Not Many People Know, This Is a Feature of a Broken Car Shock Breaker

Please note, that the car shockbreaker has an important role in the suspension structure of the car. This is because the main performance of the car's shockbreaker is to reduce the excessive shock caused by the tires and springs of the car. In a sense, when you drive a car without shock absorbers, the impression will feel like you're on a seesaw. The car will always bounce up and down. Then when you add a car shock absorber, this reflection will be muffled as much as possible. So you still feel comfortable while driving.

However, over time the car shockbreaker will find its end of duty. Symptoms of a weak car shockbreaker can begin to be felt on its own. Generally, when after crossing a bumpy road, the car swings more. This is because the car's shockbreaker is no longer able to reduce the reflection of the spring. So what happens is that there are more swings.

Meanwhile for the physical, the car's shockbreaker which is already weak usually starts to see oil seeping on the outside. The oil that has seeped out will later come out, which indicates that the car's shockbreaker is not optimal at reducing spring reflection power. The reason is, the reflection of the spring is muffled by the hydraulic properties of the car's shockbreaker oil. Even though the car shockbreaker already uses a gas type, there is still oil content in it. The goal is to soften the dings. So what are the functions of other car shockbreakers? The following automotive tips will provide a complete explanation regarding car shock absorbers.

What Is a Car Shockbreaker?

Shockbreaker itself is a vehicle component that functions as a shock absorber to reduce vibrations generated by the road field. This component is considered very influential on the stability and comfort of the car. So, if it is damaged, then you must immediately repair or replace it with a new one.

Maybe many people don't realize that their car's shockbreaker is damaged. Though the shockbreaker damage can be seen physically. Its characteristics include, there is oil seepage in the shockbreaker tube which indicates that the car shock has a leak. This will result in the car's shockbreaker not being able to work perfectly in shock absorption.

Car Shockbreaker Function

When asked about the function of the car shockbreaker itself, it is necessary to know beforehand that there are two types of car shock absorbers, namely shock absorbers and struts. In modern cars, often the shock absorber is on the rear wheel and the strut type is on the front wheel. But there are also some cars that use struts on each wheel. The difference between a shock absorber and a strut lies in the design where the strut unites the spring and the shock absorber, while the shock absorber is just a shock absorber. Many have misunderstood the function of this shock absorber, especially for the layman. Not a few people think it serves to make the car can swing when passing through uneven roads or potholes.

Actually, this function is played by a spring or spring which can be a coil or a plate. While the job of a car shockbreaker is to reduce the effect of excessive swings or shocks produced by the spring. The result is the car swings but in the right dose, making the car passengers feel comfortable.

Shock absorber and strut work continuously whether the car is moving or stationary. This section will only rest when the car is lifted with a jack or lifter at a repair shop or car wash. Therefore, the function of supporting the car continuously, the car shockbreaker itself has a limited service life. So inevitably at a certain age and mileage must be replaced with a new one.

Features of Damaged Car Shockbreaker

The average life of a car's shock absorbers is around 20,000 km, but this benchmark only depends on the vehicle's usage. So, it's good to know the usual signs if the car's shock absorber has a problem and needs to be replaced. For more details, see the review of the characteristics of the following damaged car shockbreaker.

the Car Shakes a Lot on Uneven Roads

The first characteristic of a damaged car shockbreaker is when you feel the car shakes harder than usual. When passing through a potholed road or when passing a rather high speed bump, the car feels like it has been swung more than once.

You can also check it by pressing one side of your car, such as the trunk and then quickly releasing it again. If there is a bouncing movement more than once, it is suspect that the shock absorber is weak.

Another characteristic feature of a damaged car shockbreaker is a squeaking sound or noise so that you feel uncomfortable from the car's legs. The characteristic of the damaged car shockbreaker is already a sign of a problem with your car's shockbreaker.

Changed Physical Form of Shockbreaker

The next characteristic of a damaged car shockbreaker is the changed physical form of the shockbreaker. The physical form of the car shockbreaker that looks bent due to impact also indicates damage to the car shockbreaker tube. This is a sign that your car's shock absorber is no longer suitable for use.

When the car's shockbreaker is damaged, the damping process is not perfect. Therefore, causing the vibration damping process to be weak, the tire grip process will decrease against the road when sudden braking occurs.

Therefore, braking becomes unstable because the damping carried out by the car shockbreaker requires a long process. Another effect is the traction of the tires on the asphalt to keep the speed of the vehicle unstable.

the Appearance of the Sinking Car Body

The third characteristic of a damaged car shockbreaker is that the condition of a weak car shockbreaker will cause the appearance of the car body to look lower than before. This is because the car shock absorbers are not strong enough to withstand the weight of the car body itself and the weight of the number of passengers in the car.

This sign of car shock absorbers needing to be replaced is usually caused when the car passes over speed bumps and cobblestone roads at full weight, causing severe damage to the car shock absorbers.

the Car Is Difficult to Control When on the Road

The fourth characteristic of a damaged car shockbreaker is that another sign that you can know is that the car is difficult to control. For example, when you drive on a road that has many turns, the car becomes difficult to maneuver and control normally.

Controlling your vehicle becomes bad and dangerous when the car has to maneuver, especially on roads full of bends because the vehicle becomes shaky.

Uneven Car Tire Surface

The fifth characteristic of a damaged car shockbreaker is that the last specific characteristic is that the surface or tread of your car tire starts to look uneven, aka it looks like one side is starting to be higher than the other. If there are signs, it means that the shock absorber of the car has been damaged but has been used for a long time.

In addition, if you are a sensitive person, you will feel that the car is very uncomfortable, the vibrations and shocks felt in the cabin are very loud when the car crosses the damaged road.

How to Fix a Broken Car Shockbreaker

So that the car shockbreaker problem does not spread to other important car components, such as brakes and tires, you can repair the car shockbreaker in the following ways:

Checking your vehicle's shock absorbers on a regular basis is one way to take care of your vehicle's shock absorbers to keep them durable.

As a car owner, you can check the condition of the car's shockbreaker every multiple of 25 thousand or 50 thousand kilometers. You can check it independently by using the equipment contained in the car, such as a jack or so on, or take the car to a repair shop.

Or if you want to replace your car's shockbreaker yourself, you can buy these spare parts directly at the nearest repair shop or shop. In this workshop, you can ask for help from a technician to check the condition of the car's shockbreaker, such as dirt that is stuck to the check of the car's shockbreaker protective rubber.

From the driver's side, you can limit the load of the car and also drive safely by avoiding damage to the road as much as possible or braking when there are potholes in the road.

Due to the Damage of the Car Shockbreaker

The impact of a damaged car shockbreaker is that it will damage the car's legs over time. When running over a pothole or crossing a bumpy road, the first impact will be absorbed by the wheels and tires. Therefore, these two devices are less able to absorb collisions, so the impact energy will also be absorbed by other components. Such as ball joints, tie rods, support mountings, and even car chassis.

This will cause the components of the legs to be shorter in age. And the most miserable are the tires, because the focus of the impact absorption shifts to the tires. As a result, the tire will experience stress and as a side effect, the tire tread is uneven.

If the shock absorber of the car is getting weak, it should be replaced immediately for the sake of safety and comfort while driving. If the funds are not enough to replace the shockbreaker for a new car, then reconditioning can be an option. But please remember, reconditioning car shock absorbers is only temporary. The reason is, the quality of the resulting reconditioning is of course not as good as the manufacturer's concoction.

Car Shockbreaker Service Workshop

If you are interested in replacing your car's shock absorbers, you can visit some of the following recommended workshops.