what they can offer them, the incentives and extras that the competition does not give them.
  • Caring about people. In this type of advertising, this must prevail. Knowing the clients, their motivations, their occupations, desires, concerns is essential to create messages that captivate them emotionally.
  • Choose emotions . It is important to choose the type of emotion that the company wants to transmit, and that impacts users: joy, melancholy, sadness...
  • Take care of stories . Storytelling is a way of telling stories to reach the customer's soul . It is very important to put together good content that makes the public feel identified.
  • Choose a good tune . Another element to take into account is the selection of music. This type of advertising is usually recorded in the mind of the viewer, and on many occasions a good song accompanying the story calls out to the purest emotions of the consumer.

Many ads that have been based on this type of emotional advertising have gone viral. For example, a campaign launched by the National Institute for Prevention and Education in France where an advertisement was created in which hugs were given everywhere. This arose to break the myth of how HIV was transmitted. A website was added that became viral called free hugs.

The campaign was a success, and many companies, associations and brands have followed this strategy to enhance their brand and products by creating an indestructible bond with their target audience.