What Is Advertising Spot? Definition of Advertising Spot, Advertising Spot Meaning and Concept

An advertising spot is an advertisement made up of a persuasive message, visual and auditory elements, images and music that serve to stimulate users to buy or identify with a brand.

An advertising spot is a widely used resource. The first advertisement dates back to July 1, 1941, broadcast on television at 2:29 p.m. during halftime of the baseball game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Philadelphia Phillies. It was the Bulova watch brand that had the honor of introducing the first advertisement in audiovisual format that exists in history.

The objective of an advertisement is to persuade the public to buy that product, or to position themselves in favor of the brand. Although it is true that television was the first option, and it originated as such for this support, as a result of the appearance of new technologies and the Internet , advertisements can also be viewed through them.

The advertising spots are very short in terms of duration. Therefore, they must have a powerful and persuasive message that captures the attention of individuals from the first seconds.

Characteristics of advertising spots

These are the main ones:

  • They must include images that arouse the needs and attention of the consumer. In this part you have to work a lot on creativity, and show sequences of images that impact.
  • Adding a slogan is a priority. A phrase that summarizes the essence of the brand, and that is easily recognizable among the public. For example: I love, I'm lovin it, from McDonald's.
  • The content must be up to par, since you have to give related information about what is being shown, the product, the brand , and it is very important to use copywriting techniques so that this message is persuasive and has great impact on the audience.
  • The logo is something that cannot be forgotten in an advertising spot. Therefore, it will have to be added to the ad and have high visibility so that the public becomes familiar with it and recognizes it.
  • The commercials are short-lived. They usually range between 10 and 60 seconds, so you have to create content that impacts from the beginning.
  • Music is also another essential element. There are ads that have marked history because people have felt very identified with the musical work that it included, so it has to be a careful choice and in line with the brand.

An advertising spot, although it was originally conceived for television, can also be extended to other formats such as the press, internet, radio, among others. Therefore, taking into account the supports used, it will have to be adapted to the characteristics that derive from them.

It is a very powerful tool to attract the attention of users, and companies know it, which is why they take it into account in their marketing strategies .