Reversing Camera for Cars

Although we have our rearview mirror and our criteria to back up correctly, one of the best technological advances in automobiles is the backup, reverse or assistance camera, which began as a luxury item in cars and is now considered as need.

Having the problem of having trunks that obstructed a part of the rear view (from 3 to 4 meters), it was practically impossible for the human eye to see what was happening at that angle perfectly; a miscalculation could end up damaging your own vehicle and the one behind you.

Why buy a car with a backup camera?

They are very useful and versatile equipment that will provide the greatest possible comfort when parking, backing up or avoiding unexpected events, providing the driver with more safety, fluidity and speed at the wheel.

If you want to install it in your car, it is easy to do it in the Autoland workshop and with a wide variety of prices and qualities that adjust to the needs or tastes of the driver.

In addition, most of them have waterproof protection so that no environmental factor affects their operation.

How to choose a rear view camera?

In today's market, there are many options available when it comes to car backup cameras.

Next, we will mention some of the factors that you should keep in mind if you want to choose the best rear camera for your car.

Field of view:

It is a fundamental factor to optimally visualize each of the objects or obstacles that are close to your vehicle.

They range from 90º to even 180º, it all depends on the lens and the focal aperture of the camera.

It should be noted that the greater the field of vision, the safer it will be to park.

Therefore, it is recommended that the model has a viewing angle of at least 135º for greater security.


It is important that the cameras have proximity sensors.

Some models emit an alarm signal that serves to warn when an object is very close to the car and there is a high risk of collision.


A correct isolation of the camera that protects it against rain, dust and dirt is essential when choosing a rear camera.

The degree of waterproofing is established by the IP certification together with two digits.

The first ranges from 0 to 6 and rates protection against dust, with 6 being the maximum, and the second waterproofing from 0 to 9, with level 9 supporting pressurized water jets.

Night vision:

Another feature worth considering is whether it has the ability to display images in places where there is very little light.

To do this, some devices are equipped with LED lights that serve to enhance the light captured by the camera.

Now that you know how important reversing cameras are to avoid accidents and have more comfort when parking your car, request a quote for any of our models that include this equipment or come to our service workshop to help you with the installations of the best technologies.