Easy Ways to Detect Car Clutch Damage

Sometimes car problems can happen anytime and anywhere, without any prior warning. For those of you who understand machines, maybe this is not a problem because it can be solved by yourself, but what about people who don't understand machines?

Don't worry, basically you can recognize the damage that has occurred to the car, for example when the car's clutch is stuck. you can detect it with the following tricks.

  1. First, start the engine and pull the handbrake while it is locked. The handbrake will prevent the car from jumping when it is in gear.
  2. When the handbrake is confirmed to work properly, try to slowly enter first gear while pressing the clutch.
  3. After that, release the clutch and put your right foot on the brake at the same time as the gas. But remember, when you do it, don't be in a hurry. Step slowly!
  4. After that, slowly release the clutch. If the car's engine is still running, it can be assumed that the clutch lining is thin and must be replaced immediately.

In addition to the tricks above, there are actually other ways you can do to detect manual car clutch damage by paying attention to the following symptoms:

  1. The clutch pedal feels harder when pressed, and the new car will move when the clutch pedal is lifted closer to the position before being stepped on.
  2. The ability of the car to decrease acceleration, even the car feels heavy and not powerful. This condition feels worse when you pass the road uphill.
  3. Vibration occurs when the clutch pedal is lifted. Usually, this is because the dekrup, aka the clutch cover or flywheel. is uneven and must be replaced immediately.
  4. An unfamiliar sound appears in the transmission. For example, when the clutch pedal is lifted, suddenly a strange sound is heard in the form of a "pletak" or an annoying rough sound.
  5. There is a whirring sound of bearings which is quite annoying when the clutch pedal is not stepped on. This condition is generally caused because the lubricant in the release bearing has dried.

To be sure, immediately take the car to an official Auto repair shop for further checking.