Here's an Easy Way to Save Gasoline!

In the midst of a pandemic like today, being frugal is one way to survive. There are many people who lose their income and find it difficult to find work, therefore frugal living behavior must be encouraged, one of which is saving gas. In addition, the availability of gasoline in nature is also starting to run out, so you have to start saving on its use.

Gasoline or fuel is one of the most important components for motorized vehicles. In order to run, motorized vehicles must use gasoline to operate the engine. However, with the depletion of this fuel, of course, various efforts need to be made so that vehicles can save gasoline.

As one of the efforts or ways to save gasoline, currently many car and motorcycle manufacturers are creating environmentally friendly vehicles. This type of vehicle offers a more efficient use of fuel when compared to conventional types of vehicles. Even so, you still have to be able to use gasoline wisely so that its availability is maintained.

There are many ways that can be done to save on the use of gasoline in vehicles. In the following, automotive tips will describe how to save gasoline based on how to drive, based on how and where to fill it and based on the condition and how to maintain the car. For more details, see the full review below.

How to Save Gasoline Based on Driving Method

The way a person drives when carrying a vehicle actually greatly affects the consumption of gasoline used. So that gasoline consumption is more efficient, here are the right driving tips.

1. Pay Attention to the Vehicle Speed ​​Limit

The first way to save gasoline on a motorbike is to pay attention to the speed limit of the vehicle. To increase vehicle efficiency, you must be able to maintain the vehicle's speed at a predetermined speed limit. Usually the fuel efficiency of the vehicle will decrease drastically as the speed of the vehicle increases. So if you want more efficient gasoline, try to drive at a consistent and stable speed.

2. Set the Vehicle Engine Speed

Setting the vehicle's engine speed at the ideal speed can be one way to save gasoline. Constantly too high or too low engine speed can actually make fuel consumption even greater. If you want to save gasoline, try to set the engine speed in ideal conditions, which is around 3000 rpm.

3. Increase Speed ​​Gradually

To avoid gasoline draining out faster, the increase in speed needs to be done gradually. If you press the gas pedal deeply quickly after reducing speed, it will make the fuel consumption bigger. So if you want to use less fuel, make sure you don't suddenly increase your speed.

4. Make Sure to Maintain a Safe Distance from the Vehicle

Making sure the vehicle is within a safe distance from other vehicles can also be one way to save gas that you can try. Vehicles that are too attached to other vehicles have the potential to suddenly brake and press the gas again to return the vehicle to its original speed. Braking and pressing the gas pedal too often will make gasoline consumption even greater. The fuel also runs out quickly.

5. Use the Right Gear When Driving

In addition to safety, using the right vehicle gear while driving also affects gasoline consumption. Driving a vehicle in low gear continuously can actually cause the vehicle to be wasteful of gasoline. Not only that, using high gear when crossing an uphill area can also make gasoline more wasteful. Therefore, the way to save motorcycle gasoline is done by using the right gear when driving.

6. Use Ac with Reasonable Temperature

For those of you who use a car, it's better to use AC with a reasonable temperature. The improper use of car air conditioners actually makes the vehicle's gasoline run out faster. In addition, if you open the window and let the wind in, it will make the car's speed hampered. This makes you have to press the gas pedal deeper so that fuel consumption will be even greater.

7. Avoid Stopping with the Engine Running for a Long Time

Who likes to stop while driving and leave the car engine running? Ets, be careful, yes, this habit can actually make gasoline run out faster, you know. A continuously running engine requires gasoline as fuel. This will make the vehicle more wasteful of gasoline. So if you want to stop, it's better to turn off the vehicle engine as a way to save gasoline on a manual car.

8. Park the Car in the Shade

To prevent fuel from evaporating and running out faster, make sure to choose a shady parking location. Gasoline contains substances that when exposed to heat will evaporate. For this reason, vehicles parked in hot places will use up gas more quickly. To avoid this kind of thing, it would be better if you choose to park your vehicle indoors. Besides being safer, this can also be a way to save gasoline.

9. Avoid Congestion and Bad Weather

Congestion and bad weather turned out to have a big influence on the fuel efficiency of vehicles. When traffic is jammed, the speed of the vehicle becomes unstable because you will be braking and pressing the gas pedal more often in close proximity. This turns out to be a drain on fuel, as a result gasoline runs out faster.

Not only that, bad weather that interferes with the speed of vehicles is also one of the causes of gasoline running out faster. For this reason, the way to save car gasoline is to avoid driving when weather conditions are bad and avoid roads that have the potential to experience congestion.

10. Turn Off All Electronic Devices and Air Conditioning Before Turning Off the Machine

The next way to save gasoline is to turn off all electronic devices and air conditioning before turning off the engine. If all devices are turned off before the engine is turned off, then when you start the engine the amount of fuel used will be less due to a lighter load. So make sure all electronic devices are turned off before turning off the machine.

11. Reduce Car Use for Short Distances

Another way to save on car gasoline is to avoid using the car for short distances. The use of gasoline will be more wasteful if the car is used for short distances because the catalytic converter which has the function of reducing air pollution emissions does not operate properly until the car engine is completely warm. In general, a journey of less than 5 km has not made the engine reach its peak operating temperature so that gasoline consumption will be more wasteful.

How to Save Gasoline Based on Method and Place of Filling

Did you know that the selection of a petrol station or gas station can affect the gasoline consumption of a vehicle? If you want to use gasoline more efficiently, make sure to choose the right way and place to fill up gas as follows.

1. Pay Attention to the Code in Front of the Gas Station

Every official gas station from Pertamina has a special front code that you can see on the nameplate of the gas station. For the Jakarta area and its surroundings, the code used is 31.xxxx or 34.xxxx. The first digit is the area code while the next number indicates ownership. Figure 3 shows that gas stations are located in the DKI Jakarta, West Java, Banten and surrounding areas. As for the second number, if 1 means ownership of Pertamina itself, while number 4 means private ownership or dealership.

One way to save gasoline and to get better quality gasoline is to choose gas stations that are owned by Pertamina as much as possible. Each region will have a different code. To make it easier to choose a gas station, pay attention to the second number code. Choose a gas station that has a second number code in the form of number 1 because it means that the filling is owned by Pertamina itself. In addition to more guaranteed quality, the amount of gasoline you get will also be more certain.

2. Ask the Gas Station Attendant to Fill the Fuel Without Pressing the Gas Hose Lever

Based on the experience of several people at gas stations, the way you press the gas hose lever can also affect the gasoline dose. Pressing the hose lever while refueling is believed to make the amount of fuel that enters is less than it should be. Therefore, if you want to get more gasoline, ask the gas station attendant to fill it without pressing the gas hose lever.

3. Try to Refuel in the Morning

Time to fill up gas can also be one way to save car gasoline that you can try. All gas stations have a storage tank located underground. According to some people, the colder the soil, the denser or thicker the fuel will be. Meanwhile, if the temperature is getting warm or hot, the fuel will expand. So if you want to get denser and thicker gasoline, then try to fill it up in the morning.

4. It Is Better to Fill the Fuel When the Tank Is Still Half Full

The next way to save gasoline is to refuel when the tank is still half full. The more remaining gasoline in the tank, the less air will fill the empty tank. In this way the fuel will not evaporate quickly so its use is more efficient.

5. Avoid Refueling When There Is a Storage Tank Filler Truck

If you want to get quality and clean gasoline, you should avoid refueling when there is a storage tank filling truck. When fuel is pumped from the truck to the gas station storage tank, it is certain that the contents in it will be stirred so that the dirt at the bottom of the tank can enter the tank of your car. In addition to making the quality of gasoline to be less good, the dose of gasoline will also be reduced.

6. Use a Fuel Saver Tool

One more easy way to save gasoline is to use a fuel saver tool. Currently there are many brands of tools to save fuel. This method is usually effective enough to save gasoline, but still make sure to choose an accurate and quality fuel-saving tool.

How to Save Gasoline Based on Car Conditions and Maintenance Methods

Did you know, if how to take care of a vehicle it can affect the fuel consumption of the vehicle. Here are some ways to save gas by paying attention to the conditions and ways of caring for your car that you can try.

1. Use Synthetic Oil as a Way to Save Gasoline

If you want your car to be more fuel efficient, then use synthetic oil. The use of synthetic oil is believed to be able to save fuel around 5%. Not only saving fuel, this method will also make you less likely to do oil changes because the quality of synthetic oil is much better and lasts longer.

2. Make Cars Lighter

Vehicle loads that are too heavy also increase fuel consumption. To save gas, you can make the car load lighter. The trick is to get rid of items that are not needed from the trunk. You also have to make sure the vehicle is used according to the capacity specified by the manufacturer. In this way, the vehicle's performance will be maximized so that the use of fuel will also be more optimal.

To optimize this way of saving gasoline, it is not recommended to transport goods on the roof of the car because it makes wind resistance greater. This can slow down the car so that fuel consumption will be even greater.

3. Change the Air Filter Periodically

Lazy to replace the air filter on the vehicle can actually make the vehicle's gasoline consumption increase. In this case, the way to save car gasoline is to replace the air filter regularly. The reason is that if the air filter is dirty, it will reduce the power and efficiency of the engine so that more fuel will be needed.

To avoid an air filter that is too dirty, you must carry out routine vehicle maintenance. In this way, in addition to ensuring the vehicle's performance is always excellent, it can also anticipate if there are vehicle components that have problems. Because if left unchecked, it will not only make gasoline consumption more wasteful, but can also threaten the life of the driver.

4. Inflate the Tires According to the Specified Pressure

Tires that are inflated according to the specified pressure will make the cruising performance more leverage. This will make the speed of the car more stable so that fuel consumption is also more efficient. However, if the tire pressure is too low or too large, it will hamper the speed of the vehicle so that it will increase the consumption of gasoline.

5. Tune-Up According to Schedule

Doing a tune-up according to a schedule can also be one way to save gas that is quite effective. Timely replacement of spark plugs and coils will make the engine run smoother and produce more power. As a result, fuel consumption will be more optimal so you can save more gasoline.

So that vehicle performance is always excellent, perform service and tune-ups according to the schedule set by the official workshop. By keeping the vehicle in prime condition, it not only guarantees more safety when driving but can also save fuel usage.

Those are some ways to save gas that you can do. By saving gasoline, you will not only make smaller expenses, but you will also help maintain the availability of fuel in nature. As previously explained, currently the availability of fuel oil in nature is very limited. If you don't apply how to save gasoline wisely, it's not impossible that in the future its availability will run out even more.