Get to Know Car Injection, How It Works and Tips for Its Maintenance

Some people may not know what a car injection system is and how it differs from a non-injected car.

However, some people may already know, that in general there are two types of combustion systems in car engines, namely cars with injection and non-injection systems or cars that use carburetor.

Here we will discuss further about how it works, what are the advantages and disadvantages, and how to properly care for it. For more, keep reading the article below.

What Is Car Injection?

Injection in cars is a technology used in the combustion system in car engines.

The fuel supply to the injection system is by spraying. In injection cars there is also the Engine Control Module technology which functions to regulate the amount of fuel volume, and regulates the ignition system automatically.

Injection technology makes it possible to mix fuel with air before it is burned in the engine combustion chamber. This mixing makes the engine more powerful than the use of a carburetor.

In addition, the injection technology also makes the fuel mixed better, and makes the fuel mixed in the right proportion and uniform.

Main Parts in Auto Injection

As with other components in a car, car injection also has several main parts that have their respective functions. Some of these sections are:

Fuel Pump

Fuel Pump is a pump that serves to flow fuel to the injector

Fuel Pressure Regulator

This component serves to regulate how large the volume of fuel that flows into the injector

Electronic Control Unit (Ecu)

This component is arguably the brain of the injection engine. This component functions to regulate several functions on the injection machine automatically. Like the ignition timing of the injection car and the fuel mixture.


The function of the sensor on the injection car is to provide input to the ECU, so that the ECU can adjust its settings based on the conditions received from the sensor. In an injection engine, there are many sensors in it.

Wiring Harness

This component serves to channel input from the sensor to the ECU.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Car Injection System

Here we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the injection system on a car, which is also the difference between an injection car and a carburetor.

More environmentally friendlyVery dependent on car battery
More fuel efficientThe engine is not responsive
More powerful engineRequires modern knowledge and equipment
Easier maintenanceCan't use any fuel

The disadvantages of this system are the advantages of cars that use a carburetor system.

In addition, the difference between an injection car and a carburetor can also be seen in the working system of the two. The injection system on the car uses an electronic device in the form of an injector, while the carburetor still relies on the piston suction movement.

The latest cars, many of which are already using injection technology. It's very rare to find a new car that still uses a carburetor combustion system.

Tips for Caring for Car Injection

Because of its important role in a car, this component also needs to be treated so that it doesn't get damaged. Check out these maintenance tips so that your car avoids damage.

Keep the Components in the Car Injection Clean

Some components in a car's injection system need to be cleaned regularly. If some of these components are dirty, it can hamper the performance of each of these components.

Some components that need to be cleaned regularly are Throttle Body, sensors, and fuel and air filters.

Maintenance of the Injector Nozzle

The use of low-quality fuel can clog the nozzle hole with dirt carried by the low-quality fuel. This may interfere with the function of the injector nozzle.

Therefore, you have to take care of the condition of the injector nozzle, by spraying cleaning fluid into the gas tank.

This mixture of gasoline and cleaning fluid can later erode the dirt that clogs the injector nozzle.

Measuring Carbon Monoxide

Measurement of carbon monoxide (CO) is quite important. You can measure it using an engine analyzer. This measurement serves to determine the combustion process in the engine.

Ideally, a good combustion process will be below 1%. If the results you get are more than 1%, then you need to reset your car's gasoline, ignition, and air supply systems.

Periodically Check the Condition of the Car Battery

The injection system of a car is very dependent on the battery so that it can be problematic due to the power supply that is not optimal.

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