What Is a Demolition Derde? Definition, Meaning and Concept

Demolition derbies, which are an American invention, first started in the 1950s and may have happened even earlier. They are a public event that makes use of older cars that are discarded, with the sole purpose of causing as much damage as possible to these cars. The demolition derby could be described as real life bumper cars with real danger. Drivers crash into each other specifically to destroy other cars when they can. A winner of a demolition derde is usually the person whose car is still running at the end of a derby.

It is not clear why these derbies are so popular. Fans cite the destruction of cars and accidents in a relatively "safe" environment as fascinating and exciting to watch. There are occasional accidents that result in serious injuries, and some drivers may sustain minor injuries. Some precautions are taken such as installing special seat belts in cars and removing all glass parts of cars such as mirrors and windows so that glass injuries do not occur.

Europeans also have demolition derbies, and they are particularly popular in the UK, where they may be called banger breeds. Concern about the amount of pollution from spilled gasoline, motor oil and auto parts has led some European nations to ban demolition demolition as harmful to the environment. In addition, many derbies have cars that cannot pass smog tests, and this remains a concern as well.

Demolition derbies usually take place between cars built in the 1960-70s, and the Chrysler Imperial is considered one of the best cars for drivers when they want to demolish other cars. The trend toward building compact cars in the 1980s has often led to special "compact car" events. It would be unsafe and generally unfair to expect a compact car to compete against previously built sedans and trucks. Another popular event in demolition derbies is the destruction of old school buses, which makes derbies very popular with children.

There are several varieties of demolition derde. Cars are sometimes demolished by monster tractors or trucks during Monster Truck rallies. Minivan demolition derbies have also become popular given the large number of them owned by people.

As a sport, demolition derby has been popular, with a few event broadcasts over the years. Very often, people prefer to watch a derby live. They can take place at fairgrounds, during fairs or country events and offer great entertainment.

Perhaps part of the thrill of demolition derde is seeing the destruction of things we're all too familiar with, the automobile. With more and more people traveling in cars and spending so much time in them, seeing these things destroyed can be a cathartic experience. They immediately demonstrated the power of the car and its restrictive and limiting qualities. On the other hand, demolition derby fans can just enjoy the crash and clang, and be there to watch a good car crash quite safely.