Recognize the Problem and How to Take Care of Power Steering

Power Steering often escapes the attention of car owners. In fact, if not taken care of, this part will be very easily damaged.

For those of you who own a car, of course you want everything in your car to be in good condition and durable. Unfortunately, most people only focus on the engine and the car's exterior. In fact, there are many things that need to be considered in a car, one of which is the power steering.

It must be admitted, the existence of power steering is very helpful for the driver in driving the car. Without power steering. the driver must spend extra energy to turn and return the steering wheel to its original position.

Many people think that power steering is not something that needs attention. In fact, there are many factors that can cause the part to be damaged. What are these factors? Here he is!

Factors That Damage power Steering

Less Liquid

Power steering will function properly if there is sufficient pressure on the piston in the rack and pinion. The amount of fluid that is less certainly does not provide maximum thrust to the piston, so that the effect on the power steering becomes heavy.

Loose belt

The light weight of the steering wheel also depends on the power steering belt. Belt function to start and stop turning. This is one component that is also vulnerable or easily damaged. Take care not to break or loose. You should also ask how many kilometers the power steering belt has been used for.

Broken Steering rack

This is the main part of the car steering that usually works with this system. After prolonged use, the steering rack may be damaged and worn. When that happens, the steering will be more difficult to steer.

However, this problem will disappear by itself when the car is running, as the condition of the car gets hotter, as well as the more evenly distributed lubricant will cause your device to work more easily.

Flat Tire

You could say this is funny, it's just a matter of under-inflated tires but it's the cause of the steering problem. Automatically with a flat tire, the steering wheel will become heavy, this makes your device work harder.

Tips to Make power Steering More Durable

After knowing the factors causing the damage, now let's see how to take care of the steering gear to make it more durable.

Avoid Driving on Broken Roads

How to take care of the steering wheel easily is to avoid damaged roads or potholes. If your car is already equipped with this system, it is best to avoid roads like this. But if there really is no other road that can be taken, then as much as possible you go through it carefully and slowly.

Damage that often occurs to the device is usually due to an irregular way of driving a car. Violent shocks to the steering wheel can damage the components inside. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the roads that will be passed by your vehicle. Avoid reckless driving and bad roads. Besides being able to reduce the risk of accidents, of course, your device will last a long time in use.

Avoid Flood Street

In addition to damaged roads, also avoid passing through flooded streets. Roads like this are easy to make your steering wheel damaged. Not only that, this habit can also damage other components, especially if the floodplain you pass is too high.

This is because it is an electrical component that is placed right on the steering axle parallel to the axle. So that when passing through a flooded puddle, of course this component will be easily exposed to puddles of water. If this electrical component gets wet, it will certainly cause damage and inevitably you have to replace it with a new one.

Avoid Turning Tire Conditions When Parking

This may often happen and is ignored by vehicle owners. Many people park their vehicles with tires that are not straight and leave it for a long time. Whereas habits like this if done continuously will make some car components unusable for a long time and quickly damaged. So it is better if you always pay attention to the condition of the vehicle when it is parked. Try to leave the vehicle in a condition that does not turn.

Don't Exceed 10,000 Km

The number that is meant by the distance of 10,000 km here is the distance that has been covered by your vehicle. The use of vehicles that exceed this distance will certainly greatly affect the condition of your steering gear, coupled with the wrong way of driving, of course, the condition of the device can be damaged.

Reasonable use of the vehicle is at a distance of 10,000 kilometers. When it reaches a distance of 10,000 kilometers, we recommend that you replace your device with a new one. If your driving way is irregular, then it could be less than 10,000 kilometers you have to replace it with a new one.

Avoid Turning the Steering Wheel Full at Long Time

Another way to take care of your steering wheel is to avoid the habit of turning the steering wheel all the way through for long periods of time. While you are waiting for the road to clear, you can turn the steering wheel slightly in the opposite direction.

Turning all the way through and over a long period of time can put maximum pressure on the steering wheel. This is what causes the engine performance to be heavy and the use of fuel to be wasteful.

Turn the Steering at Medium Speed

When you are turning the wheel of a car, it would be better if it was done at a slow or medium speed. Avoid turning the wheel very fast. When going to turn, you can reduce the speed first before the vehicle will turn. A hydraulic system that is used slowly when driving will certainly have an impact on components that are more durable and long lasting.

Remember Steering Age

You know , if this tool is an electronic device, of course this component has a period of use. The service life of this component is about five years. So when it has reached five years, it must be replaced immediately without having to wait for it to be damaged first.

Realizing how important and great the steering function is in a car, we should take care of these parts so that they are durable and not easily damaged. Have you tried and implemented it?