How to Clean the Car Headlight Glass to Make It Clear Again

Opaque and yellowing of car headlights can be very dangerous for the lighting of car headlights onto the road at night, if this is left unchecked, it will be very dangerous.

Frosted and yellowed car headlights can affect the beam of your car's headlights onto the road at night, this is certainly very dangerous. Changes in color on the car's headlight glass, could be caused by the heat that comes from the light bulb with a fairly large wattage. So that the heat makes the lamp glass turn yellow in color, other aspects can also be from use, scratches, and also mildew. [quads id=1]

the First Way to Clean the Car Headlights Is to Make It Clear Again

You need to use car glass cleaning fluid that is sold at various accessory and car spare parts stores. This special liquid is quite easy to get and the price varies. Also pay attention to whether it is dull on the outside of the car or on the glass in the car headlights. If, it happens to the inside of the lamp that looks damp, you will have to use another method.

With windex liquid (glass cleaner) you can spray on the outside of the headlamp. then you can polish it with a plastic polish that is easy to get. This polishing function is able to gently scrape and help you to remove dirt to make the car headlight glass clear again

It's a good idea to read the instructions for use carefully, in order to get the best results when cleaning car headlights. Each car headlight glass cleaning agent is different, with a predetermined amount. You also should not do this cleaning process directly in the sun, because this can create new scale on the windshield of the car's headlights.

the Second Way to Clean the Car Headlight Glass to Make It Clear Again

This method is for lamp glass conditions that are already very severe, and need several more ways to do it. It is important for you to pay attention, to buy some of the equipment needed at the nearest shops. The equipment used is easy, you only need to prepare paper tape, fine sandpaper, soapy water, plastic cleaner in the form of liquid, and plastic compound.

Steps How to Clean Car Headlight Glass

the First Step

You can cover the car headlights in a circle using paper tape. The goal is that the car body does not get scratched by sandpaper when you clean the car headlights.

Second Step

After all the parts of the car windshield lights that are adjacent to the body have been covered by paper tape, then you have to use fine sandpaper. Prepare fine sandpaper moistened with soapy water.

Third Step

Spray a plastic cleaner or degreaser with soapy water onto the lamp, then scrub the lamp with a soft cloth. Before the lamp dries, spread it evenly with plastic compound.

Fourth Step

After the compound has been evenly applied to the lamp, prepare 600 sandpaper then fold the sandpaper until it is easy to hold. Then you can dip the sandpaper into the soapy water and immediately rub the lamp with the sandpaper, in a horizontal, even motion over all parts. Repeat this when the sandpaper starts to dry.

Fifth Step

The following steps are to clean the car headlight glass to make it clear again, you can use 1200 sandpaper, then 2000, and 2500. This is used to remove scratches from previous sanding. Then do it with 2500 sandpaper by applying plastic compound on the lamp evenly. After everything is done, wipe your lamp with a dry cloth or microfiber cloth

Sixth Step

After you have finished wiping the lamp with the microfiber cloth, it is now necessary to use soapy water to wash the lamp until it is clean and there is no remaining dirt. Then, when finished, wipe the lamp glass with a microfiber cloth. You need to use soapy water to wash the lamp again so that your glass can be clean of any compound that may still remain. After all the steps are complete you can get a clean and bright lamp glass again.