Get to Know the Function of the Car Odometer and Its Various Types

One important component in a car is the odometer. This odometer is often considered the same function as a speedometer. Though both have different functions in supporting the work of a car.

Let's get to know more about the functions as well as the various types of car odometers from the following explanation.

What Is an Odometer?

Before discussing further it is very important to understand the meaning of the odometer first. An odometer is a device that will show the total distance traveled by a vehicle. However, the work of the odometer is much more complex than the speedometer. Its position is on the dashboard of the car near the speedometer.

The odometer is a very important component to look at carefully when you buy a used car. This is because the data shown by the odometer will show the range of distances that have been passed. It's no wonder that used car hunters will use the odometer as a reference.

There are two types of odometers that we know and you can find in cars today. Each type of odometer certainly has different specifications although in the end the function of this tool remains the same.

Types of Car Odometers That Are Important to Know

After understanding what an odometer is, you also need to know the types of odometers themselves. What do you think?

Mechanical Odometer

The first type is a mechanical odometer. This is a type of odometer that has a circular protrusion and can move mechanically.

This type of odometer is rotated using a tool made of a long metal. As the intensity or range of the trip increases, the long section will continue to rotate.

This mechanical odometer has rewindable properties. That is, when the car moves forward or backward, the odometer will perform calculations based on the influence of gears and gears. Although it is conventional, this type of odometer can still provide accurate measurement results.

Electronic Odometer

The second type is the electronic odometer or digital odometer. This is a type of odometer that has a panel and from that panel will display a series of numbers.

Different from a mechanical odometer, this type of odometer will work based on a computerized system. This system will use a computer to calculate the voltage generated when the car is moving.

The results of the voltage calculation will be used as a reference to calculate the distance traveled by a car. This odometer has a magnet attached to one of the vehicle wheel frames.

This magnet is used to support the performance of the odometer to be more optimal. The magnet will give a signal to calculate the distance traveled by the car when the wheels rotate.

Find Out the Function of the Odometer, Let's Go!

From the understanding of what an odometer has been discussed previously, it can be seen what the actual function of an odometer is.

Odometer is a tool used to measure the distance traveled by a car. This tool also functions as an indicator of the performance status of the car according to the distance traveled.

Another function of the odometer is as a reference to see the performance of a car when you are going to buy a used car. Through this odometer, it can be seen how far the car has gone so that it can be known whether the car is old enough or still young. This function applies to both digital and mechanical odometer types.

Difference with Speedometer

Many people think of the odometer and speedometer as the same device. Though these two tools have different functions.

Previously mentioned, the odometer is a tool that will calculate the distance traveled by a car. The number shown is in km and is a unit of distance traveled by a car since it was manufactured.

Meanwhile a car speedometer is a tool used to measure the speed of a car or vehicle. This speedometer shows numbers in km/h units. This tool will show how fast your car is traveling on the road.

How to Read a Car Odometer

It's easy to read the odometer because actually the number shown by the odometer is the final result of the data you need.

On a digital odometer the process of reading the data is much easier because the numbers are directly shown literally. So you can immediately see how many kilometers the car has traveled.

Meanwhile, how to read an analog car odometer is also not difficult. Actually, these two types of odometers differ only in the way they work. The final result of the calculation of the distance traveled is still displayed in the form of numbers. So just look at the results in the available columns.

Solution When the Odometer Is Broken

What can be done when the odometer is not working?

Please note first that a damaged odometer must be repaired as soon as possible. If not, then the calculation of the mileage cannot run smoothly. The results will affect the service process and car maintenance in the future.

The way to fix the odometer not working is to take it to a repair shop for further inspection. The odometer turning off can be caused by various things. Maybe there are components in it that are damaged or it could be because the car is too old. The condition of a dead car odometer can be prevented by carrying out regular servicing or inspections.

Check the Authenticity of the Odometer

An odometer check is very important to do when you want to buy a used car. The odometer will be a clue indicating the age of the car.

If the number on the odometer is high enough, it means that the car is old and has been used for a lot of driving. Unfortunately, many people choose to fake the car odometer so that the value of the number is always small.

Usually a car with a small odometer will be in demand because it shows that the car is still young and has not been widely used. Even though the odometer can be faked so that the car's performance does not match the odometer number.

How to check the original odometer or not can be done by looking at the traces of prying because usually odometer counterfeiting requires a prying process on the dashboard.

In addition, you can also compare the odometer numbers with the condition of the car. If the condition of the car is old and the performance is not too good but the odometer is small then it is worth suspecting.

Also check the year of production of the car because this year will be closely related to the odometer number. The younger the year of production, the smaller the number on the odometer.

Beware of Fake Car Odometers

Make sure you are aware of the possibility of counterfeiting the vehicle odometer. Always check the condition of the vehicle thoroughly and check the physical condition of the dashboard where the odometer is located. If there are traces of prying or disassembly, it could be that the odometer has been reset by the previous owner.

The process of resetting the car's digital odometer will require prying action. This action is easily carried out by skilled mechanics. Unfortunately the action of resetting the car odometer is not feasible and must be stopped so that not many people are deceived.

The car odometer will be an important indicator to assess the quality and feasibility of a used car.

So be sure to carefully look at the numbers on the odometer. In addition, also adjust the odometer number with the overall condition of the car. Don't be fooled by the fake odometer numbers.

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