Easy Ways to Repair Dry Battery at Home

Most vehicles today use dry batteries as a store of electricity. But, not infrequently the components that have important tasks on this vehicle experience problems. No need to worry, if the condition is still good, you can repair dry batteries at home without the need to go to a repair shop.

The battery is one of the important components in the vehicle. Its function is very large, namely to store electricity for power in vehicles. Battery is divided into two types, namely wet battery and dry battery. Over time, dry batteries are preferred because they are more durable when used. In addition, dry batteries are considered more practical and have a stronger and more stable electric current.

Although better than wet batteries, dry batteries also have problems that can certainly interfere with vehicle performance. Some of the causes of battery problems include excessive use of accessories on the vehicle, short circuits, or components in the battery that are not primed.

Well. for those of you who have problems with dry batteries, you should first find out what caused the damage. If the cause is due to the condition of the battery that is no longer suitable for use, you should replace it with a new one. But, if due to a short circuit, you can fix it. No need to go to the workshop. you can do it yourself at home, simply by using the following equipment:

  1. Minus and plus screwdriver.
  2. Knife or hacksaw.
  3. Accu water.
  4. Large size insulation.

Here Are the Steps to Repair a Dry Battery

  1. First, remove the dry battery from your vehicle. Make sure you remove everything in good condition to avoid more serious damage.
  2. Next, saw the cover of the battery. But, you should not be careless in sawing. The part you can saw is the one that says "Do Not Open" on the top, sides, and back of the dry battery cover. Saw slowly so as not to damage the dry battery cover too much and also hurt your hands.
  3. After sawing, remove the dry battery cover.
  4. After that, you will find six holes on the top of the dry battery. All you have to do is fill the entire hole with about 15 milliliters of battery water. Just a note, do not let the battery water on your hands because it can cause irritation. If you have touched your hands, wash your hands immediately with liquid soap.
  5. After all the holes are filled with battery water, cover the top of the dry battery again with the cover that was sawed earlier. Glue it with large tape. It's better to do it repeatedly so that the dry battery cover sticks to the maximum.

Have you done all the methods above? It's time to put your battery back in the vehicle and perform battery-related tests, such as the horn, starter, and lights. Repairing a dry battery is that easy, right ? Good luck at home!