What Is Brand Recognition (Awareness)? Definition of Brand Recognition (Awareness), Brand Recognition (Awareness) Meaning and Concept

The concept of brand recognition, awareness and English, refers to becoming aware of something in particular, becoming aware of an event, brand, or some specific aspect.

This English term is widely used in the field of marketing to assess the degree of awareness that a consumer has about a brand. The objective is to evaluate the way in which a client is aware of a brand, if he recognizes it, and also associates it with his products or services.

A company must work on its brand image from the beginning, it is its task to deploy a series of actions that respond to an objective and that manage to penetrate the public. In the market there is great competition in the same sector, and for this reason working on the marketing and communication of a company will be essential from the first moment.

If there is a high degree of competition between businesses in the same sector, enhancing the brand image to differentiate itself will be one of the strategies to take into account, both at the brand level and for its own products.

For example, if someone sees some sneakers without knowing what brand it is, it is possible that they already recognize them because of the relationship between those models created by that brand. They are identified at first sight, and that shows the degree of awareness and value that a consumer has about it.

Types of strategies that can be developed for the development of brand awareness

Brand recognition or awareness of a brand measures the extent of recognition it has by consumers. For example, when someone orders a Coca-Cola, she is referring to the brand itself, not to a sugary carbonated drink. But the user already identifies it with that.

Users associate brands with certain objects, uses, or simply remember them and have them as a reference when they need to purchase a specific product.

There are different strategies to develop the awareness of a company in the market. The following stand out:

  • The use of social networks. It is an indispensable tool when it comes to digital marketing . Almost everyone has at least one profile on social networks , and these allow greater visibility, recognition, notoriety and the possibility of standing out as a benchmark above the competition.
  • The top of mind awareness concept is related to this type of awareness. This is an important measurement because it determines the brand that naturally arises in the mind of the customer when they are asked a series of questions in relation to a certain sector. This quantification serves to measure the degree of sensitivity that consumers have about a certain brand, and to modify, or continue in that strategic line if the initial objectives have been achieved.
  • The term brand recognition is linked to branding, it focuses on assessing management and results, as well as the actions that are being used to achieve them.

Why is it necessary to work on brand recognition?

It is important for the following:

  • Improve sales. If a potential customer has a specific brand in mind, he will surely purchase an item from it. Being a benchmark in a sector is a good sales guarantee, and if companies work on marketing actions to achieve it, they will have a much more placid path than those that do not take care of their brand image.
  • Increase notoriety. Being present continuously in the minds of consumers is an objective that surely aspires to achieve any business. To do this, we must work on promotion and exposure in all possible media.