Get to Know Car Detailing, Comprehensive Vehicle Maintenance

There are many things you can do to take care of your car. one of which is by detailing the car.

Because maintaining a car is not only about taking care of the engine, but the exterior appearance is also one thing that should not be missed.

The saying that the condition of every item owned and used is a reflection of the owner of the item in question, is no longer new.

Therefore, car owners want their vehicles to always have a stunning appearance, or at least be clean and well-maintained.

Finally, various efforts have been made to keep the vehicles owned by them well-maintained, even though they are used every day in the face of various unavoidable dirt-filled roads.

But in fact, there are still a few people who do not understand well the types of vehicle maintenance that actually have different functions and purposes. One of them is auto detailing or commonly referred to as car detailing.

What Is Car Detailing?

Auto detailing a car is a technical process of caring for and beautifying a vehicle in detail to get a more perfect appearance.

In addition, car detailing is also defined as a technique in caring for the vehicle as a whole, both in terms of interior and exterior.

For a clearer understanding, cars that are used as a means of daily transportation must often be exposed to various kinds of dirt.

For example, such as road dust, pollution, asphalt, oil, scratches on small gravel and large rocks, bird droppings, sunlight, and much more.

These various conditions in fact have the potential to make the car you own over time look unsightly.

Among them are the condition of the paint starting to become dull, the emergence of mold, the cabin smells bad, to the engine that looks dirty. To answer this solution, car detailing is the answer that is needed.

As the name implies, this treatment not only cleans the vehicle in passing, but also down to untouched details such as bolts on wheels, under cars, and other unreachable parts.

How Is It Different from Coating?

You may be curious about the differences in car detailing with coatings that both have parts to beautify the vehicle. Indeed, auto detailing includes coating, which is the process of beautifying the car body to make it more shiny with a special coating.

However, the coating process only beautifies the outside, not including the interior, such as auto detailing.

Car Detailing Fee

The next question that often arises is, if car detailing can provide maintenance to the detail described, what is the price of car detailing on the market?

The answers vary. In the field, there are maintenance services that offer auto detailing services for cars with prices starting from IDR 900 thousand.

Of course, there are also higher price levels, which are usually adjusted to the size of the type of car you own or the extra maintenance that is included.

As for the price of the most expensive car detailing, there are also those that offer auto detailing services with a tag of Rp. 5.5 million for large-bodied cars and other additional maintenance packages included.

Car Detailing Stages

Having a very detailed process as a whole, how is the actual process of implementing car detailing ?

Here are the steps that must be passed to make the vehicle still look perfect even though it has been owned for quite a long time.

1. Cleaning

Actually, this stage is not only passed when detailing the car, but also through car salon maintenance.

As one might expect, the purpose of this first step is to clean the entire car.

This process is very important, because the accumulated dirt will spoil the appearance of the car in the long run.

In addition, if necessary, claying will also be carried out in this process, a process that is useful for cleaning up dirt deposits that are not removed during the cleaning process.

Claying is done by using a clay bar and lubricating fluid which is useful for simplifying the claying process itself.

What if the dirt is still not lifted to the maximum? There is one more method that can be done, namely paint cleaning.

2. Paint Correction

As the name implies, paint correction is a process for correcting car paint due to scratches. fine scratches, or the oxidation process on the surface of the car body.

Actually, this stage consists of several more processes, namely compounding, polishing. and glazing.

The process uses the required support fluid in accordance with the specifications of the problems experienced in the car body in question.

In fact, this part is the most important part in auto detailing the car, because it will affect the perfect final result.

At this stage, maintenance will really improve the appearance of the vehicle completely.

3. Protection

Paint correction will indeed make the car look better than before.

However, it will be useless without maximum protection for the car. Therefore, maximum protection on the car body is treated so that the paint correction that was previously carried out is maintained.

This stage in fact also consists of several processes that must be carried out such as wax, sealant, or coating which is carried out on the car paint surface.

On surfaces such as trim, chrome, metal, tires and others, different materials are used according to the type of surface.

In fact, the protection stage also prevents dirt on the car from accumulating, so that water and dust are not easily attached to the vehicle body.

This protection does not only cover interior detailing of the car and exterior detailing, you know. However, you can also ask a technician to do detailing on the machine as well.

4. Maintenance

The last process is maintenance. You need to understand, this one stage is not permanent or temporary.

Because the goal is to maintain the ability of protection to be more optimal and durable. Several processes that must be passed at this stage are detailing, finishing, and last touch.

the Difference Between a Car Salon and Car Detailing

It is not uncommon for people to think that car salons and car detailing are the same or similar treatment process. However, the two are different.

A car salon is more of a simple form of car maintenance than car detailing. In addition, generally the differences can also be seen in terms of the cleaning fluid used, more detailed workmanship, and the use of special tools.

Meanwhile, when asked which treatment is better, a clear car detailing is the answer.

This is because the car salon only performs basic maintenance such as making the car look more shiny, while car detailing goes through a much more complex process.

Those are various detailed things that car owners can know about the understanding, process and price of car detailing and what stages are carried out. Interested in trying it right away?