Get to Know the Car Brake Booster, Its Functions, and How It Works

A car brake booster is one component that serves to help provide relief for the driver when stepping on the brake pedal.

With this brake booster, you don't need to expend too much energy when you step on the brake pedal while driving on the road. If the brake booster on the car is damaged, then you can feel heavy when you step on the brake pedal or worst of all it can cause the brakes to fail.

Are you aware of the important components in this car? If not, let's find out more about what a car brake booster is, its function, how it works and also how to repair a brake booster if it breaks.

What Is a Car Brake Booster?

As already mentioned a little above, the brake booster is an important component in the car's braking system which multiplies the pressure on the brake pedal so as to ease the car's braking process.

This brake booster is important in your vehicle to maintain your safety while driving.

There are two types of car brake boosters that are commonly found in cars today, namely:

  • Vacuum type brake booster; using the intake manifold that has been vacuumed so you feel lighter when you step on the brake pedal
  • Hydraulic type brake booster; using hydraulic pressure from the hydraulic power steering so you don't have to spend a lot of energy when you step on the brake pedal

Car Brake Booster Function

The function of the car brake booster is to make you as a driver feel lighter when you step on the brake pedal.

With this component, you will feel lighter when you step on the brake pedal so you can slow down the vehicle when needed.

Without this component, you are guaranteed to feel heavy and need more energy when pressing the brake pedal.

For info, the brake booster only works when the car engine is running. So if you try to step on the brake pedal when the car is off, the brake pedal will feel heavy when you step on it.

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How the Car Brake Booster Works

Curious how the car brake booster works? The following will discuss how the vacuum type brake booster works. Because this type of brake booster works when the car engine is running. Let's check how this component works!

1. How the Brake Booster Works When the Brake Pedal Is Free or Not Stepped On

  • When the brake pedal is not stepped on, the internal vacuum port on the booster opens so that the vacuum in the constant pressure chamber behind the piston is connected to the variable pressure chamber in front of the piston.
  • In this way, there is a simultaneous vacuum in both rooms where the space on both sides of the diaphragm will become a vacuum.
  • Since there is no pressure difference in the two chambers, the diaphragm spring will press the piston so that the push rod that is connected to the master cylinder will not press on the cylinder.

2. How the Brake Booster Works When the Brakes Are Stepped On

  • If you step on the brake pedal, the push rod on the side of the brake pedal will move forward which makes the piston will close the internal vacuum port and open the inlet air valve.
  • This condition will open a constant pressure chamber and an unrelated variable space, where the constant pressure chamber remains a vacuum and the variable pressure chamber is connected to the outside air. This creates a pressure difference between the two.
  • Next, the diaphragm will be pulled towards the vacuum so that the diaphragm will fight the pressure of the spring and press the push rod which is connected to the master cylinder.

3. How the Brake Booster Works When the Car Engine Is Off

When the car engine is off, the vacuum check valve will close the channel, so there may still be a vacuum in the brake booster that can still be used for braking 2-3 times so as to avoid brake failure.

This brake booster work system can be very helpful when the car engine stops suddenly while on the highway, so you can still use braking to prevent accidents.

Car Brake Booster Price

As one of the components of the car, the brake booster can be damaged. If you have this, you will definitely try to find a product that is the same as the one used in the car.

Usually if you do a brake booster service at an official repair shop. the repair shop will provide the booster if it really needs to be replaced.

However, if you are experienced in car tinkering and can replace the booster yourself, you can look for it in various e-commerce sites according to the type of car you have.

Signs of a Broken Car Brake Booster

As one of the important components in the braking system, the condition of the brake booster must also be considered.

If the car's brake booster is damaged, it will be very annoying when you need to step on the brakes because it feels heavy. Braking may not be optimal and can endanger your safety while on the road.

So what are the signs of a broken car brake booster? Here are various signs that you need to pay attention to on your car and if you feel something is wrong with the brake booster, you should immediately take it to the nearest repair shop.

  • The brake pedal feels hard when stepped on while the engine is running. This condition could be due to a damaged brake booster.
  • There is a hissing sound that comes out when the brake pedal is stepped on. This could be due to a leak in the vacuum hose.
  • The car engine is hard to idle. This condition can be caused by a leaking hose connected to the intake manifold of the engine, causing the intake manifold to leak which in turn makes it difficult for the engine to idle in idle mode.

Pay attention to the signs above when you are driving a car to avoid serious problems on the way.

You should also know about several things that can cause the car's brake booster to malfunction. This is so that you can take the necessary precautions. So what can cause the brake booster to fail?

  • The age of using the car is long
  • Leak in brake booster vacuum hose
  • The brake booster rubber is torn and leaks
  • There is a leak in the rear servo seal
  • There is damage to the connection between the front and rear booster housings
  • The servo vacuum hose holder is loose or damaged
  • There is dirt that has accumulated so that it clogs the vacuum booster hose

Estimated Cost of Car Brake Booster Service

If your car's brake booster is already damaged, then the best and recommended way is to take your car to the nearest authorized repair shop.

The technicians at the repair shop are certainly very experienced in how to repair a car brake booster, so you don't have to worry about bringing your car to the streets again later.

Well, the cost of the car brake booster service itself can vary in each area and whether you go to an official repair shop or to a subscription repair shop near your home.

However, quoted from various sources on the internet, the estimated cost of a car brake booster service is as follows.

  • For a Japanese car, the estimated service fee is around Rp. 150,000
  • For European cars, the estimated service cost is around IDR 250,000-IDR 350,000

It should be noted that this service fee is excluding replacement costs if it turns out that the brake booster is too damaged.

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Tips from Auto Insurance Agencies! A car brake booster is a very important car component, especially in terms of safety. If your car's booster is damaged, it's best to get it fixed right away, OK! You can take it to an official repair shop or a trusted partner repair shop that has worked with car insurance.