Get to Know the Function of the Safety Belt and Its Types and How to Use It

Safety belt is one of the security equipment in the car that protects passengers from all risks on the trip.

The reason is, car seat belts are recorded to often save drivers from a greater risk of accidents.

Then what exactly is the function of a car safety belt and how to use it properly? In the following article, Auto Insurance Agencies will explain it for you. Listen!

Functions and Benefits of Safety Belts

Car seat belts are known to protect passengers from road accidents. More than that, there are various other benefits if you use your seat belt properly. Here are some of them:

Holding the Passenger's Position So They Don't Bounce

When a car accident occurs, the chances of injury are high if the passenger is thrown out of the car.

Therefore, the use of car seat belts can minimize this risk by keeping the passengers in the same position.

Protects Important Body Organs

Because its function is to maintain the passenger's position, indirectly the organs of the body will be protected, especially the head.

Because movements such as sudden stops can result in a forward collision with the head touching the car first.

Provides Driving Comfort

In addition to the above functions, seat belts are fittings that provide driving comfort because they reduce sudden movements with potential hazards.

In addition, a car seat belt can make a person comfortable when in a sleeping position or brake suddenly.

Types of Seat Belts or Safety Belts

Well, here are some types of car safety belts that are often used, from sash types to automatic seat belts.


A sash type car seat belt is a seat belt whose position is across the body from the shoulder. The hallmark of the sash type seat belt is its ease of removal.

One Point

Single point car seat belts are seat belts that resemble airplane seat belts where only one belt is above the passenger's lap.

You can find single-point car seat belts on older cars.

Two Dots

Also known as a diagonal belt, a two-point car seat belt has two anchoring points, namely on the shoulders and stomach.

The way to use it is to cross it over the shoulders. Two-point belts are relatively safer than single-point car seat belts.

Three Dots

The three-point car seat belt is a combination of a sash style belt and a lap belt. This seat belt is specially designed to protect the shoulders, chest and hips.

In addition, the seat belt, which was first introduced in 1959, is a seat belt with the function of protecting the body from a second collision (the collision of the passenger's body with the car dashboard).

Four Dots

The 4-point safety belt is a type of seat belt used in car racing competitions. The 4-point safety belt is useful for making the driver's body firmly attached to the car and following the movement of the car as a unit.

Automatic Safety Belt

Automatic safety belts are on almost all new cars. How to use it just by dragging and hooking. If not in use, the automatic safety belt will roll up automatically.

Lap and Sash

Lap safety belts and sashes are usually used for rear passengers. As the name implies, this seat belt consists of 2 types of seat belts.

Safety Belt Price

Car safety belt prices vary depending on the type, here is a list of car safety belt prices.

  • 2 point car safety belt: IDR 39,000 – IDR 85,000
  • Automatic 3 point car safety belt: Rp195,000
  • Automatic car safety belt: IDR 185,000
  • Car safety belt plugs: IDR 35,000

How to Use a Safety Belt

Although trivial, how to use the following car safety belt must be done correctly so as not to cause problems in long-term use.

Don't Underestimate the Top Seat Belt

Many riders feel uncomfortable with the seat belt position on their shoulders and position it in a transverse position behind their back.

This should be avoided because seat belts are designed to protect passenger safety and should not be used carelessly.

Sitting Position

Pay attention to the sitting position so that the seat belt does not pass through your body and cause serious injury in an accident.

Pay Attention to the Bottom Seat Belt

The lower seat belt functions to hold the body, especially the pelvis, from being thrown. Therefore, use the seat belt properly, especially the lower part.

the Seat Belt Position Must Be Straight

Make sure the seat belt position is straight and not folded when using it because it will reduce the protection.

Although it looks trivial, but this must be considered because it can have a bad impact if an accident occurs.

Make Sure the Seat Belt Is Locked Properly

Well, the most important thing is to make sure that the seat belt is perfectly locked, so you can feel its optimal protection function.

Tips from Auto Insurance Agencies! When a car accident occurs, the chances of injury are high if the passenger is thrown out of the car. Therefore, it is very important to know the function and also how to use the seat belt correctly.

In fact, many cases of drivers survive when accidents occur because of using seat belts properly.

Then, you also have to make sure to remove the seat belt properly. Pulling the seat belt too hard will only damage the seat belt.

Don't Forget to Have Car Insurance Protection

Using a seat belt is the main way to avoid the risk of an accident when a car accident occurs. However, when a car accident occurs, we certainly cannot prevent damage to the vehicle.

For this reason, in order to protect finances from the cost of repairing vehicle damage due to accidents, you should have car insurance.

Take advantage of all-risk car insurance so that you don't have to worry about repair shop bills because you will be guaranteed from the cost of repairing light and heavy damage, and even getting compensation for losses due to theft.

Calculate yourself the premium range with the following Auto Insurance Agencies Calculator.

If necessary, additional protection such as health insurance to protect against the risk of hospital treatment costs that may be needed when you have an accident.