How to Choose the Right Car Floor Silencer

Driving with a car we will get to know many components in it, including various types of additional accessories. Currently the floor carpet in the car cabin is often used and needed because it has many functions, for example as a car floor damper.

Not only adds comfort and beauty but is also useful for health.

Usually the carpet material is made of rough velvet, making the material easy to stick to dirt and difficult to clean. Additional carpet on the car is expected to protect from various dirt and beautify the cabin.

But what should not be missed is paying attention to safety when using it. There are several product designs that are less ergonomic, such as blocking the gas pedal and making the engine spin uncontrollably.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of carpets for user safety and comfort. For the use of additional carpets can usually be adjusted to the needs of the user. Currently, there are many types of car cabin floor dampening carpets that are sold directly or online.

You can choose according to your needs for safe and comfortable driving, remember not only to look at the design and appearance but also to pay attention to function.

How to Choose the Right Car Floor Damper

In choosing a car silencer on the floor, you can follow these tips:

Can Be Heard

You can test first in the workshop before installing. That good silencer keeps the sound quiet.


A good silencer has a light weight. So, as much as possible do a test at the installation site.

Recommended Minimum Number of Dampers

The recommended amount to install the silencer actually depends on the part to be installed.

For example. a car door. which is recommended can be three layers. Meanwhile, the recommended floor is to use only two layers. But actually in all parts two layers are also sufficient. Because if it's too much it will cost a lot too.

How to Install a Car Floor Damper

For how to install it yourself, here are some tips for you:

  • First, select a location in the car cabin where the silencer will be installed. If you have got it, then it's time to start installing the damper layer that was previously purchased at a reliable repair shop.
  • Second, during the installation process, you should remove some parts such as seats, consoles, carpets, and all objects at the bottom of the car. We recommend that you do the removal carefully so that no cables or other components are cut.
  • Then, if everything is removed, clean the part where the silencer will be installed so that it does not interfere, especially in the attachment process and durability during use.
  • Now you can start installing the silencer tightly where you want it. Make sure that the damper that is installed is in a strong condition and will not come off.
  • Furthermore, when all the dampers have been installed, you can restore all parts of the car that were previously removed, such as the seats, console, carpet, and others. Make sure all components such as bolts and screws that are re-installed are also in strong condition so that there are no problems in the future.

Various Types of Other Car Silencers

1. Car Door Silencer

The door is the main gate for the driver to enter the car, the silencer is usually in the form of rubber.

2. Car Roof Silencer

Not much different from the door, the roof of the car can also be muffled with a rubber-shaped material that can be attached to the car wall. Or it could be a spray.

3. Car Dashboard Silencer

In the dashboard, we can see the activity of the car that is being used and if using a silencer it will make us comfortable driving.

Before installing a floor damper, you must pay attention to the details of the car components whether you need to install a damper or not.

Because if you just install it without knowing its use, it will only cost you in vain without optimal function. So be wise to renew your car components and accessories.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Car Floor Dampers

There are also advantages to using floor dampers in cars. including;

  • Driving will feel comfortable because there is minimal noise.
  • The footing floor does not feel hot if you use a damper in the form of a carpet.
  • The sound in the car will feel clearer.

While the losses are small when compared to the gains.

  • We have to spend more money to buy these additional accessories and pay for maintenance costs.
  • The weight of the car will increase in weight with this silencer.

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Tips from Auto Insurance Agencies! Car floor silencers are very useful for reducing engine noise that might interfere with your trip in the vehicle. Choose a damper material that suits your needs so that traveling with your car becomes more comfortable.