The Characteristics of a Broken Car Shock Absorber and How It Works

Car shock absorber is a component in auto parts that consists of shock absorbers. Its function is to dampen vibrations when the car passes through difficult terrain.

Besides being referred to as a shock absorber. this component is also often referred to as a car shock breaker. The shape resembles the legs and affects driving safety.

This component is indeed susceptible to damage. In fact, its function is very important so that your driving experience remains safe and comfortable. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to how to recognize signs of damage and how to repair the damage.

Characteristics of a Damaged Car Shockbreaker or Shock Absorber

A damaged car shock absorber will indeed reduce the performance of shock absorption or vibration. You can recognize the signs of damage. The following are the characteristics of a damaged carshockbreaker.

1. Oil Seeps or Leaks

Oil seeping or leaking is usually caused by a damaged shock absorber seal or cover. Generally, dirt also sticks when the oil seeps.

How to fix it can be by draining the oil to be filled with new oil. You can also change the cover to a stronger and newer one.

2. Uneven or Worn Tires

Tires look uneven or can be a sign of a damaged car shock absorber. The sign, the position of the tires tend to the outside.

Plus, the outside of the tire looks "bald" and the small teeth are missing. In fact, these teeth can withstand the friction of the tires with the asphalt, so the car does not slip easily.

The cause of worn tires is because the shock absorber has weakened or the legs are not adjusted properly. How to repair a car's shock absorber is to spooring. if it's severe, do a tire change.

3. Swing Is More Pronounced

Cars with damaged shock absorbers tend to swing when traveling on uneven roads, especially bumps or speed bumps.

Not only that, the car takes a long time to stabilize from shocks. This can pose a risk of an accident when you are driving at high speed.

4. There Is an Unnatural Sound

A damaged car shock absorber will make an unnatural sound, such as an impact sound. The cause is a broken cover or seal. the piston is touching the bottom due to leaking oil, or the stabilizeris not working properly.

5. the Position of the Car Is Tilted

The tilted position of the car can also be a sign of damage to the shockbreaker. This feature is the most visible, because you can see one side that sinks when the car is on a flat road.

The reason is that the car 's shock absorbers often dampen hard hits. Not only that, most cars in Indonesia pass the left lane, so the shockbreaker damage is more visible on the left side of the car.

Components of a Shock Absorber on a Car

A good car shock absorber usually has excellent and well-maintained components. Then, what are the components of a car shock absorber ?

Shock Absorber Tube or Shockbreaker

Shockbreaker tube is the parent of the shock absorber component. Inside there are pistons, oil, orifices, and so on.

A good car shock absorber tube will usually work well, especially when oil gets into the tube and easily lubricates the surrounding area. In order for the tube to remain firmly coated, it is usually supported with a rubber seal or seal.


Still in the tube, the piston is also included as one of its components. Its function is so that the piston can receive the combustion pressure and transmit its energy to the crankshaft. The crankshaft can maintain the car's performance.

Pistons can also move up and down, especially when the car is subjected to a strong shock, impact, or entering a hole. The piston will be pressed up, then return to its original position according to the contours of the road.


In addition to the tube and piston, the orifice also includes a car shock absorber component. Orifice is a channel that is in the shockbreaker.

The orifice is equipped with a valve that functions to drain oil from the piston. This orifice channel will be passed by oil when the shockbreaker gets pressure or compression.

Vice versa, when the piston becomes slack, the shockbreaker will extend or expand.

Shockbreaker Seal

Shockbreaker seal serves to prevent oil leakage. If the seal is damaged, the oil will come out through the small gaps. As a result, the car 's shockbreaker is damaged and its performance decreases. Seals can be replaced periodically when you carry out maintenance or routine checks.


Fluid becomes an important substance in energy exchange and shock absorbers in car shock absorbers.

The reason is, fluid is any type of substance that can flow, be it in the form of gas or liquid. Because of this, the fluid is often called shock oil.

How Does a Car Shock Absorber Work?

The shock absorber has a unique way of working, which consists of a compression stroke and an expansion stroke. The way it works will also be influenced by the condition of the car 's shock absorber components.

Compression Stroke

Compression stroke is a fluid movement that occurs in the piston when the car body experiences shocks on the road. Fluids are substances that flow easily, such as liquids or gases.

In the compression stroke, the wheels will press the car 's shockbreaker. Thus, there is pressure and makes the shockbreaker shorten.

As a result, the piston moves up and makes the space at the top of the piston narrow and the bottom expanding. This forces the fluid to come out.

A depressed piston valve opens one channel. As a result, the fluid flow from the top of the piston to the bottom is slower.

This causes the piston to slow down too. This slow motion aims to reduce shocks to the car.

Therefore, the softest car shock absorbers will actually reduce shocks and make the driver more comfortable.

Expansion Step

After passing through the compression stroke, the shock absorber of the car will return to its original state. The piston will move down. This condition is known as the return force of the spring.

In these conditions, the fluid will flow up into the space above the piston. The fluid flow in the upper chamber will slow down the motion of the piston.

So, the car can absorb shocks. This activity is actually almost the same as the compression stroke. The difference is, the fluid flow in the piston moves from a different chamber.

How to Repair a Damaged Car Shock Absorber

Damaged shockbreakers can be repaired. One way is to replace original and new spare parts. Repair efforts can be adjusted to the damaged component. Here are some ways to repair a damaged car shock absorber.

Replace the Damaged shockbreaker with a New One

You can replace a damaged car shockbreaker with a soft shockbreaker. Not replacing a car's shockbreaker that is already damaged will actually worsen the condition of the car.

In fact, it is not recommended to leave or continue driving the car. The damage can spread everywhere, even at worst it can cause an accident.

Change New Oil

One of the signs of damage to the shockbreaker is the condition of leaking oil. If so, then the way to fix it can be by draining the oil and then replacing it with new oil.

Changing Tires

Sometimes, damage to the car's shock absorber can also be caused by the condition of worn or damaged tires. How to fix it can be by replacing a new tire with a condition that is still prime.