Smart Key, Start Button and Immobilizer and Their Functions for Vehicles

There are many ways to secure vehicles to avoid theft, one of them is by using smart key technology. What is the function like? see the following information!

Nowadays, more and more cars are equipped with smart keys. Not just premium class cars. There are certain brand cars which are not the highest trim but are equipped with this one feature.

Of course this is very important. The reason is, this one feature offers more sophisticated security. The car will be safer when you park in a public parking lot. So, you are more calm even if you park your car for a long time.

However, that does not mean you do not need protection in the form of car insurance. Because after all thieves are getting more sophisticated so they know what to do. By having insurance from Futuready, you will be more comfortable leaving your car, whether it's in your garage or in a public parking lot.

3 Main Functions of smart Key Technology in Cars

As mentioned earlier, this is a feature for security. However, this is not the only function of this one feature.

Have you ever heard of immobilizers ? Do you know the difference between an immobilizer and a smart key ? For more details, the following is an explanation of the function of this one feature.

1. smart Entry Key

One of the main functions in some of the newest cars is the ease of accessing the car. Try to answer. What will you do when you want to get into the car? For cars with standard features, you may have to press the unlock button on the car safety button.

You don't need to do this if your car already has a smart key feature. Because this feature allows your car key to open when you are about 1 or 2 meters from the car. Sophisticated, right?

2. smart Start Button

After the car door opens and you get into the cabin, what will you do? Putting in contacts then starting the motor? You don't need to do that. For automatic cars, you only need to step on the brakes and press the start/stop engine button. If you are using a manual car, step on the clutch and then press the engine start/stop button. Then your car will immediately start and you are ready to drive.

3. immobilizer

This feature has been around for a long time. The point is to prevent car theft. Do you know how it works?

So there are two transpoders that are in the keys that you hold with the transpoders that are in the car. And only with the same transpoder can the car be started. That means your car can only be started with a key due to the common transpoder. This is how the immobilizer works to provide security to your car.

These three functions are in the smart key. So, not only security you can get but also convenience and comfort.

Frequent Problems

As you already know from the previous explanation, this one feature makes it easier for you to access and start the car. You don't need to use a key to start the car.

However, what if it turns out that your car door does not open even though you are very close to the car? What if you are in a parking lot and you have this kind of problem?

Lots of car owners who experience this kind of problem. And it turns out that this is often caused by the battery on the smart key that has run out. Lots of car owners do not pay attention to this trivial thing. They just use it without checking whether the battery is still or has run out.

Actually, to find out how the condition of the battery is very easy. Just try to lock your car from a distance of approximately 1 or 2 meters. If the response is fast, it means the battery is still good. However, the response is starting to slow down, there are indications that the battery has started to run out. Don't wait until it's finished. Immediately replace with a new battery.

No one can say for sure how long the battery will last. Because this depends on usage and also the type of battery used. As a user, you should be more sensitive to know the condition of the battery. Similarly, you must be sensitive to the condition of the tire pressure. It's a good idea to check regularly, starting from the condition of the engine, battery, cooler, and also the smart key battery of your car.

smart Key Technology Development

Now, every automaker tries to offer a different experience to every car owner. In what way? By making a more indulgent smart key. For example, there is an OLED screen. There you can see some information as well as commands. You can order your car to start the engine, turn on the air conditioner, and so on. You can do all the commands without having to go to the car or even get into the car cabin.

Because this is a screen, you only need to swipe right or left. You will find some information and can also perform orders. So this technology keeps you completely connected to your car.

It's just that, this sophisticated car key technology is mostly only offered for sports cars that cost exorbitantly. For example, the Nissan GT-R. This car is equipped with this super advanced feature.

Today, many car owners are also doing their own customized. That is, the manufacturer does not offer advanced features on this one. However, they made modifications by adding these advanced features for convenience and security.