What Is an Anchor Buoy? Definition, Meaning and Concept

In nautical terms, an anchor buoy is a floating object that is attached to an anchor. There are two main types of anchor buoys. An anchor recovery buoy is an object that helps raise an anchor. A mooring anchor buoy is a floating device that is secured to the ocean floor and used as a mooring mooring for boats. Anchor buoys can be as big as an SUV or as small as a milk jug. Materials for an anchor buoy vary from steel to foam to plastic balls. Unlike other navigational devices, there is no internationally agreed color scheme or form that designates an anchor buoy. Most are painted in bright colors to help boaters see them on the water, regardless of size, shape, and material used.

An anchor retrieval buoy is a simple device consisting primarily of a floating object with a length of rope attached to the bottom of the buoy and has a ring attached to the other end. The anchor rope passes through the ring before being thrown into the water. Once the anchor bites into the ocean floor, the buoy usually floats over the place where the anchor is secured.

To retrieve the anchor, a boater drives upstream or upstream and slowly passes the buoy. The rope will then pass through the ring of the buoy causing the anchor to rise. As the anchor rises, the buoy will sink below the surface from the weight of the rising anchor. The steep angle of the rope between the anchor and the buoy provides a more direct ascent for the anchor, helping to eliminate the possibility of re-lodging on the bottom. Once the anchor reaches the ring, the anchor buoy will once again float to the surface, generally making it easier for the boater to pull the anchor after stopping.

An anchor buoy may look the same as an anchor retrieval buoy, but it is different because it is a more permanent solution. The buoy typically has a length of rope or chain secured to the bottom of the buoy. The other end is secured to an anchor or ring that is permanently attached to the ocean floor. Mostly, these types of anchor buoys are used in bays or ports where numerous boats are moored to avoid collisions between unoccupied boats. Also, these buoys are used in diving areas, mainly on reefs. In these cases, the buoys not only help reduce the damage of the anchor to the surrounding nature, but also protect the divers.