Types and Ways of Caring for Car Grills, Must Pay Attention!

Don't just choose, know the types and how to care for the car grill so that it continues to function properly.

Maybe there are still many who don't know all the things that are installed in your car. Especially if the object is small and far from your reach. However, as a vehicle owner, it is mandatory for you to know all the objects attached to the car. This is done so that when there is damage to the car, you can immediately provide first aid.

One of the things you should know about is the car grill. Grill or also known as car ventilation is one of the accessories that can add to the aesthetics of your car. Grills are also available in various styles. Starting from a feminine style to a sporty style that can be adapted to your car body. In addition, the car grill is also available in various colors, but the chrome color is the most favorite and many people choose.

If you are interested in adding a grille to your car, here are three car grill models that are most widely used by modification lovers.

Types of Car grill

Grid grill

For intersport men who like the look of a racing car or a racing look. a mesh grille can be the right choice. In addition to racing lovers, the net model grill is also widely applied by modification lovers. Starting from a plain net grill to a net grill that has an in-house tuner label. such as Mugen, TRD, Nismo, and others. The mesh grille is indeed widely used in racing cars, especially rally cars, because the grillThis function has a function to minimize the risk of small objects bouncing and entering the engine room. In addition, also to provide better air circulation to cool the engine compartment and radiator. Grill net models are also widely chosen because the price is quite affordable.

chrome Color grill

There are several car manufacturers who have given chrome accents to the grille attached to their cars. However, there are also some car manufacturers who still use the same color as the car body color. Grilles with chrome colors or accents are widely used by automotive manufacturers, because they can increase the impression of elegance or premium on a car. For that, the grille with chrome color is still much sought after by car lovers.

carbon Fiber Grill

The choice of a carbon fiber grille has also become the target of many modification lovers or racing lovers. The reason is, the carbon fiber grille is lighter than fiber material and is also much stronger. Therefore, this grill is widely used in racing cars because of these advantages. The price offered for a grill made of carbon fiber is quite high compared to a grill made of fiber. To work around this, you can also use a grill with a carbon fiber motif. Generally, this motif is obtained using the water transfer printing techniqueor hydrographics.

How to Care for grill

Prepare Equipment

The first step you have to do is prepare all the necessary equipment, such as sufficient water, a bucket, cleaning fluid (special car shampoo/ all purpose cleaner /liquid soap), toothbrush, brush, cotton cloth/canebo, and wax (can be replaced with conditioner).

Cleaning Stage

After the equipment is prepared then proceed to the cleaning stage. You can mix the cleaning liquid in a bucket that has been mixed with enough water, then stir until evenly distributed and foam appears. The function of the cleaning fluid is to remove all the stains and dirt attached to the grilland also the fungus that may be living there.

After the ingredients are mixed, apply the soap solution to the car grill using the brush provided. Brush the grille evenly and make sure not to leave any stains behind.

Make sure you use a brush because dirt can be removed perfectly and if there are parts of the grill that are difficult to reach with a brush, you can use the toothbrush provided. If there are parts of the grill that do not allow cleaning with a brush or toothbrush for fear of blisters, you can use the existing cotton cloth. Remember, brush the grill with care!

After finishing the brushing stage, then you can then remove the remaining soapy liquid with a damp cotton cloth or you can also use a wet chamois. Make sure the grill that has been cleaned is dry to the maximum.

Polishing Stage

The last stage is the most fun. After the ventilation of the car is perfectly clean, you can continue by polishing the grill with wax so that the grill is shiny again, looks like new and also makes it less prone to dirt. By applying wax, fine scratches on the grill can also be disguised.

Those are some easy and simple ways to care for and clean the grill so that the car still looks clean, shiny, and pleasing to the eye. Don't forget to clean and maintain your grill regularly.

Also keep in mind, if the car vent has just been exposed to rain, then immediately flush the grill with clean water. Rain water can cause spots on the grille and other car parts so it is necessary to always pay attention to simple things like this.