How to Jump a Car Battery When the Engine Is Hard to Start

Many people have cars but rarely use them. The reason could be because they avoid traffic jams or because the owner is more comfortable using two-wheeled vehicles. However, this can cause the car to not start because the battery is soaked. If the car must be used right away, one solution is to jumper the car battery that is overdrawn. In other cases, it could also be that your car broke down on the road. Well, one the causes of a car breaking down suddenly could be due to a problem with the battery.

How to jumper a car battery with electricity is a way of flowing electricity from another source to the location of a car battery that has been exhausted or overdrawn which causes the car to not be able to be started. Before making a car battery jumper, some preparations are needed, both tools and steps for the process. In the following, automotive tips will discuss in detail how to jumper a car battery and its preparation.

Car Battery Jumper Preparation

Doing this car battery jumper is actually just a temporary solution as a way to lure a low or worn out car battery, so that the car can be used immediately when there is an urgent need. However, when the condition of the battery is on, you should immediately take the car to the nearest more professional car battery jumper service so that repairs can be done immediately.

How to jumper and turn on a car whose battery is exhausted or overdrawn is actually very easy to do. You just have to be careful when doing it. Therefore, before jumping the car battery, you need to prepare several things so that the jumper process runs smoothly. Anything?

  • Look for another car with a healthy battery
  • Prepare a cable of sufficient length to connect two cars and other necessary car battery jumper tools
  • Install the clamp to connect the car battery

In this jumper process, if asked how much does the car battery jumper service cost? Of course not much. Just to prepare cables and clamps. While a healthy car battery can borrow from another car or bring your own spare.

The same thing happens to cars that do have a history of worn out batteries. Usually the owner has prepared the car battery jumper cable and the battery itself. If at any time the battery runs out, the owner can immediately handle it himself, without having to panic to seek help from other drivers.

For those who have difficulty getting jumper cables complete with clamps, don't worry. Because in the marketplace there are many who sell car battery jumpers at very affordable prices. Starting from Rp. 50 thousand to Rp. 150 thousand.

How to jumper a car battery either for private vehicles or trucks, they are all the same. There must be a battery, cables and car battery clamp. However, it should be noted that for the truck battery jumper method, not just any car can do it.

This happens because the truck's battery is large, so it must get power from another battery of the same size or bigger. So you can't ask any car for help, it's better to prepare a spare battery if this problem occurs frequently.

Then, how about how to jumper the car battery with the battery in detail so that the car can start immediately? What preparations are needed to make this dead car battery jumper? Here's how to use a car jumper correctly and correctly.

1. Adjust the Lever Position of the Car

The first step in preparing the car battery jumper is to adjust the position of the car lever. The goal is to get the same battery voltage as the car battery that was soaked earlier. You have to position the lever of this car according to the type of transmission of the car.

A. Auto Lever Position

Before doing the automatic car battery jumper method, you have to make sure for the type of car that uses an automatic car transmission, the position of the car lever must be in the P position.

B. Manual Car Lever Position

As for how to jumper a car battery with a type of car that uses a manual transmission, then you have to make sure that the car's lever position is in a neutral position.

2. Activate the Handbrake Before Doing the Next Car Battery Jumper Method

After adjusting the position of the car's lever, don't forget to activate the handbrake on a car with a low battery. The goal is to avoid things that are not desirable that might happen.

3. Turn Off All Electrical Devices in the Car

The next step in preparing the car battery jumper is to turn off the engine and all the car's electricity. Make sure all electrical devices on the car are in the off position before jumping the battery. This aims to minimize the risk of a short circuit. When it's ready, just start the engine to do the jumper process.

4. Make Sure to Unplug the Device Attached to the Cigarette Lighter

Preparation for the next car battery jumper is to unplug all devices installed in the cigarette lighter. Such as bluetooth receivers and other devices. Also remove all objects or other accessories that are in the cigarette lighter.

This is useful for reducing the electrical power needed by the car. So when doing the jumper process, the auxiliary battery can lift the power of the broken car.

It should also be noted that currently some new car products are not equipped with lighters. This is in line with the prohibition of smoking in the car. New car products currently carry a concept that is increasingly friendly to the environment.

How to Jumper Car Battery Correct and Safe

The way the car battery jumper must be done in the right and safe way. Otherwise, there is a risk of causing a short circuit. Therefore, you need to do the car battery jumper according to the procedure or stage to minimize this risk. This is useful for extending the life of the battery so that it does not drain too quickly.

Not all cars overtake due to wear, it could also be because you forgot to turn off the lights and remove the key when getting out of the vehicle. The hope is, if done correctly, the battery life can last longer. Moreover, the price of the battery is also not cheap, of course it will interfere financially if you have to replace the battery continuously.

Then what is the correct and safe way to jumper a car battery to deal with a short or worn out battery?

1. Use Good Quality Jumper Cables

What are the steps for the car battery jumper? The first way to jumper a car battery is to use a jumper cable or commonly known as an angler cable. The use of jumper cables is usually done to lure batteries that are weak, overdrawn or have worn out. So in order for the electricity in the car to function properly, the battery must be charged.

The problem is, on a weak or worn battery, when starting at the beginning it is not able to store power. Therefore, it needs help from jumpers so that later while walking, it can be filled.

The basic principle of electricity, if the conductor has good quality, then the electric current that is delivered will be even better. Not discharged due to power leakage due to poor cable quality. Therefore, use jumper cables that have good quality and are strong. Also make sure that the amount of electrical current is correct, such as how to jumper a 24 volt car battery.

In addition, if the jumper cable used is of poor quality, it can cause a short circuit and fire. Make sure all cables are plugged in properly and correctly before starting, yes.

2. Prepare Another Vehicle or Car Battery That Is in Good Condition

The next correct and safe way to jumper a car battery is to prepare another vehicle or car battery that has a battery that is still in good condition. Use a car battery that has an engine capacity greater than or equal to a car whose battery is short. This is intended to be able to lift the power at the beginning, so that the electricity in the car can function normally again.

3. Bringing a Car or Battery That Is Still Good in a Strike Car

After the preparation stages have been carried out properly, the correct and safe way to jumper the car battery is to bring the car with a good battery closer to the car breaking down. Here's the step:

  • Bringing a car with a battery closer is better for a car with a low battery.
  • Position the two to face each other or next to each other because the jumper cable is not too long.
  • If that's not possible, or the jumper wires are too short, then remove the battery from a good car to get closer to the car that broke down.

This is intended for optimal electrical power delivery and facilitate movement during the treatment process.

4. How to Jump a Car Battery by Connecting the Two Battery Poles

How to jumper a car battery with the next battery is done by connecting the jumper cable to the two poles of the battery. What needs to be considered when connecting the jumper cable to the battery is that the positively charged cable is connected to the positively charged battery pole as well.

Likewise, the negatively charged cable must be connected to the negatively charged battery pole as well. Usually this is marked with a black wire.

You can immediately start how to jump the right car battery with the following steps.

  • First, turn off the car completely, with the ignition off
  • Do a check on both poles of the battery
  • Connect the jumper cable which is positively charged, namely the red one with the positive pole of the car battery whose battery is short
  • Also connect the jumper cable which is negatively charged which is black with the negative pole of the car battery whose battery is short
  • Make sure the battery and cables are well connected and strong
  • Start the car with good battery condition for 1-2 minutes and step on the gas slowly
  • Restart the engine if successful, wait a few moments
  • After the car engine is running, leave it for at least 5 minutes while stepping on the gas pedal at 2000 rpm
  • Then start removing the jumper cables starting from the negatively charged car battery that is short
  • Continue to disconnect the positive cable

Repeat several times, because usually at the beginning it will be difficult to lift the power. Little by little it will be filled and can light up perfectly after several jumper trials.

5. Wait About 10 Seconds for the Battery to Start Charging

After all the steps above are done, then wait about 10 seconds. Leave the engine running for 10 minutes. This is so that the car battery that is a little overdrawn starts to fill up properly.

6. Start the Strike Car Engine

The next way to do a car battery jumper is to start the engine of a car that broke down because the battery was short. After the car starts successfully, immediately take it to the nearest car battery jumper repair shop so that the car gets professional maintenance and repair. You don't have to worry about the price of a car battery jumper, especially if you have car insurance.

With car insurance, this protection will protect the car from all risks, so that it can cover the cost of repairing the car in the event of damage. As a result, you can free yourself from the burden of extra costs that need to be incurred from time to time so that the financial expenses that you have planned will not be disturbed. Your financial condition will become more stable.

How to Jump a Car Battery with a Power Bank

Can the overdrawn battery still be used? In addition to using the battery, you can also use other methods, one of which is the jumper method for the car battery with a charger or power bank. Currently, there are many types of power banks that are equipped with special features and large capacities.

How to jumper using a power bank is almost the same as how to jumper using a car battery. However, the jumper method using a power bank is actually a much easier and simpler process.

Unfortunately, although the jumper process with this power bank is easier, if something goes wrong it can cause a short circuit. In addition, the car battery jumper with a power bank is only for cars that use a gasoline or gasoline engine that has a capacity of no more than 4000 cc.

How to jumper a car battery using a power bank can be done to overcome the condition of a weak car battery or in a state of overdrawn and also soaked. One way to overcome this is to use a power bank that has a large power capacity and is also equipped with special features. However, before being used to jumper the car battery, the power capacity should be fulfilled properly. So the jumper process is easier.

Then how to do a car battery jumper using a power bank? Here are some descriptions on how to jumper a car battery using a power bank that is equipped with a safety indicator so that the power bank is more durable and does not swell.

  • Choose the best car battery jumper power bank
  • Make sure the power bank is fully charged first
  • Make a cable connection that ends with 2 clamps
  • The red clamp is for the positive charge and the black is the negatively charged one
  • Each of these cables is connected to the battery poles according to the charge positive to positive and negative to negative
  • Make sure the safety indicator is off
  • Continue by pressing the power button on the power bank
  • Next do the starter on the car then it can turn on easily

After the above method works and the car engine starts again, immediately take the car to the nearest repair shop to do a car jumper more professionally. Usually, although it takes a bit longer if the car in the workshop the results will be maximized.

How to Jumper Car Battery Without Cables from Other Cars

The way to jumper a car battery without a cable is to connect it to other cars around you. If you are on the road, you can ask someone else's car for help. The steps are as follows.

1. Stop the Car Politely

The first thing you can do is ask someone else for help. If you are stopped, you can ask for help from people whose cars are parked near you. However, if the conditions are quite tight, try to stop or stop the car politely.

2. Borrow the Person's Car Battery

Try so that you can borrow the person's car battery and remove it.

3. Connect Both Car Batteries

The next safe way of car battery jumpers is to connect your car battery and the person's car battery at (+) with (+) and (-) with (-). However, if there is no car battery jumper cable, you can use a wheel lock as a connector.

4. Car Starter

The last step is to start the car while holding the battery jumper. This method can lure a car battery that is overdrawn as a solution.

How to Jump a Car Battery with a Motorbike

In addition to doing a battery jumper or power bank, it can also be done by using a car battery jumper using a motorcycle battery. The way to do this is almost the same as how to jumper a car battery using another car battery.

With the various ways of jumpers mentioned above, they can be an alternative to help start the car if it turns out that the battery is low or worn out. You just have to choose one of the ways that suits you, or the equipment available around you. Just like how to jumper a motorcycle battery with a car battery, make sure you choose the right way to deal with a soaked car battery.

That's complete information about how to jumper a car battery that can be done using various methods. This can also be applied to other car batteries such as how to jumper truck batteries, motorcycle batteries, power banks, car battery jumpers with adapters, and others. Don't forget to prepare a toolbox in the car with jumper cables to anticipate these unpleasant conditions.