How to Wear a Car Seat Belt Correctly

Do you know how to wear a car seat belt properly and correctly? This is important to pay attention to when you want to drive on the road in order to maintain security and safety. By wearing a seat belt properly, the risk of injury from an accident can be minimized.

The seat belt is one of the components of the car that has a very important function, especially to ensure safety when driving. By wearing a seat belt, the body of the driver and passenger can be restrained when a shock occurs so as to minimize the risk of a collision when something unexpected happens while driving on the road.

To maximize its benefits, the use of car seat belts must be done properly. Each type of car seat belt has its own way of using the rules that users must know, including how to use the left car seat belt.

Before discussing how to use a car seat belt properly, it's a good idea to know in advance the types and models of seat belts for cars that automotive tips will review as follows.

Types of Car Seat Belt Models

Along with the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, currently many car manufacturers are making innovations for seat belts or car safety belts. In addition to better security and safety, seat belt innovation also aims to make users more comfortable. The following are several types of safety belts based on the different ways of wearing and removing car seat belts.

1. Two-Point Belt

Two-point seat belts are the most common type of seat belt used for older cars. This type of seat belt uses a restraint system that rests on two points. Overview of how this type of seat belt works like a lap and diagonal belt. For the latest cars, usually do not use this type of seat belt.

2. Auto Belt

For those of you who often use old luxury cars from the early 90s, you must be familiar with this type of seat belt. As the name suggests, this type of seat belt has a more practical automatic way of wearing when compared to two-point belts. However, currently this type of seat belt is rarely used for the latest cars. So if you're curious about what it looks like, you can look for pictures of how to use an automatic car seat belt via Google or YouTube videos.

3. Lap Type Seat Belt

Lap type seat belts are generally only used for older cars. This type of belt is used transversely just above the user's acknowledgment. For now, the use of lap type seat belts is usually reserved for passengers sitting in the middle or back row.

4. Sash

Sash is a type of seat belt that is used transversely over the user's shoulders. This type of seat belt was popular in the 1960s and is no longer used today because of less guaranteed safety. Sash-type seat belts tend to come off more easily in a crash, which can make the injury more severe.

5. Combination of Lap and Sash Types

The combined lap and sash type car seat belts were popular in the 1960s and 1970s. This type of seat belt is believed to be safer when compared to sash or lap. The picture of how to remove this type of car seat belt is also quite easy but its popularity did not last long and was replaced by three-point belts.

6. Three-Point Belt

The three-point belt is an extension of the lap and sash combination seat belt. This type of seat belt has better safety in the event of an accident because it spreads to the chest, groin and shoulders. Three-point belt is usually used for the type of car in the 80's on the front seat.

How to Wear a Car Seat Belt Correctly

Seat belts serve to provide security and guarantee the safety of drivers and passengers when driving on the streets. So that its function can be maximized, how to install and remove a car seat belt must also be correct and appropriate. Here's how to wear a safety belt correctly and safely when driving a car:

1. Make Sure the Seat Belt Doesn't Twist

Before starting to drive, make sure to use the seat belt in the correct position. Make sure the seat belt position is neat, straight and not twisted. With the position of the seat belt that fits, the security function of this feature will be maximized. In addition to safety, the position of the seat belt that fits will also make the user more comfortable. How to wear the right car seat belt determines 45% of safety when driving.

2. Position the Seat Belt Right on the Shoulder

The function of the belt will be maximized if used in the right position. Before using a seat belt, you should adjust the sitting position as comfortable as possible. The right sitting position when driving is the body upright and aligning the back with the back of the seat. With this position, the body will stick upright on the back of the chair.

After the sitting position is correct, the next way to wear the Avanza car seat belt is to be right on the shoulder. For the bottom, it extends cross to the side below the navel where there is a strong hook to hold the body in the right position. In this way, the body will remain restrained so as to reduce the risk of injury in the event of an accident.

3. Pay Attention to Sitting Position

The sitting position must be considered when using a car seat belt. Make sure before using the seat belt, you have sat in an upright position and align your back with the back of the chair. Try not to lower the seat position too much because if an accident occurs it can cause serious injury to the stomach.

4. Avoid Tightening the Seat Belt on the Stomach

The correct way to wear a car seat belt is that the lower belt is above the waist and avoid tightening the seat belt on the stomach. Seat belts in cars are designed to support the pelvic and back area, not the stomach area.

5. Seat Belt Lock

The final step of how to use a seat belt to be effective is to make sure it locks the belt properly. The seat belt will not work if it is not locked properly. To lock the seat belt, you must insert the end of the belt into the hook until you hear a "click". In this way, the seat belt will function properly to protect your safety while driving.

How to Wear a Car Seat Belt for Pregnant Women

Seat belts are a safety feature that everyone should use while driving, including pregnant women. However, for pregnant women, of course, there is a slight difference in how to wear a seat belt because of the large stomach condition, so you must pay attention to the comfort and safety of the mother and baby in the womb.

How to wear a car seat belt for pregnant women must be done carefully because it can endanger the safety of the fetus in the womb. In order not to pose a risk to the mother and fetus in the womb, here is a safe way to wear a seat belt for pregnant women.

  1. Always use seat belts properly both lap and shoulder seat belts
  2. Place the lap belt under the stomach and above the hips and avoid placing the lap belt on the stomach
  3. Adjust the length of the strap so that it makes pregnant women more comfortable

How to Wear the Left Car Seat Belt

Seat belts must be used by all car users, especially for the driver and passengers who are beside the driver. How to wear a car seat belt on the left is actually not much different from wearing a seat belt on the right or on the driver.

Before wearing the left car seat belt, make sure to adjust the correct sitting position first. Next, attach the seat belt correctly with the right position above the shoulders and the other part at the bottom of the stomach. Don't forget to lock your seat belt properly to make it safer when used for driving.

How to Remove the Correct Car Seat Belt

Some of you may have had no trouble wearing a seat belt. But do you also know how to remove the car seat belt easily and correctly? Do not let you pull the seat belt by force until the body is released because this can actually damage the seat belt itself.

The correct way to remove the seat belt is to press the lock button located at the bottom. You just need to press the button and the seat belt will open automatically. If the seat belt is caught, try sliding the bottom of the belt into the lock button.

Seat Belt Function

The seat belt is one of the most important features when driving. As the name suggests, seat belts serve to provide security and keep the driver and passengers safe while driving on the road. By wearing a car seat belt correctly and correctly, you can avoid the risk of injury in an accident.

Here are some of the functions of using seat belts in cars that you need to know:

1. Avoiding Collisions If an Accident Occurs

One of the main functions of a car seat belt is to protect the front of the body from impact during an accident. If the way of wearing a car shift belt is done correctly, the body will remain in the car seat and will not be thrown far. This also ensures that your head will remain safe from impact in the event of an accident.

2. Seat Belts Reduce Injury Risk

Car seat belts also serve to reduce the risk of injury in the event of an accident. Based on several sources of information, drivers or passengers who use seat belts have a greater safety guarantee of up to 45%. Seat belts are able to protect the body from the risk of impact against hard objects around it. That way, in the event of an accident, the injuries won't be too serious. That's why make sure your seat belt is always in good condition and if it's damaged make sure you immediately find a way to replace the car seat belt with a better one.

3. Provides Comfort While Driving

Wearing a seat belt is not only for safety and security reasons. However, seat belts can also provide comfort while driving. In this way, the driver and passengers will feel calmer so they can enjoy the trip and make a sense of comfort during the trip.

4. Obey the Driving Rules

Seat belts are not only accessories for vehicles. However, seat belts are also one of the obligations for vehicle users that have been regulated by law. This makes all car users, both drivers and passengers, obliged to use seat belts when driving.

In order not to violate the rules and get a ticket, you must use a seat belt correctly as shown in the picture on how to wear a car seat belt recommended by the authorities. If you violate, you can get a fine and even a fine for not wearing a car seat belt properly.

Wearing a car seat belt at first glance is trivial and easy. However, to ensure safety and security while driving, you must use a car seat belt to work according to the law that has been regulated by law. That way not only ensures safety when driving but also prevents you from legal sanctions.

How to Care for a Car Seat Belt

With overuse, seat belts usually become loose and damaged. This can make the seat belt function not optimal again. To always be safe, you not only need to know how to put on and take off your car seat belt properly but also have to be able to take care of it properly so that it lasts longer and stays safe when used.

To make your car seat belt more durable and always in good condition, here's how to properly care for your seat belt that you need to know.

1. Check Seat Belt Conditions Periodically

One way to care for seat belts so that they always function properly is to check the condition of the belt regularly. You have to check the condition by opening the car seat belt then pulling the seat belt until all parts come out of the roll. Make sure there are no curls or curls in the belt and then attach the paper at the base to prevent the belt from rolling back.

2. Perform Seatbelt Cleaning Process

In the process of maintaining the seat belt, do not forget to do the cleaning process. The trick is to mix the cleaning liquid with air or vinegar and then use it to clean the dirt that sticks. Rub the seat belt in the direction of the thread fibers to prevent damage and simplify the cleaning process. Do this method until clean before proceeding to the correct way of installing a seat belt.

3. Dry the Seat Belt

To avoid mold on the seat belts, make sure that no water remains after the cleaning process. Dry the cleaned seat belt all the way to the car seat belt so that no liquid remains. You can use a hairdryer or just let it dry.

The seat belt is an important part to use when driving. Unfortunately, there are still many car drivers who are indifferent to how to wear a car seat belt properly and correctly. Even though this is very important to do because it can protect and save you in the event of an accident.

Besides being important for safety, wearing a seat belt is one of the driving procedures and rules that have been set by law. For car users who do not use seat belts properly, they can be subject to fines and fines for violating traffic rules. Therefore, when driving, make sure to use your seat belt properly.

That's how to wear a car seat belt properly and correctly that you need to know. As a good rider, you must use your seat belt properly every time you drive. In this way, you can avoid the risk of serious injury when an accident occurs on the highway.