What Are the Best Tips for Degreasing the Engine? Definition, Meaning and Concept

Engine degreasing is a process of removing caked-on engine oil and grease from a car engine. There are many chemical cleaners and degreasing products on the market that make the cleaning process easier. Some tips that make engine degreasing a much simpler task include warming up the engine before cleaning it and using a steam cleaner instead of a hose and water. Perhaps the best advice is to keep your engine clean and free of contaminants on a regular basis. Constant and regular detailing of the engine compartment prevents the accumulation of grease and dirt in any engine.

When selling a vehicle, the engine compartment should be cleaned to improve the condition of the vehicle. A key component in cleaning the engine compartment is a complete degreasing of the engine. Bringing the engine up to operating temperature before beginning any cleaning will help dislodge grease and road grime from the engine. With the engine hot, the application of any brand of commercial degreaser will melt the engine grease. Especially dirty engines often require two or more applications of chemical degreaser: the chemical should be thoroughly rinsed off with a hose and high-pressure water, according to the manufacturer's instructions.

If available, a steam cleaning unit will make the job of removing the chemical much shorter. Hot steam application takes over where engine heating stops. The steam cleaner also allows you to clean the entire underhood area, including the underhood insulation. It is often advisable for people to clean these areas with the steam cleaner before degreasing the engine. This is done to prevent dirt and melted grease and oil from dripping onto a freshly cleaned engine.

If you use a high-pressure hose to rinse off the degreasing chemical from the car's engine, it's best to wear protective clothing. Undoubtedly, bits of grease and debris will fly through the air, and will most likely ruin an item of clothing. It is for this reason that protective eyewear should also be worn at all times when cleaning the engine compartment.

There are specific regulations regarding the removal of engine contaminants and engine degreasing products. Individuals are advised to read and follow the instructions regarding the disposal of such material. Car wash facilities often have rules against cleaning car engines in wash bays.