This Is the Meaning of Automatic Car Gear and How to Take Care of It

The meaning of automatic car gear shift is a gear shift system, which does not need to step on the clutch pedal to adjust it. Unlike the manual transmission, especially for automatic cars, it is considered much simpler and easier.

The presence of ease of driving with an automatic transmission means that automatic car gearing is the fruit of innovation that makes it easier for many people.

Until now, driving just press the gas and brake. No need to stand-by to step on the clutch.

Although built without teeth, the gear lever for automatic cars remains in the wheelhouse. That means the automatic car gear also has many functions in the steering, even though the car is automatic.

Two Gear Car Matic System

Cars with automatic transmissions are also divided into two types. The first is the CVT transmission, which stands for Continuous Variable Transmission. Then next is the AT transmission or Automatic Transmission or AT.

The AT transmission also has the meaning of conventional automatic car gears. And both CVT and AT have far differences. Some of the most visible are different technologies, components, and performance.

1. Continuously Variable Transmission

CVT is an automatic car transmission system that utilizes pulleys and steel belts. As an image of automatic car gear in this system, the pulley will be driven by a fluid pump.

Then the power that is channeled becomes more perfect towards the two rear wheels, adjusting changes in speed and torque appropriately. This motion system causes the acceleration of the car to be constant, free of shock.

So that the speed level shift is much smoother, and more comfortable. Coupled with this performance, the workload of the machine will be much lighter. That's the meaning of automatic car gear with a CVT system.

Another thing is the CVT transmission, the use of fuel is not wasteful. This is because there is a decrease in RPM when shifting gears. So that the fuel entering the combustion chamber will be reduced.

2. Automatic Transmission

For AT performance, utilize a torque converter. So AT uses oil pressure that comes from the valve body of the automatic transmission which functions to move the input shaft.

So with this performance, it makes acceleration much better than CVT. It's just that, the pounding on the AT transmission is somewhat felt when shifting gears. Therefore, usually the engine brake on the AT transmission is not as good as the CVT.

With such performance, making the AT transmission requires more fuel than the CVT. So that the resulting acceleration is higher. However, special maintenance on AT transmission cars is cheaper than CVT.

Functions of Letters and Numbers on Automatic Car Transmission

Pictures of automatic car gears on the lever surface, sometimes confusing. The letters and numbers above the lever have many meanings and meanings of each.

Maybe, some ordinary people only know the symbols for the neutral and reverse gears of the car.

Whereas in general the automatic car gear code varies, there is a letter symbol, namely PRNDL.

On some automatic cars there is even an additional automatic car gear code in the form of digits 1, 2 and 3.

Meaning of Matic Car Gear

P (Parking)

P code on automatic car gear is Parking. It is clear that this automatic car gear code is useful for locking the transmission so that the car engine cannot move. When starting an automatic car. the gear position should also be in P. However, the P transmission is not for the parking brake.

So the P code means the automatic car gear is locked. So the tires can still move, but not the engine. So, the automatic car gear code P, should be used if the car wants to park or stop for a long time.

the Meaning of Automatic Car Gear, R (Reverse)

The R code is also above the automatic car gear image. This transmission is useful for driving the car. Just as the name suggests, reverse is useful to help the car move backwards or backwards.

N (Neutral)

Then the next automatic car gear code is N or Neutral. The purpose of this code is to enter the car in neutral and not lock it.

So that when the parking brake is not active, the automatic car can still be moved forward, backward even if only pushed.

Neutral gear is also useful when the car is in a traffic jam. And other conditions that cause the car to stop for a moment.

D (Drive)

The next automatic car gear code is D or Drive. Transmission D is useful when the car is moving or driving on a sloping road. Transmission D cannot be used for uphill roads.

Numbers 2 and 3

Usually, in the picture of automatic car gear, the number 2 is under the letter D. While the number 3 is next to it. The meaning of the number 3 automatic car gear is to control the engine to limit the ratio to 3rd gear only.

While the meaning of automatic car gear number 2 is useful when passing through uphill roads. Transmission 2 is also commonly used when the engine brake is descending, but not too steep.

L (Low)

The next automatic car gear code is L or called Low. In addition to L, usually on automatic cars, it is also equated with the code number 1. The L transmission is useful for instructing the engine to use low gear or limiting it to 1st gear only.

In order to drive strong, usually gear L or 1 is used when the car is to bulldoze steep and long incline. So that the engine gets a large enough torque when going uphill. Likewise for steep descents, you should use L or 1 gear.

But keep in mind, when you reach the sloping road and the incline is over. Should immediately adjust the car's transmission back.

This is to prevent heavy pressure on the transmission system, and potentially damage the engine components inside.

M (Manual)

The automatic car gear code M usually only exists in several types of cars. One of them is the Chevrolet. which has an M transmission under the code D. The M code itself means Manual.

So that when the transmission lever is directed to code M, the car will work like a manual car with a speed tooth. In manual mode, to raise the gear, the shift lever is directed to +/- code.

the Meaning of Automatic Car Gear, Shift Lock

The Shift Lock code is available on the latest automatic cars. Shift Lock has a function as a transmission lever lock. This code is useful for shifting the gear lever from P to N, even if the car is off or not starting.

Shift Lock works when the car is parked parallel, so even if it's off it can still be pushed. This feature is often used when the car is parked parallel, so that it can be pushed and does not interfere with other cars.

How to Use Automatic Car Transmission

Controlling an automatic car is not as easy as just pressing the gas and brakes. There are several things that need to be considered to provide safety and comfort while driving.

First of all, make sure the transmission lever is in the P (parked) or N (neutral) position when you want to start the car engine. This is because most automatic cars are made to only be turned on when the transmission lever is in that position.

If the engine is running, wait a few moments for the engine and automatic transmission temperature to be reached. Because in some types of automatic car transmission, the transmission shift will not work if the transmission working temperature has not been reached.

Step on the brake pedal first before starting to shift the car lever. Either shift from P to R then to N and D, or from D to N, then to R and to P. This is to prevent mechanical damage to automatic cars.

When ready, slide the lever towards lever D to go forward and R to go backward. Meanwhile, for uphill, descending or slippery road conditions, slide the lever to position 2. Meanwhile, if it is steep, slide the lever to number 1 or L.

It should be noted, if you want to move the transmission to a lower code. Like from 3 to 2 then to L. Or from D to 2 then to L, you have to pay attention to the speed of the vehicle before shifting the lever.

Never do it in a high speed position, so as not to damage the gearbox.

Caring for Matic Car Gears

The ease that is felt when driving an automatic car is often not understood by some people. Many move the transmission carelessly, for example from D to P even though the car has not stopped completely.

This is very risky, even like torturing the teeth of an automatic car cruelly. As a result, it is certain to shorten the life of the gears and cause other damage. Plus, it can make the car have problems while driving and end in disaster.

For this reason, it is necessary to pay close attention to driving procedures so as not to damage automatic car gears. Here are things to consider when caring for automatic car gears.

1. Park Properly

There are several things that must be done to keep the car's transmission durable when you want to park. Understand the automatic car gear code very well so that you know the steps to be taken.

First make sure the car has stopped perfectly. Then position the shift lever from D to N first. If it is in the N position, let it rest for a while and then move the shift lever from N to P smoothly.

Now if the lever is in position P, pull the parking brake and turn off the car. That way, the gear will be more durable and not easily damaged. And do not leave the car parked in position D, because it results in damage to the clutch plate on the automatic car.

2. Gear Position When Stuck

When stuck, if you use an automatic car, you should avoid positioning the transmission to N. This is clearly wrong, because it has the potential to damage the teeth of an automatic car.

If it is stuck and the transmission is in position N, the propeller shaft will continue to rotate. And when the road is then moved to position D, then the rotation has an impact on the friction that is quite tight.

For all these habits, will make automatic cars become damaged. It is better if you are in a traffic jam, keep the gear in position D. Do this while stepping on the brake pedal and pulling the parking brake. So that your gear will last longer and last longer.

3. Do the Braking Well

Next is the habit of treating the brakes with the clutch. So when walking, step on the brake pedal slowly while also stepping on the gas. This habit, too, is wrong and has the potential to damage the gearbox. If running, just step on the gas pedal confidently and release the brake pedal.

4. Regular Oil Change

It is better for drivers, note the regular schedule of changing the transmission oil. Usually when 10,000 km, coincided with changing the engine oil a second time. So that the movement of the transmission will be smoother and the lubricant protects direct friction.

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