How to Forget Someone You Love Deeply: 8 Practical Tips

When breakups occur, we seem to drown in a dark sea of pain. Helplessness begins when we are unable to swim through it and try to figure out how to get on with our lives.

We want the pain of the breakup to end soon. But like everything in life, overcoming heartbreak is also a process that takes time. Sometimes slow and other times fast. But the eternal question remains the same: "Will I ever forget my partner?"

The question, however, is: "How to overcome this heartbreak, for whom you once had such deep feelings?" In my opinion, there is no simple answer to this. But almost all of us have been through this and moved on

"Every day is a new day, and you can never find happiness if you don't keep going."

So today...

We are going to talk about 8 practical ways to forget someone you loved deeply:

#1. Stop, breathe and rest

When a relationship breaks down, you don't recover overnight, it's a process. Be nice. The ruptures are felt so much that later we have to go through a kind of mourning. But such are certain things in life.

Breakups are hard to deal with. So the first thing you can do is breathe. Take a break. Process it.

I know, it's horrible. But there are times in life when life demands more of us and the only way out is to give it a chance. It requires resilience and courage. The first step to any healing is to step back and just hang in there. When you're in the middle of a battle, you can't see your own moves or those of others. But when you take a step back, you clearly know what to expect.

No matter how painful it is, but with clarity, you are ready for the next step. Rest after any havoc. We all deserve our breaks. Take yours.

#2. Stop visiting the special places

When we are intimate with someone, we create memories. And once the person is gone we end up reviewing those memories. The songs, the restaurants, the roads and all the places come to haunt us. And no matter the reason for the breakup, you'll have urges to call or come back. Many people give up at this stage and go back, only to realize that the memories were much better than reality. Your special places will act as triggers.

Stop going or visiting all those special places or even those special songs. Go to new places, make new memories. The brain will rewrite everything. It always does (sounds crazy, but trust me it does). Give yourself that grace period. You'll be fine.

#3. stop harassing your ex

Accept that you broke up and stop visiting their social profiles, will you? Can you at least block your ex on all social media platforms for a while? It's no use watching what they do, but it certainly destroys your day. That pretty picture on Instagram will only hurt you more and make you more defenseless.

And trust me, knowing if you have a new partner in your life won't help either. Block your ex for a while. Let your wounds heal. Once you know you're okay, you can unlock it. The thing is that once you heal, his life will not matter to you because healing gives you a new perspective that is much more than what you would have seen.

Be kind to yourself. Leave their social media profiles alone and move on.

#4. Don't sleep with your ex after the breakup

This is an absolute NO. It doesn't matter how good the sex is . If you've broken up, don't sleep with him. It will only intensify your pain. The thing with most women is that we have a hard time keeping sex and love in two different boxes. You will only go back to the times when things were good and you will want intimacy.

There are things that are better left untouched. Let your body go too. This will help you forget about it and you will heal faster.

#5. Try anything new and exciting to overcome your memories

Take a piece of paper. Write down the things that you are afraid to do (or that you would love to do but never did). Maybe go bungee jumping or a solo trip? Then do it. There is nothing that expands us more than doing something that we thought was not to our liking and that also increases our confidence.

Once you do what you thought you couldn't, it gives you new skies to fly in and you become a new person. Many times breakups are the best times to find what we really want to be. Because the purpose of pain is always to expand us. Trust me.

#6. Stay with your circle that lifts you up

I can never stress enough the influence your inner circle can have on you. Stay with those who lift you up. Stay with those who see the good in you. With whom you forget all your past.

Stay close to those who love you and want you to do well. When the people around you see the good in you, you become them. Especially when you are in a moment of emotional low. Find people to be your cheerleaders. You will reach the zenith faster and stay emotionally healthy.

#7. learn to move on

Sometimes emotional shocks are a way of redesigning our path in life. Even a breakup can move mountains in your life or it can give you an immense passion to do something amazing in life.

Sometimes a fall is actually a call from the Universe to take a new path. Try to pick up a new trade (Maybe you can decorate your house with these ideas out of waste or who knows if you have some skills that you can turn into a business. You can try some of these business ideas) that enlightens you. Dive into it. And you will find ways to build a new life, that you may never have foreseen.

The idea is not to become a master of that art form, but to find different parts of who you are. Maybe today is the day for something new.

#8. Forgive and forget it like a good memory

Here is the final nail in the coffin of sorrows. Forgiveness will detoxify you from your past, no amount of life or yoga can do that. Forgiveness is the ultimate form of self-care. Forgiveness does not excuse what the other person did to you. Just take away the pain you carry inside.

Forgiveness helps you forget your ex and leaves you pain free. Forgive him for the good, the bad or what he has done to you. Then forgive yourself.

The hardest person to forgive is yourself. Forgive yourself for everything you think you did wrong, for what brought you this heartbreak. And once that forgiveness occurs, you are on a new path. You can choose what you want.

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As difficult as a heartbreak may seem, it is never the end of the road.

Hearts must be broken in order to find the gems in them. Life is like a treasure hunt, every fall is a queue to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. One day you will realize that you are that pot of gold you were looking for.

Once you have healed, the past will not be so attractive to you, but the new paths are more attractive. That is when you can let go or forget your past. If there's one thing I know for sure, it's that heartbreak tells us we're not home yet. And that we need a new trip.