Get to Know the Axle Function on the Car and How to Care for It

The term axle in motorized vehicles may have been widely heard or often heard by motorists, but do you know what the actual function of the axle is and how big its role is for the survival of vehicles, especially cars?

Not only the engine, in fact the axle also has a big enough contribution so that every vehicle, especially a car, can move properly and be used properly.

Of course, understanding coupled with maintenance is also important and should not be missed in this one part. In order to understand every detail of its parts well, here is complete information about the function of the axle and its components.

What Is Axle and Its Function

Having another name, the axle is usually often referred to as a differential which, according to its name, has a meaning as a differentiator. What does differentiator mean? In the automotive sector, the intended difference is to distinguish the rotary motion between the left and right tire axles of the vehicle when it wants to turn.

In more detail, for example, when a driver wants to turn left, the left rear wheel must and will have a shorter path than the right rear wheel of the car. Because if the rotation of the left wheel is the same as the right wheel, there will be a slip.

Therefore, when you want to turn left, the left rear wheel must rotate slower than the right rear wheel, and vice versa. This is where the axle function plays a role in distinguishing the rotation.

Meanwhile, if discussed in more detail, in addition to the one function above, there are three other axle functions that are no less important in the continuity of vehicle movement, while the three functions in question consist of:

the Function of the Axle as a Successor of the Engine's Rotary Power to the Drive Shaft

In addition to having a function as a motion differentiator between the left and right axles, the axle also has a function as a successor to the rotary power generated by the engine to the drive wheel axle, or in this case the vehicle tires.

Axle Function to Change the Direction of Rotation by 90 Degrees

Thanks to the axle, the rotating power that was originally straight from the engine - transmission - clutch will be changed to 90 degrees so that it can rotate the drive wheel axle. Without the axle, the vehicle will not be able to make turns and can only go sideways either to the right or to the left.

Axle Function to Increase Torque or Torque

The guard also functions to increase the rotary power produced by the engine so that it can be larger, which is then channeled to the drive axles. An example of this process can be seen where the smaller pinion gear can rotate the larger ring gear.

Get to Know the Components of the Car Axle

Already touched a little on the two small components of the axle in the section above, what exactly are the components that make up the axle as a whole? Here are the details:

drive Pinion Shaft

the first part of this axle is a component of the pinion gear shaft which is integrated with the pinion gear drive. Its main function is to be a turning shaft to flow the propeller shaft and rotation.

drive Pinion Gear

has a gear shape like a pineapple, the use of this part is as a rotating gear that transmits power from the propeller shaft to the axle circuit.

spider Gear

this one part has a function to be a rotational distinguishing gear. Usually there are two and are placed with a 90 degree slope from the side gear. This placement makes the car have a pedestal that leans to the inside when turning.

ring Gear

has a ring shape as the name implies but with a fairly large size, the function of this one component is to become the recipient of the rotation of the pinion gear drive.

spider Gear Shaft

the part that plays a role in facilitating the movement of the spider gear.

differential Carrier / Differential Case

the main function of the differential carrier is to be a home to put various components of the axle on the car. Therefore, do not be surprised if in terms of the size of this section is quite large.

axle Shaft Bearing

serves as a bearing, this axle component becomes the base of the rotating part of the axle shaft housing that is silent. Consists of two pieces, usually each located on the left and right side gear.

side Gear

plays a role in receiving the rotation that has been manipulated by the spider gear. which is then forwarded to the axle shaft.

adjuster Nut

has a nut-like shape to adjust the final gear gap or the movement of the pinion gear which usually rotates before the final gear moves.

bearing Cap

This axle component is useful for holding the axle bearing which is located on the side of the side gear.

axle Shaft Housing

this one part becomes a component to close the axle system. Has an important role, because it becomes the main cover.

axle Shaft Housing Cap

has a shape like a lid that has many bolts to cover the housing. From this component also axle oil can be removed easily.

differential Oil Tube

serves as the location of the axle oil filling hole.

universal Joint Flange

components for the successor to the rotation of the propeller shaft differentialin order to reduce angle changes. In addition, this component is also able to soften the transfer of power.


This section serves as a prevention of leakage from each connection when there is pressure. With gaskets. axle oil leakage can be avoided.

How to Repair and Maintain It

Just like the important components that support the operation of the car, the axle also has the possibility of experiencing damage or dysfunction due to aging. Therefore, it is also important for vehicle owners to understand how to repair and maintain them.

In terms of maintenance, axle components must be checked frequently within a certain period of time, the safest way is to do regular service.

Meanwhile, when it comes to damage, the things that usually appear as part of this problem are buzzing and noisy sounds, vibrations occur in the car, or at worst a leak occurs in the car guard.

Basically, because this one part plays an important role in making turns and movements, the safest way is to take it to a workshop so that it can be handled quickly and precisely by experts.

That's the information and explanation about the function of the axle and its various components, hopefully it can be understood and useful!

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