How to Overcome Car Windshield Foggy When It Rains

dew on the Windshield When It Rains, Sometimes Interferes with Visibility from the Steering Wheel to the Road. for That, You Are Also Required to Know How to Deal with the Windshield When It Rains.

Often foggy car windows disturb drivers while on the road. Usually many people only use a cloth to remove the dew. But it's only temporary, so the dew will be on the windshield again.

When it rains while driving a car, the air inside the car cabin will initially follow the air outside which contains high levels of humidity.

When it rains the air inside the cabin will follow the air outside which contains high humidity. Likewise, when you are in the car, the breath that contains water vapor will also meet the air pressure in the cabin. So that the moist air, will be inhaled and helped cool the warm air in the human body.

By the time the water vapor can be accommodated again, both by the body and the cabin air. Then the vapor will look for the coldest location, and the closest one is the windshield. Then there is condensation on the windshield, so the moisture content will be heavier when the cabin is filled with more than one person.

Therefore, it is necessary to do several ways to deal with car glass fogging when it rains. Like the examples below.

Turn on the Air Conditioner

Car air conditioner serves to adjust the air temperature in the car cabin. This is also a way to deal with foggy car windows. By turning on the air conditioner, the condensation on the windshield will disappear little by little.

The humid breath is also directly cooled by the air from the air conditioner. Even if you want to go faster, set the blow strength of the air conditioner to the lowest temperature.

If possible, direct the gust at the windshield. This will make the dehydrating process go straight away and your vision will be clear again.

Open Car Window

In addition to turning on the car's air conditioner, the next way to deal with foggy car windows is to open the car windows and let air from outside enter. This will help remove condensation on the windshield that interferes with road visibility.

If it's raining heavily, open the car window just a little which is important for air exchange. Such as hot and humid temperatures, as long as it can minimize condensation on the glass. In addition, make sure the air circulation feature is also disabled to make it easier for air from outside to be bigger.

Shampoo Before Rain

To deal with foggy car glass, you can also deal with it with shampoo. Liquid shampoo, does have a chemical element with a pH level that is devoted to drying water vapor.

Its main function is to prevent shampoo users from experiencing damp hair after using it. With the same basic formula to be applied in the car. Then the shampoo is able to dry the dew on the windshield.

You simply apply on the inner glass that is dewy, then wipe with a slightly damp cloth in a unidirectional motion so that the glass doesn't blur. This method is indeed effective, although it leaves marks that must be cleaned immediately when the rain has stopped or when you have arrived at your destination.

Anti Fog Liquid

One of the newest technologies to deal with fogged car windows is to use a special anti-fog liquid. You can find them at auto supply stores.

Usually this liquid is packaged in a compact spray tube. How to use it is also easy, just spray the liquid onto the foggy glass. Then let stand for a moment, then wipe with a soft, dry and clean cloth in a unidirectional motion. If it feels less clear, do it again until you get maximum results.


The next step is to prevent the windshield from fogging up when it rains. You can put silica or a product with a substance that allows it to absorb moisture in the cabin.

Always keep the car cabin condition dry. Drying carpets or other objects in the car regularly. Do not bring damp objects into the cabin, such as rain umbrellas or wet clothes.

By keeping the cabin clean, it is also influential because dust becomes a medium for storing water vapor. Vacuum the cabin and clean the inside glass with a clean, not wet cloth.