Get to Know Car Fogging, Its Functions and Benefits

Ever heard of car fogging? This activity is widely carried out after the Covid-19 outbreak occurred throughout the world. What exactly is car fogging and how do you do it?

Car fogging is one of the efforts made to maintain the cleanliness of the car cabin. If you rarely pay attention to the cleanliness of the car interior, now is the time to start.

Many say that car fogging can kill the Covid-19 virus and bacteria in the car cabin. Well, to know more about fogging this car, you can read more about it below.

What is Car Fogging?

As the name implies, car fogging is an activity to fumigate the interior of the car so that all components in it are kept clean. Whether it's air conditioning, all car seats, steering wheel, seat belts, dashboard and more.

The fumigation process itself utilizes a special liquid, namely an antiseptic or disinfectant with a fogging machine. This antiseptic liquid contains 0.1 percent benzalkonium chloride which is able to kill the protein in the virus.

At the time of fogging, the car air conditioner needs to be turned on so that the air circulation in the cabin can work normally. You can immediately feel comfortable after fogging the car because the cabin is clean and the air feels fresher.

So if you regularly wash your car every two weeks or once a month, then do fogging after cleaning. For those of you who spend more time in the car every day, car fogging is a routine activity that needs to be done.

Car Fogging Functions and Benefits

What will the driver and passengers get from this fogging activity? Not just one or two, but there are many benefits of fogging a car.

Here are the functions and benefits of car fogging that you can get.

  • Creating Car Cabin Cleanliness and Comfort

Anyone will feel comfortable when entering a room that smells fresh and clean. Including when entering the car cabin. Cleanliness can create comfort for all passengers including the driver.

  • Overcoming Bacterial and Fungal Problems

The main function of car fogging is to kill bacteria and viruses. These bacteria and viruses are easy to nest in both the car seats that come from the air and the garbage that accumulates in the car. Through fogging, the fungus that is the source of the disease can be overcome.

  • More Effective Car Use

The next function of car fogging is a matter of using a vehicle that is much more effective. You don't need to be afraid of having to drive in a small cabin in the car because the room is definitely clean.

  • Health becomes more awake

You are one of the people who are fussy about cleanliness, you should regularly fogging. Not only clean but the impact is also very good for health. You don't need to be afraid of getting a virus or bacteria.

The Right Time for Car Fogging and the Cost

It should be noted that bacteria can be killed when you do regular fogging. However, regarding the Covid 19 virus, car fogging is an activity that is not enough to kill the virus.

But at least with this fogging you can prevent the spread of the virus by reducing it. Routine fogging is a wise decision for you vehicle owners, but also recognize the right time to do it.

We recommend this fogging done every 45 days to 60 days. The price varies depending on the size of your car. There are also those who have provided special fogging packages so you can choose them.

The average cost to be incurred is starting from Rp. 300,000 to Rp. 450,000. If you are hesitant to do fogging outside, you can also do it yourself.

You just need to buy a special fogging machine and prepare the fogging liquid. The fogging machine is sold at a price of around Rp. 500,000 to Rp. 2,0000.00. You can buy the liquid itself at a chemical store.

The time required for fogging is 15 to 20 minutes. If you have bought the machine, then all you have to do is learn how to use it.

Steps to Do Car Fogging

Interested in doing your own fogging? There is no harm in trying because the price of any fogging machine is cheap. Disinfectant liquid is also very easy to find in any city.

Precisely by doing fogging yourself, you can save the budget to spend a minimum of Rp. 300,000 every two months. Not to mention the cost of car washing which is also not cheap.

The step of fogging a car is not too difficult and you can follow the following steps.

  • Counting Germs, Bacteria and Fogging Fluids Needed

If they imitate car fogging services, they will count how many germs and bacteria are in the car. The goal is to compare the number of germs and bacteria after fogging.

You might find it difficult to do this because you don't have a special tool to detect it. So it can be adjusted to the size of the car cabin so that the amount of fogging fluid can later be right.

  • Placing Liquid-Filled Fogging Machine

The next activity of fogging the car is to fill the liquid in the fogging machine. You just follow the instructions on the machine where and how to fill it.

When finished, place this fogging machine under the middle seat of the car so that the smoke will later spread. Why under the seat? So that all antiseptic and disinfectant liquids can spread to hidden areas.

  • Turning on the AC During the Fogging Process

Before the fogging machine is turned on, you can turn on the air conditioner first. Point the air conditioner towards the center so it can spread the smoke. After that, turn on the fogging machine and close the door.

Leave the engine and AC on for about 20 minutes. When finished you can open the car door and turn off the engine. Take out the fogging machine and wait until the smoke runs out.

  • Checking Car Cabin Condition

Do not immediately leave the cabin that has been fogging, because you have to check it again. The interior of the car should not have any odors because there is usually a smell of disinfectant left behind.

If it still smells, leave the car window open until the smell disappears. This leftover odor will actually stick to the cabin walls which can cause dangerous health problems.

  • Checking the Number of Bacteria and Germs Remaining

You probably won't do this step because you don't have the tools to measure it. Usually at fogging services. they will measure again how many bacteria and germs are left.

The number should decrease even more than before. Because if there are a lot of bacteria and germs left, it means that fogging is not working properly.

The reason could be that the disinfectant liquid does not work because its content is too low. Therefore, the amount of antiseptic and disinfectant liquid must be right so that all germs and bacteria die.

The process of fogging a car is an important activity that is actually not only done during the Covid 19 pandemic. As long as you want to have a clean car, then do fogging regularly.