How Cvt Cars Work and Its Advantages and Disadvantages

The way the CVT works is considered the best system in the world. CVT which stands for Continuous Variable Transmission is used in transmission systems that do not have gears like conventional manual or automatic cars.

So the way a car CVT works is like eliminating the shift of the gear lever. So only one move, gears 1 to 4 are exceeded. To find out how a car CVT works more clearly. Here's the explanation

How Does a Car Cvt Work in General

The easy way the CVT works, allows the driver to change gears but does not need to shift the gear lever. The CVT working system makes it replace gears, so gear 1, 2, 3, 4 stays in first gear.

Then, as a replacement, two pulleys are used, namely the driving pulley and the driven pulley. The two are then connected by a belt made of steel fiber. Then the drive pulley can adjust the speed needed by the car.

How a Car Cvt with Two Pulleys Works

The adjustable drive pulley can make the car go fast or slow automatically. It is clearer about how a car's CVT transmission works, namely when the engine RPM goes up, the speed will be adjusted automatically.

The pulleys that initially move have a smaller ratio, but gradually become large according to the needs of the car's speed. Then the rotated pulley, initially large, gradually became small.

The way this CVT works is known to be very smooth, when driving there is no pounding due to the gearshift process. Plus also because the movement of the transmission using a belt.

Although the way CVT works makes it easier for the driver, cars with CVT acceleration are not as good as cars with conventional automatic and manual transmissions.

Difference Between Cvt and at Transmission

CVT is indeed the latest automatic transmission system, but previously AT was the first system introduced by AT (Automatic Transmission).

Both have one thing in common, namely that they work with three components, from planetary gear sets, torque converters to hydraulic control units.

In an automatic transmission, the torque converter component is similar to the clutch pedal in a manual car. Then, the planetary gear is the gear ratio in the conventional transmission working system.

Furthermore, there is a hydraulic control unit component whose function is to regulate the clutch when a gear shift occurs. If the way the CVT system works is pulleys and steel belts. Then the AT transmission uses a torque converter.

Components belonging to the CVT and AT that drive the transmission and gear ratio changes will adjust the engine speed. Those are some similarities between the two transmissions belonging to this automatic car.

Now let's get to know the difference between CVT and AT that you don't know. Both clearly have clear differences, in addition to technology and components. The difference can be from the way the CVT works differently from the AT transmission.

Again, it was explained that the way a car CVT works is to use pulleys and steel belts. The pulley will be driven by a fluid pump system, so that the distribution of power to the two rear wheels is more powerful.

The thrust also adjusts changes in speed and torque precisely. So that when driving, the transmission is free from pounding and the car's speed is more constant. Furthermore, the workload of the car becomes lighter.

Different again with the AT, this transmission uses a total torque converter. Through these components, the oil pressure from the valve body of the automatic transmission is used for the input shaft.

From the performance of the AT transmission, the driver will feel the car's acceleration is better than the CVT. It's just that, there is a pounding that can be felt when shifting gears. So that the engine brake of the AT transition is not as good as the CVT.

In terms of fuel, the difference between CVT and AT is very different in terms of use. If the CVT transmission, fuel is considered more efficient. This is because when shifting gears there will be a decrease in RPM, so that the fuel entering the combustion chamber will decrease.

Meanwhile, the AT transmission is considered to use more fuel or is more wasteful than the CVT. This is because the acceleration of the AT transmission is higher. However, even so AT car maintenance is much cheaper.

Cvt Transmission Advantages

The way a car CVT transmission works is considered very concise, making the CVT transmission lighter than conventional and automatic transmissions.

This light weight has another impact, namely fuel that is much more efficient than other transmissions.

Its fuel efficiency makes CVT transmissions used by many hybrid cars. This environmentally friendly car, making it suitable for hybrid cars to be more efficient in fuel use.

In addition, the way a car CVT transmission works is usually programmed to be able to maintain engine speed.

So that it is able to deliver optimal power when driving on the road. This potential is useful when the car wants to overtake another vehicle.

Disadvantages of Cars with Cvt Transmission

If you already know how the car CVT transmission works clearly. You also need to know some of the shortcomings of CVT transmission in cars. After understanding how a car CVT works, if you previously knew the advantages, now you can know the disadvantages.

So you can consider buying a car with a CVT transmission. The following are the disadvantages of CVT transmission:

  1. With the way a car CVT works like that, and the convenience it provides, of course there are also drawbacks. One of them is the cost of expensive maintenance.

Because if the CVT transmission is damaged, it will not only be repaired but also replaced as a whole, both belt and pulley. So the repair cost is very high.

  1. In cars with CVT transmissions, they are usually not designed to load a lot of goods, especially on uphill roads. Thus, a car with a CVT transmission is not suitable for heavy lifting on uphill roads.
  2. In a car with a CVT transmission, the engine pull is slow and hard to get instantaneously. So many are in a hurry because they are impatient, as a result the transmission becomes jammed.

How Does a Car Cvt Work and Its Maintenance

The way a car CVT transmission works does look simple and is considered concise. CVT also has components that are durable so minimal maintenance.

Despite minimal maintenance, the CVT transmission still requires maintenance to maintain its performance. The following CVT transmission maintenance that you need to pay attention to,

1. Minimal Lubrication

CVT transmission has significant differences with other automatic transmissions. For that treatment also can not be equated. One of them is that the lubrication required is no more than an ordinary automatic transmission.

If the normal automatic transmission must be completely lubricated. So on the CVT, only need to lubricate the rotating pulley and steel belt components. So that the oil used is not wasted and is much more efficient

2. Special Lubricant

If you already understand about lubrication, then what you need to know is the brand of the lubricant. For CVT transmission, the lubricant used must be specifically for CVT. Do not use general lubricants for automatic transmissions.

This is because the special CVT oil has different characteristics than ordinary automatic transmission oils. If you don't know, ordinary oil is a bit heavier.

This is because the automatic transmission needs to be completely lubricated, so heavy oil is needed. Unlike the CVT, the oil will only make slip and power will be reduced.

Even with ordinary oil, it can make things worse because the car will feel "jumped" until it doesn't run at all.

3. Regularly Replace Every 100 Thousand Km

Still in terms of lubricants, in CVT transmission the use of oil is only done as necessary. Because it also uses special CVT oil, it can be used for the long term because the content is strong and good. Avoid using manual transmission oil.

Even so, to stabilize the condition of the engine and maintain the CVT transmission. It needs to be replaced regularly, a maximum of once every 100 thousand km. If you want more care, you should consult with your subscription workshop.

Those are some things about how a car CVT works that may still not be widely known. Because, usually ordinary people only know automatic and manual transmissions, so it is also necessary to know more variants in automatic transmissions.

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