Magnetic Clutch Car AC Broken? This Is the Function and Impact of the Damage

Using the car every day for a long time can reduce the service life of spare parts. One of them is the risk of the car's AC magnetic clutch being damaged.

If left damaged for a long time, it will damage all components in the air conditioner. Check out this article for complete information about the causes, effects, and how to repair a damaged magnetic clutch !

magnetic Clutch Function

Magnetic clutch is one of the components in the car air conditioner which has an important role as the motor of the AC engine. This is in the form of a pulley that acts as a liaison between the compressor and the engine speed.

In addition, the magnetic clutch is able to disconnect the compressor and the engine when it is overworking.

The function of the magnetic clutch can be divided into two conditions, namely:

When the Car Engine Starts

When the car is running, the magnetic clutch will rotate in reverse direction with the engine rotation. The rotation of the pulley ( magnetic clutch ) will deliver electric power to the magnetic spull.

The presence of an electric voltage pulls the centerpiece and puts pressure on the surface of the pulley friction field. The compressor also moves along with the rotation of the pulley.

When the Car Engine Dies

When the car is off, the magnetic clutch will stop working. So there is a process of disconnecting the compressor because there is no incoming electricity.

This can rest the various components of the cooling system that have worked when the car engine is running.

the Impact of the Car Ac Magnetic Clutch When It Is Damaged

The risk of a damaged magnetic clutch will have a major effect on the cooling process in the car. The compressor that acts as a freon pump will not work optimally if the magnetic clutch is damaged.

The following are the consequences of the magnetic clutch not functioning properly:

Rough Sound on Car Air Conditioner

The impact of a damaged car AC magnetic clutch is the noisy and rough sound of the car air conditioner, the sound comes from the rough friction between the magnetic pulley and the centerpiece plate. The resulting engine speed will be higher as long as the car engine is started.

Although it does not have a direct impact on AC damage, the harsh sound will reduce comfort when you are driving. Many motorists complain of car noises when the road is caused by the damaged car's AC magnetic clutch.

AC Compressor Not Working Optimally

The way the car AC magnetic clutch works is to connect the compressor and engine speed via a v-belt.

If the AC magnetic clutch does not rotate, it will increase the risk of wear on the magnetic pulley and the compressor will not work optimally. However, the compressor will not turn off completely, it's just that the rotation is reduced.

Car AC Is Not Cold

Another impact of a damaged car AC magnetic clutch is a car air conditioner that is not cold. When the magnetic clutch of the car AC is damaged, the freon distribution impulse to the car AC system is not channeled properly.

This makes the cooling system in the car not channeled optimally and only produces hot air. So, if after you check the car AC freon, it turns out that there are still a lot of cars but the car air conditioner is not cold. it is most likely caused because the magnetic clutch of the car ac is damaged.

Causes of Damage to the magnetic Clutch

A damaged car AC magnetic clutch can be damaged, marked by its magnetism ability which decreases with age.

The possibility that can occur is that the magnetic clutch is damaged due to rust or the center piece isnot as precise as it was before.

The following are some of the causes of the magnetic clutch not rotatingor being damaged, including:

Parts Quality

Auto parts have different qualities depending on the origin of the manufacturer's production. High quality will affect the strength of the magnetic clutch 's magnetic ability which is getting stronger.

Use Age

The higher the quality of the spare parts will certainly extend the life of the car's AC magnetic clutch. Generally, magnetic clutches have a service life of 1-5 years, depending on their quality and compatibility with the cooling system.

Wrong Driving Style

The habit of setting the temperature too low can cause high rotation of the pulley. This causes the pulley to become distorted with the v-belt breaking and connecting which will cause the magnetic clutch to wear out quickly.

How to check the magnetic clutch of a car AC can be seen from the performance of the AC that is not working normally. Usually, the AC magnetic clutch is damaged causing the AC to be less cold when turned on or the AC only produces fan wind.

In addition, it can also be seen directly from the edge of the pulley which changes to a reddish color which indicates the magnetic clutch is worn.

How to Fix a Damaged Car AC clutch Magnet

Components on the car AC clutch magnet are very susceptible to damage. This is due to the ability of the binding capacity to easily decrease as friction occurs between each component in the cooling system.

Unfortunately, magnetic clutches cannot be repaired and can only be replaced. Regular replacement through authorized workshops can avoid errors caused by careless component installation.

Those are some things you need to know about a damaged car AC magnetic clutch. Hopefully this article can help you in caring for your car, especially about a damaged AC cooling system.

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Take Advantage of Car Insurance to Cover Repair Costs at the Workshop

As with other car components, a damaged car AC magnetic clutch cannot be underestimated because it can be fatal. So that you are protected from the risks of driving, make sure every component or spare part of your car is functioning properly.

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