Driving Safety Tips for Women When Filling Gasoline

For women, it is important to pay attention to driving safety when refueling a car. What things should women pay attention to when filling gas?

In Indonesia, there are many female car drivers. This great woman drives their own vehicle to support the activity. Not only can you drive a car, those of you who are accustomed to driving your own vehicle must understand various ethics in maintaining driving safety. One of them is maintaining safety when filling gas. The following are safety tips in driving for women when filling gas.

Turn Off the Engine When Filling Gasoline

This is the first mandatory thing when filling gas in a car at a gas station. This is to be safe when the officer fills up gas, because the running car engine has a lot of electricity. Starting from the flow of electricity from the battery to the coil (ignition coil), the electricity then passes through the spark plug wire. Well. this will be dangerous if the engine is running while refueling.

Lock the Door

Then the next thing is to lock the door tightly. Usually women often put bags in the front seat of passengers to make it easier for them to take various needs. Do not let this provoke the evil intentions of the perpetrators of criminal acts. It is important to always lock the car door tightly, then if you have to get out of the car when making payments as much as possible lock the car door and bring your bag too.

Charging Mobile Battery or powerbank

In cars there is usually a port for charging, which usually comes from the lighter. For this reason, the electric voltage from the car becomes less stable, because the engine speed of the car goes up and down. In addition, a lot of electricity is allocated for car lighting, air conditioning and audio. Well. these conditions can trigger a cell phone explosion which can eventually propagate to other parts of the car that are very prone to sparks or other heat sources.

Don't Be Too Full When Filling Gasoline

If you want to do a full charge while at the gas station, try not to be so full that it spills out. This is because gasoline also needs air so it doesn't settle and leaves a space between the gasoline and the neck of the tank. Gas tanks need space for gasoline to expand, because every car tank is always equipped with air holes. Well. the function of this hole can be to reduce the pressure that has been generated by the fuel in the tank. So you can imagine if the entire tank space is filled with gasoline, the gas that arises as a result of fuel expansion will come out of the tank through a hose which causes fuel to be wasted.