The Meaning of Car Torque, Its Function, and the Difference with Power

In car product specification data in brochures, or reading automotive news, the terms power and car torque are often found. What does this term actually mean? Let's see the full explanation in this article.

What Is Car Torque?

Literally, engine torque is the thrust that can be produced by an engine. Basically the character of a car engine is designed in such a way that it can get certain abilities. There is a focus on acceleration, power, to fuel efficiency.

A car engine that suddenly stops when the gas pedal is released, there could be a problem with the torque that is not generated by the car's heating. Components that can be damaged include the fuel pump, ignition components, to a leaking vacuum and poor fuel supply.

That way, the power in the car can be generated from the torque made by the engine rotation. When the engine speed is getting faster, the power of the car will increase automatically. However, when the car's engine does not function properly, of course it will inhibit the torque to go.

Simply put, torque is a movement in the form of a push that occurs between the piston and the crankshaft. If there is a push in both parts, it will produce a rotational movement or torque. This movement often occurs in cars so that the vehicle can function optimally.

Car Torque Function

In principle, the function of the car's torque is as a driving force so that the car gets a good acceleration. Usually the car's torque is transferred to the wheels which are then transmitted by the gears in the car's gear arrangement, to be adjusted and used as needed.

The torque of the car is related to the engine speed that produces power in the vehicle unit. When the engine speed is getting faster, the car's power will increase automatically so that the acceleration increases. Vice versa.

As the driving force to produce engine power, torque is very influential on the performance of the car.

So when the car engine does not work optimally so that it turns off when the gas is pressed, it means that the thrust or torque of the car has a problem or is not heating enough to push the car. This condition requires you to increase the car's torque.

Difference Between Car Torque and Power

Basically, torque and power can not be separated. The greater the power possessed by a car, the acceleration time to reach the maximum point becomes shorter.

Although the actual torque value can be changed by the gearbox because it is also based on the calculation of the gear ratio. In contrast to the power that is really 100% taken from the engine performance.

Even so, torque and power are still different. Torque is the turning moment or force generated by the engine, usually for acceleration. While power (power) is related to engine speed, usually for speed.

In every car there must be an engine that works when the vehicle is on. The thrust given by the engine is known as torque.

While the speed generated by the impulse earlier that is commonly referred to as power. The speed is influenced by how long the algae on the machine. The longer the size of the algae, the less energy required.

Simply put, power is the energy the engine expends to reach top speed. While torque is the energy released by the engine, from the condition of the car at rest until the vehicle moves.

As for the performance of the two, both can be affected by the car's transmission. If you use a car with an automatic transmission such as a CVT. the gear ratio settings can occur constantly.

So the ability of the car to accelerate much faster than the manual. That way, it can be said that the engine power is combined with a fiercer gear ratio so that the acceleration of the car to reach a higher point is definitely very fast.

In addition, not infrequently the knowledge of this vehicle is used as learning material. It was also explained that there were differences in the search formulas for finding torque and power. The formula for finding torque on a car is the product of the multiplication process between force and distance.

More clearly is the extent to which the distance that can be traveled by force can be generated to do an impulse, while the formula to find a power or power is obtained from the product of torque and rpm.

What this means is that when doing a style, it will produce a certain value. This value is called speed, so simply these two things are closely related. The faster the torque produced and using the same force, the greater the power output.

So, if you have a car with a large torque speed, then when you drive on the road it will be faster than other vehicles. Therefore, this is very important for you to know as a car owner.

Every Car Is Not the Same Amount of Torque and Power

The next difference is that not all types of cars have the same magnitude of torque and power. If you want to buy a racing car, then the vehicle really needs a lot of power so that the resulting speed is also high.

If you want to buy a commercial car, the vehicle really requires a large amount of torque. This is because commercial cars will definitely carry loads that are not small.

Results Obtained

The next thing to explain that torque and power are different is the results obtained. The value of a rotation or torque can be changed by using a device called a gearbox. So, the value of torque can increase if it is influenced by the gear ratio.

However, the torque power can not be manipulated by anything. So, the speed of the torque is very dependent on the thrust generated by the engine. Easier like this, there is a vehicle that has a torque value of 50 pound feet and a gear ratio of 3.0.

Then the resulting torque is just multiplied and the result is 150 pounds. However, this number can still be manipulated, so the result may be three times more than the original.

Why Do Electric Cars Have So Much Torque?

On paper, electric cars have torque specifications that are large enough to even exceed turbo engines. This is because the construction of the powertrain of an electric car is different from that of an internal combustion engine (ICE) car.

In an electric car, the electric motor is directly connected to the drive wheels via the drive shaft so that the electric power from the battery through the inverter is applied directly to the drive wheels.

While on the other hand, electric power has an instantaneous power output with almost no pause so that the power obtained by the driving wheels is equivalent to the electric power generated by the inverter from the battery. This is different from a car that has a transmission, the distribution of power is divided and there is a loss of power.

That is why it is not surprising if the torque of an electric car is large enough to even pass a turbo engine.

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