How to Install a Car Alarm – Functions and Types

Avoiding crimes such as car theft needs to be a concern, namely by installing a car alarm. Nowadays, car alarms are a must-have feature for every car for security.

If you don't have one, you can buy the best car alarm in online stores and you can install it yourself. Here Auto Insurance Agencies will share how to install a car alarm complete with its types and functions, keep reading, OK !

How to Set a Car Alarm

Some car manufacturers have now installed alarms with their products called special alarms because they have the same thing with cars. However, many drivers also have to buy separately and install it themselves, this alarm is called a universal alarm.

How to install a universal car alarm requires high accuracy and not everyone wants to install it themselves. If the installation is wrong, it is certain that the alarm will not function normally.

Therefore, if you intend to buy an alarm and want to do how to install a universal car alarm yourself, below are steps you can use for various types of cars such as how to install a Grand Max car alarm and other types of cars.

1. Understand the wiring Diagram

Make sure you understand the wiring diagram when you want to install your own alarm. The wiring diagram itself is a simple working drawing of the wiring instructions that you need to follow for installation.

For those of you who are used to doing it, usually you will be able to install it right away without having to look at the instructions.

Aftermarket alarms usually consist of four lock actuators. There are also other supporting components such as four towing wire rods, a set of cables for four doors and a central lock equipped with a module.

2. Connecting the Cables

The lock actuator consists of the main components, namely five wires with different colors such as red, black, yellow, blue, orange and white. Some of these cables can be installed in the driver's door and the rest can be installed in other doors.

If the lock actuator cable has been installed, the next step is to install the module which is located under the dashboard. The way to install the car alarm module is by connecting the power cable to the battery section of the central lock module.

The purpose of this step is so that the module gets the electricity it needs and if everything is installed, continue by tidying up the existing cables. Kamui has also managed to do how to install a car alarm lock!

3. Connecting with Alarm

Previously the central lock was installed with the lock actuator. and then you can connect it to the alarm. You do this by connecting the cable from the central lock module to the car alarm module.

Connect the alarm module so that it can work properly, in general the red wire is connected to the car battery for positive (+) and the black one is connected to the body (negative part / –).

If it is already connected, connect the cable to the siren and siren device. You can insert it at the bottom of the dashboard to make it look neat. Then tie the cable so it doesn't fall apart!

You can adopt some of the methods above as a way to install a Grand Max car alarm, how to install a pick up car alarm, how to install an Innova car alarm, how to install a Terios car alarm, how to install a deer capsule car alarm or how to install a Panther car alarm.

How to Set a Car Reverse Alarm

The car reverse alarm makes it easier for you to park the vehicle, especially for those of you who are not used to estimating the safe distance in parking the car.

If you want to install it yourself, here's how to install a reverse alarm on a car that Auto Insurance Agencies has summarized.

  • Prepare an alarm backup that already has negative (-) and positive (+) sign bolts. The negative sign is to the ground wire and the positive sign is to the +12V or +24V cable where the (+) bolt can be connected to a cable line that has a +12V/ +24V voltage.
  • Prepare two round terminals of 8 bolts that will be installed on the (-) and (+) bolts.
  • Attach the cable to the round 8 bolt terminal, try to attach the cable to the round terminal using a different cable color so that it's easy to distinguish the connection to the (-) and (+) cable lines later, for example the red wire for (+) and the brown wire for (-).
  • Roll up with the insulation on the cable connection section to the round terminal so that there is no short circuit if the cable bolt is loose.
  • Put the red wire on the (+) backup alarm and the brown wire on the (-) backup alarm.
  • Next, attach a backup alarm by connecting to the reverse light cable at the back of the car. Look for a backup alarm position that is close to the reverse light cable path for easy connection later.
  • The brown cable is attached to a ring skun/round terminal, then put it on the ground of the car body marked (-)
  • The next step is to find the cable (+) from the reverse light which will be installed with the red cable from the (+) backup alarm.
  • If the battery tespen lights up, then the reverse light (+) path has been found and is ready to be connected to the red wire.
  • Turn on the reverse light and if it beeps the reverse car alarm installation is successful.

Types of Car Alarms

An alarm is a component that emits a sound for a warning signal. Not only for homes and buildings, even cars now have warning alarms installed.

In general, the latest cars have a universal car alarm installed that serves as a warning sign to the car owner if it experiences a hard collision.

Of course, this feature also serves to help prevent theft. Car alarm prices also vary, depending on the brand and type.

The types of car alarms that you need to know are as follows:

  • auto Lock/unlock

This type of alarm works according to the engine sensor which when you are in the car, automatically after the engine is turned on the door will be locked. When the engine is turned off the door will open again.

  • remote Controlled Sensor Bypass

You can set this type of alarm yourself when the car door must be opened or locked with the remote.

  • two Stage Shock Sensor (Dual Zone Shock Sensor)

This alarm is shock-responsive, and will sound when there is the first shock. If the first shock is allowed to occur continuously, the car alarm will sound louder.

  • automatic Disable Sensor (Starter Disable Output)

This type of alarm is useful if the thief is desperate to start the car engine by force. The auto starter relay will automatically cut off electricity in the ignition of the car so that thieves can't take the car away.

  • gps Car Alarm

This type of alarm can be said to be very sophisticated because if your car is taken away by a thief, you can track the location of the car.

  • led System Status Indicator

This type of alarm will report to the driver in the form of a flashing code. The code will flash once, twice or more, each blink indicating the level of disturbance experienced by the car.

Car Alarm Function

Car alarms certainly have various functions and can help you, especially if there is a theft. There are several car alarm functions that are important for you to know, such as the following:

  • To prevent theft
  • To sign a request for help
  • For car security system
  • Give a warning
  • For a tool when looking for a car in the parking lot
  • To check the car keys.

Tips from Auto Insurance Agencies! A car alarm is one of the features that you must have as a driver. Don't let your car not have it, if you haven't you can buy and install it yourself by following each step in how to install a car alarm as described previously for your safety while driving.

Auto Insurance Agencies has a tip for you, before you install a car alarm make sure to see if there is a match between the two. That is, you have to know whether the alarm that will be installed is indeed compatible with your car or not.

You also have to pay attention to how to place the alarm according to the type of car, electrical installation and power source later. It looks complex, but by checking all these parts, you will get the right car alarm. Good luck!

Install the Avanza Car Alarm

It is undeniable, the Avanza is one of the best-selling cars on the Indonesian market today. An interesting feature of this car is the presence of a vehicle alarm, but if you buy an Avanza car that is not first hand, sometimes you find an error alarm problem.

Of course, you must be confused about how to fix if the disturbance occurs and how to install this Avanza car alarm if you want to install a new one.

You can fix an Avanza car alarm that has an error. you can do it without bothering to take it to a repair shop. The method is as follows.

  • Reset the alarm on the vehicle by inserting the key into the slot
  • After that turn the key to the on position from the lock position. Then continue by turning it back from the on position to the off position, keep in mind, in this case the key must go to the off position not to lock.
  • Continue by turning the key back to the on position from the previous off position.
  • Then turn it again from the on position to the off position and once again turn the key from the off to the on position and hold the car key until the alarm indicator light turns off.

Well, for how to install your own Avanza car alarm, if your car doesn't have it, just like other types of cars, you can do the methods mentioned earlier in this article.