Disadvantages of Installing Double Blower AC on Cars

There are many drawbacks if you insist on installing a double blower air conditioner on your car. What are the drawbacks?

The need for a cooler in the car cabin has become a major need, this is because it supports passenger and driver comfort while driving. Therefore, it is rare for a new car that does not provide cooling in the car cabin.

There are many factors that cause how important the engine cooling in the car cabin. One of them is air pollution which is no longer within normal limits, so it is not possible for us to always open the windows when driving.

There are several types of coolers for inside the car cabin, namely AC with a single blower or AC with a double blower. Maybe until now there are still many who misunderstand that double blower air conditioners have more cooling levels than single ones. In fact, both single and double blower air conditioners have the same function, namely blowing fresh air and providing a cool feeling for passengers and drivers. With the AC activated, of course we hope to reach the very back of the room, which is in the third row.

So, if your car is changed to a double blower, it only helps to accelerate the air conditioner up to the very back row compared to a single blower.

However, not all cars can be installed with a double blower AC. What are the disadvantages if the car is installed with this type of AC?

Disadvantages of Using ac Double Blower

Engine Pulls Gain Weight

The addition of a blower to the air conditioner will certainly be a burden for the car engine. Basically, just one car AC is a burden, how about two. This will cause the car engine will be burdened. Automatically will cause more fuel consumption than using a single blower.

Not to mention the pull of this car engine will also more or less have an effect on uphill road conditions. The car may not be able to go through the incline smoothly.

Vehicle Performance Slightly Reduced

The reduced engine traction will certainly affect the vehicle's performance. For example, decreased rpm and difficult to go uphill. Some cars are already using a double blower. However, a modified car, not the default from the car can immediately have problems.

The decline in performance certainly makes you unable to drive comfortably. Vehicles are also more sensitive and cannot withstand any weather conditions.

Waste of Fuel

The use of air conditioning will certainly absorb more fuel. Especially if it is turned on during a long journey. The amount of fuel needed has even doubled.

AC that has only one blower is already making wasteful of gasoline. How about adding two? Of course you have to frequently fill up the gas until it's full if you don't want the car to break down in the middle of the trip.

Cars Need Extra Care

The engine pull is getting heavier and the vehicle's performance is decreasing is certainly something that needs attention. This means that the vehicle requires extra care in order to maintain its performance as before. If left unchecked, there will be even more damage. As a result, the car cannot be used to its full potential.

Adding Expenses

Cars that require extra maintenance will certainly cost money. Not to mention if it is wasteful of fuel, spending will certainly increase to double. This needs to be addressed wisely. Otherwise, it could be that 50 percent of the income will be used to pay for the cost of the vehicle.

Increasing the number of blowers is basically okay. However, you need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages. If the losses outweigh the gains, it's better to stick with just one blower, okay ?

Causes of Car Air Conditioner Blower Not Cold

In addition, it is also necessary to know that you know the causes of the car air conditioner not cold. In order to broaden your knowledge, the following is a full review.

Here's how to detect several things that could be the cause of the car's air conditioner not cold or not cold enough:

Drive Belt Broken

A broken drive belt or better known as an AC fan belt can be the cause of a double blower car air conditioner not cold. This is because the fan belt is in charge of distributing engine rotation with the rotation of the AC compressor.

Freon Is Reduced or Exhausted

Reduced freon is often the main cause of the car's ACA not cooling down. This reduction in freon occurs due to a leak in the AC system. Freon leaks that are too small and only occur at a certain pressure can be tricked so that the AC is still running as usual. However, this is only temporary and needs further treatment. Leaks like this are often found in the o-ring cells at AC pipe connections. Apart from that, also on the compressor saft seal or on the relief valve on the compressor.

Dirty Condensers and Radiators

The surface of the condenser or radiator that is dirty due to dust, rust, or the fins on the bent surface will make the heat dissipation of the high pressure freon gas in the condenser imperfect. This results in an imperfect condensation process.

Excessive Car AC System Pressure

Excessive pressure on the AC system can cause overheating of the AC system so that the high pressure switch works and cuts off the electric current to the Field Coil from the magnetic clutch. In addition, for the AC compressor which is equipped with a temperature switch, if over heating occurs, the temperature switch embedded in the compressor body works and cuts off the electric current to the spool magnetic clutch.