Washing the Car Engine Room, Is It Ok?

In order for the engine room to look as clean as the engine in a new car, washing the engine room is the usual solution. But unfortunately, there are some car owners who wash the engine room by spraying high pressure water. Even though this method is not correct and is not recommended to be done.

The engine room is a vital part of the detailing world. So do not be surprised if spraying water into the engine room is not recommended. Why is this highly discouraged? Because spraying water, especially with high pressure, can risk damaging the car, including causing problems with the electrical system.

Then, how to wash the engine room properly?

The first thing to remember before washing the engine room is that it should not be sprayed or doused with water and that is highly discouraged, especially with high pressure. So you can simply brush or wipe using a microfiber cloth. It is allowed to wash with water, but only lightly by using a brush or microfiber cloth.

In addition, the water used for the engine room washing process should be mixed first with a special liquid to remove oil, grease and dust stains. Because the method of rubbing is thin, it is mixed first with a special liquid. So no need for high pressure scrubbing, dirt can be removed from the car engine room.

One important thing that you must remember, the car engine is very close to the ECU, which if possible, do not let it get exposed to water, it can be damaged or error. Just use a cloth and just wash it, because the latest cars are equipped with many sensors, so to avoid electrical malfunctions.

That's the correct way to wash the engine room. If you want more information about this or you have other questions about your Auto vehicle, please immediately go to an authorized Auto repair shop. Auto's reliable mechanics are always ready to serve you at the official Auto workshop.