Tips So That the Car Horn Remains Durable and Doesn't Get Damaged Quickly

The car horn is one part of this motorized vehicle that is related to security.

One of the components in this car is often used to give signals to other vehicles or people in the vicinity.

Not only on cars, this tool also needs to be equipped with other modes of transportation, such as motorbikes, trains, and others.

Of course, when a car horn malfunctions, the risk for a possible road accident increases.

To know more about one of the signaling tools for this security, see the following review.

the Function of the Horn on a Motor Vehicle

One of the components in this car can provide many benefits for the vehicle, especially in terms of security.

Its function is to give a sign or signal by making a sound. That way, other people are aware of the presence of other vehicles in the vicinity.

The sound produced uses a vibration mechanism so that it can be heard loudly. The frequency of vibration produced by this tool is between 1800 to 3500 Hz.

Everyone must ensure that the frequency of the sound of the horn is within that number so that it can be heard properly.

Therefore, you need to make sure the components of this car are working properly before driving a car. Make sure that the sound produced is really clearly heard by others for mutual safety.

Types of Horns on Motorized Vehicles

The horn of each motorized vehicle can vary from one another depending on its size.

In larger vehicles, of course the horn produced must also be louder than the smaller ones. Here are some types of horns to know:

1. Disc Horn

This horn is widely used by small or medium-sized cars. The shape of this horn is fairly slim and is not easily damaged when exposed to water.

Sound is produced by the disc using the resonance method. Auxiliary components, such as electric magnets, springs, contacts, capacitors, and various bolts and nuts.

2. Fanfare Horn

This type of horn can produce a loud sound similar to a trumpet. Its conch-like shape with a funnel in front makes it easier for water to enter and damage.

However, the sound produced is very good. This horn is also widely used by large vehicles.

3. Nautilus Horn

This horn is similar to the fanfare horn and is called a ship horn because of the sound it makes.

However, not all cars are suitable for using this type of horn because it requires a large amount of electricity. Therefore, it is very rare for cars to use this horn.

Causes of a Broken Car Horn

The horn can be damaged at any time but this is fairly rare. Of course you don't want this to happen while traveling because it can be dangerous.

However, what could be the cause of damage to one of the devices in this car. Well, here are some of the reasons:

1. Cable Problem

One of the causes of the horn not working properly may be caused by a cable problem. A chipped cable section or a buildup of dirt can be a major problem.

To check for this problem, it is necessary to check the cable path with a test lamp. Connect the cable on the horn to this tool and press the switch.

If the indicator light does not light up, then there is damage to the cable. Fix it immediately so the horn can work again.

2. Be Sure to Check the Fuse

Damage to the car horn can be caused by a problem with the fuse. The location of the fuse is in the engine room and in a black box.

Open the box and look at the condition of the fuse, which may have a broken wire and cause electrical problems. Be sure to replace the damaged part with a new one.

3. Problem with Switch

The switch is the part on the steering wheel that connects to the button to sound the horn.

If this component is damaged, the sound does not come out when the button is pressed. To fix this, you need to disassemble the steering wheel and look for the switch, usually in a repair shop.

4. Relay Fault

When the horn is damaged, one of the parts to be checked is the relay. A tool that is useful as a liaison between the car's electric current and the battery is a vital part of the car's electricity.

This black box-shaped component is easy to replace when damaged so that the horn can be used normally.

Car Horn Price

When you find out if the damage done is on the horn, it is important to know the price range that you will issue.

The following is a list of prices for the type of horn you need in order to prepare the funds:

  • Disc horn: The price ranges from IDR 100,000 to IDR 250,000.
  • Fanfare horn: The price of this type of horn ranges from Rp. 150,000 to Rp. 300,000.
  • Nautilus horn: The highest price for this horn starts at IDR 450,000.

the Importance of Having Car Insurance

All car owners must understand that the cost of repairing a car is not cheap. Especially if spare parts are hard to find, the price can be high.

In order to stay financially safe, one of the protection efforts is to have car insurance. You don't need to worry anymore about the cost of repairing the car, because the cost of minor or major damage will be transferred to the insurance company.

As an illustration, try to check the amount of the followingcar insurance premiums.

Tips from Auto Insurance Agencies! There are several ways you can do so that the car horn is not easily damaged.

Try not to press the horn too hard, don't press the horn too often, and choose a horn that fits the standard if it needs to be replaced. Do not be tempted by a cheaper price but the quality is not yet known.

The horn is a vital part for safety while driving. Therefore, routine maintenance needs to be done so that problems with the horn do not occur in the middle of the road.

Having car insurance can also give you peace of mind to fix problems that might cost you a lot of money!

If you still have questions related to insurance, try asking the experts directly by using the Ask Auto Insurance Agencies feature.