Get to Know the Function of Airbags in Cars and How They Work

Airbags are air bags that can inflate and deflate quickly and automatically when you have an accident or impact. The function of airbags in cars is to protect the driver from collisions during an accident.

So, when an accident occurs, the airbag will automatically inflate and protect the driver's vital organs.

The location of the airbag in the car is usually in the driver's seat. Some car brands also install airbags in the passenger seat.

The following is a review regarding the function of airbags in cars and how they work that you must understand.

the Function of the Airbag on the Car

Cars equipped with airbags tend to be safer. To understand more deeply about what the function of airbags in cars, see the following explanation.

1. Provides Protection for Drivers

The driver has a crucial role in driving a car. Because, the driver will determine the speed and direction of the car. Because it is in the front position, in the event of an accident, the driver is also the most vulnerable to serious injury.

The presence of airbags can prevent these injuries. When the airbag sensor detects a collision or a hard impact, the airbag will inflate by itself and protect the driver's body and head from impact.

2. Protect Passengers

Maybe not all car brands install airbags in the passenger seat. However, for cars equipped with 6 airbags for each seat, the airbags also serve to protect passengers.

It works the same way as airbags in the driver's seat. When there are signs of an accident, the airbag will inflate and protect the passenger from impact.

How Car Airbags Work

Because the function of airbags in cars is to protect the driver and passengers from accidents, the airbags work when there are signs of the car being or about to be severely impacted.

There are airbag sensors that are generally installed around the front headlamp of the car. In addition, there is also a second sensor mounted on the underside of the car floor or in the car cabin.

How car airbags work by detecting signs of an accident through these two sensors. Sensors can recognize the severity of the accident.

The sensor will then give a signal to the inflator unit on the airbag to inflate. As soon as the airbag bag inflates, the cover on the dashboard and car seat opens, making the airbag come out.

If the airbag has been exposed to the head or body of the driver and passenger, the bag will slowly deflate through the ventilation holes on the sides of the airbag bag.

This entire process, from transmitting sensor signals to airbags inflating and deflating, will take about 100 milliseconds or the blink of an eye.

How to Check Car Airbags

At this time, you may not know whether your car is equipped with airbags or not. Especially if the car you buy is a used car.

You can check to make sure the car has airbags installed. How to check car airbags can be done by:

1. Check the Indicator Light

Cars equipped with airbags will have the airbag symbol on the indicator light. If the airbag is still installed properly, the airbag symbol on the indicator light will definitely light up.

Unfortunately, this method cannot be applied to all cars because, not all cars have the airbag symbol on the indicator light, even though the car is indeed equipped with airbags. Usually this happens in used cars or old cars.

2. Srs Airbag Logo on Car Steering Wheel

One way a car manufacturer can prove that a car is equipped with airbags is the installation of the SRS airbag logo. This logo is printed in the center of the steering wheel or car steering wheel.

For some types of cars, the SRS airbag logo may not be installed on the steering wheel, but on the dashboard.

3. Read the Car Manual

When you just buy a car, you will definitely get a manual as a guide for using the car. In the manual, it will explain the location of the airbags and the function of the airbags on the car you buy.

4. Check with the Car Technician

If the airbag symbol on the car dashboard does not light up and there is no SRS airbag logo on your car, then the way to check the car airbag can be done by opening the car component to see the presence of the airbag.

Of course, this method cannot be done alone. You need to take the car to an experienced car technician. Technicians can help you see the condition of the airbags without damaging the car parts.

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Car Airbag Prices and How to Install Them

If the function of the car airbag is damaged, you can replace it with a new airbag. Airbags can be purchased freely, and can even be obtained through an online marketplace.

The price for each car airbag varies, depending on the car brand. The average price of a car airbag ranges from Rp. 1 million to Rp. 7 million.

For how to install a car airbag. you may not be able to do it yourself. Use the services of an experienced technician to avoid mistakes in installing or replacing airbags.

Airbag repair will involve maintenance of the airbag sensor on the front of the car, installation of the airbag module. and installation of the airbag cover on the steering wheel and dashboard of the car.

Because installing a car airbag is quite easy, you shouldn't do it yourself if you are not experienced.

By asking a technician for help, not only does the airbag installation go more smoothly, the technician can also help check whether the airbag function on your car is correct.

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