Here's How Car Airbags Work and Its Various Types

The car airbag is an additional safety device in the car. Car airbags, also known as airbags, are designed to minimize injury to passengers when a car crashes.

But not all types of collisions make the car airbag react or inflate.

In the case of a side collision, usually the car's airbag does not inflate or activate. It all depends on the condition, brand, model, as well as the number and location in the car.

Therefore, it is important for drivers to understand the function and condition of the airbags in their respective cars.

Finally, in the tragic accident that killed Vanessa Angel and her husband, the airbags of the white Pajero were all inflated.

This is because, at that incident, the collision was very hard due to the very fast speed of the car. So that all 7 Pajero airbags are active.

Unfortunately, even though the car airbag is a useful cushion to minimize body collisions during an accident. In the Vanessa Angel incident, she did not use a belt.

So that his body crashed, and this can be a shared lesson that car airbags are additional safety in addition to seat belts.

Types of Airbags

Generally people know car airbags are pads that appear above the steering wheel when an impact occurs. However, please note that car airbags also have many other types.

The types of airbags themselves are formed based on where the airbag is installed. The types of airbags are:

1. Airbag Drivers

The first type of airbag is the most common in a car. Because as the name suggests, driver airbags serve to protect the driver. Hence the location of the airbag which is usually on the steering wheel or steering wheel.

The placement of the airbag on the steering wheel, because this object is the first to hit the body when a collision occurs. With this type of airbag, the head will not hit the steering wheel.

2. Side Airbags

As the name implies, this airbag is located on the driver's side. With this type of airbag, the driver's body is protected from collisions to the side of the car.

Of course the side airbags will protect the body when your car is hit from the side of the car or the side.

3. Passenger Airbags

Passenger car airbags are airbags that are intended to protect car passengers. Especially passengers sitting next to the driver, aka in front. Airbags of this type are stored in the dashboard of the car.

Some are even mounted outside the car's dashboard. For that, make sure this airbag is not installed together with objects that easily bounce or objects that can injure if hit in the face.

Items like Cellphones, or large diecasts or other displays. This is to avoid the object bouncing because the airbag inflates.

4. Airbag Curtains

The last type is curtain airbags. This type of airbag is usually installed on the roof of the car. This type of airbag can protect the head and neck of the driver and passenger of the car. Especially when the car overturned due to an accident.

Car Airbag Working System

The working system of car airbags is that these pads inflate in a fraction of a second to protect the body area. Airbangs protect vital body parts, such as the head, neck, and chest.

So the location of car airbags is usually the same, it's just that some cars store them at some point. But most often yes on the steering wheel for the driver, and on the dashboard for passengers in the front seat.

In the rear seats, the airbags are usually stored in the front and rear seats. Usually the more expensive the car, the more security features it has. Like Vanessa Angel's Pajero, her luxury car has 7 airbags.

More clearly how car airbags work is that cars have their own sensors. So when the sensor assesses there is a significant acceleration deceleration and a hard impact occurs in certain parts.

Sensors located on the front will immediately send a signal and make the air bag mechanism wire hot.

Then quickly, the heat produces a number of nitrogen gas which fills the airbags.

So that the airbag inflates quickly, and after hitting the driver's head or other body parts, the airbag slowly begins to deflate. This is because the nitrogen in the air bag starts to come out.

Nitrogen gas that comes out of the airbag, is not a gas that is harmful to the body.

This is because nitrogen accounts for about 78 percent of the composition of the air inhaled daily, which is useful so that the airbag does not stick (sticky) when it is still folded inside.

Meanwhile, the side-mounted airbags will activate if the vehicle experiences a collision or the collision occurs at a certain angle.

The explanation is, the right airbag will not inflate when the left side of the car is hit hard, and vice versa.

Car Airbag Function

In practice, the airbag system inflates in a fraction of a second to protect vital body areas such as the head, neck and chest.

The location of the airbag itself depends on the type and brand of the car, some are installed on the driver's side (front) and some are installed on the passenger side.

A body that is only restrained by the seatbelt during a collision or collision without an airbag has the potential to cause severe head and chest injuries.

In addition to being one of the safety features of the car. airbags also have the aim of slowing the movement of passengers in a short time.

Airbags actually have the main function to protect vital body parts such as the head, neck and chest when there is a hard impact.

The system works as described, the sensor that receives a collision warning will release nitrogen gas to inflate the airbags.

Characteristics of Problematic Car Airbags

The Avanza and Pajero airbags have the same capabilities. However, both Avanza and Pajero airbags usually have a limit on their damping power for collisions.

Another difference between the Avanza and Pajero airbags is the number of airbags installed in the car.

However, the Avanza and Pajero airbags still have similarities. Both Avanza and Pajero car airbags when experiencing problems usually have the same signs.

That is, when the airbag indicator does not go out or continues to light up, it means that there is a problem with the components or just electricity.

Generally this problem occurs with the airbag, and the indicator light is on for 10 seconds. If this continues to occur there could be a malfunction in the system.

This is an early indication for further inspection to be carried out at an official workshop. If you don't take any action, the airbag will not work when a collision occurs.

Well before this problem occurs in your car. Therefore, there are some tips to keep your car airbags well maintained. The following are tips for knowing the characteristics of a problematic airbag.

  1. If you notice a deformed airbag in the vicinity, you should contact the dealer as soon as possible.
  2. Then if you find one of the airbags inflated or without conditions that should make it inflate or after an accident that makes it inflate. So in this condition, immediately contact the dealer
  3. Finally, if parts of the steering wheel, dashboard near the front passenger airbag are scratched, cracked or even damaged. Immediately contact the workshop.

Indeed, basically there is no special or routine maintenance for airbags, because they are included in static and standby components which under certain conditions only work. However, car owners also need to ensure their functional condition.

How to Check the Condition of the Car Airbag

How to check the condition of the airbag, is actually easy. You only need to look at the indicator light located on the dashboard next to the speedometer. Well, this light will turn on when we start the car.

You can check for problems with the airbag system through this light with the number of blinks which is a code.

  • Code 12, it means the indicator light flashes 12 times, it means the battery voltage is low
  • Code 13, it means the indicator light flashes 13 times, it means there is a problem with the airbag circuit board (short circuit)
  • Code 14 means the indicator light flashes 14 times, it means there is a problem with the impact sensor
  • Code 21 means the indicator light flashes 21 times, the airbag is not installed properly
  • Code 22 means the indicator light flashes 22 times, meaning the impact sensor is not working because the battery voltage is low
  • Code 23 means the indicator light flashes 23 times, a problem with the impact sensor circuit.

If one of these indicators occurs, then you must immediately go to the nearest repair shop to have the airbag problem checked. This is because the airbag problem cannot be solved alone, it must be someone who really has the ability.

Tips from Auto Insurance Agencies! The car airbag is an additional safety device in the car. Installation of car airbags or air bags aims to minimize passenger injury when the car has a collision.

How to check the condition of the airbag, is actually easy. You only need to look at the indicator light located on the dashboard next to the car's speedometer. Well, this light will turn on when we start the car.

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