Get to Know the Hill Descent Control Feature on the Car and Its Functions

More and more new and advanced features are available in today's cars. One of them is the hill descent control feature.

The hill descent control feature is made to make it easier for owners and drivers while driving with their favorite car.

Moreover, in Indonesia, we find many contours of roads, ranging from smooth asphalt, potholes, rocks, dry and wet soil, to sharp inclines or descents.

In order not to be curious, here is a review regarding the hill descent control feature on the car, its functions, and advantages.

What Is the Hill Descent Control Feature?

As the name implies, the hill descent control (HDC) feature is a device to control the speed when the vehicle is descending a steep slope or hill.

Hill descent control is usually found in the latest types of SUV vehicles that can get offroad capacity. HDC will provide maximum safety when the vehicle passes through the downhill track.

The task of HDCis simple, but very effective, namely locking the speed of the SUV at a certain speed so that the car does not slide even if you don't press the brake pedal.

So, no matter how steep the road conditions, the car will not go beyond the specified speed limit.

The driver can also focus on directing the steering wheel to find the safest path, without having to think about the speed of the vehicle.

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Hill Descent Control Feature Function

The main function of the hill descent control feature is to maintain a reasonable and safe car speed when descending a steep road or hill.

With the HDC feature, the driver's task becomes easier, because the gas and brake pedal pressures have been automatically regulated by the car's computer.

The computer will adjust the four tires so that they can grip the road properly.

How the Hill Descent Control Feature Works

Hill descent control works with the help of traction control features, stability control, ABS ( anti-lock braking system ) brakes, and wheel speed sensors whose job is to determine whether the rotational speed of the tires is in accordance with the angle of descent where the car is.

When the contour and hilly road surface differ between the left and right sides, the hill descent control will communicate with the ABS device and the active stability program to get the ideal grip so that the car does not lose traction.

Simply put, when a car tire starts to accelerate, the sensor will immediately provide information to the braking system to apply pressure and slow the rotation of the tire without losing traction.

When the hill descent control feature is activated, you don't have to bother adjusting the deceleration speed by stepping on the brakes.

You will immediately feel a slowdown at a constant speed like the engine brake in first gear of a manual car when going downhill.

When the road is sloping back, the hill descent control feature will automatically turn off and you can set the gear to position D.

This feature can be activated or deactivated automatically on the button with the down car symbol.

But keep in mind, how hill descent control works on different manufacturers. Usually, this feature will be active when going downhill and the car is under a speed of 24-32 km per hour.

The sign that this feature is active can be seen on the speedometer panel screen on the right and will disappear automatically if road conditions start to normal.

Just in case, you can position your foot on the brake pedal if the speed is still too high and it has the potential to hit the vehicle in front during traffic jams.

This is because the main function of hill descent control is to maintain speed when going downhill, not automatically braking until the car stops.

the Advantages of the Hill Descent Control Feature

The advantage that you will get from the main HDC feature is that you don't need to step on the brake pedal to adjust the speed when the car creeps down so that the car becomes easier to control.

When the road slope changes or becomes steeper, this HDC safety feature will still maintain a constant car speed, even if there is a downward thrust due to gravity.

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Tips from Auto Insurance Agencies! If you live in an area that is quite steep, you should buy a car that has a hill descent control feature.

In addition to being comfortable to drive, this feature also prevents your car from going fast when on a fairly steep road.

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