Difference Between Manager and Administrator

The fundamental difference between a manager and an administrator is that a manager is responsible for the company in its corporate aspect to function efficiently. For his part, the administrator is responsible for ensuring that the departments of the company perform properly.

Both the manager and the administrator perform functions of planning , organization, direction and control. But the difference is that the functions of the manager are projected towards the outside of the company and the functions of the administrator towards the internal functioning of the organization .

In addition, the manager is responsible for selecting and ensuring that the administrator's management is carried out efficiently. That is why the manager is responsible for recruiting, incentivizing and controlling the manager's tasks. All this to guarantee that the quality of administrative management is carried out successfully.

For his part, the administrator is in charge of ordering the functional areas or departments of a company, above all, in the management of resources in the departments of human resources, production , finance, marketing and any other department that the company has. business.

Manager and administrator are not the same?

What is a manager?

First of all, a manager is a person who is in charge of directing and controlling an organization or a company. He could also be in charge of a specific department.

Therefore, we speak of general manager as in the first case. While in the second case one can speak of a sales manager, production manager, financial manager, marketing manager, among some that can be mentioned.

What is an administrator?

Now, an administrator is the person who performs the administrative process within a company. Therefore, he must be in charge of the process of planning, directing, organizing and controlling the activities carried out within the firm.

The administrative process has to do with the optimal management of scarce resources of a company. These resources can be human , material , financial and technological. Good management of resources allows the company to achieve its objectives.

What does a manager do?

1. General functions

The general functions of a manager are:

to. planning

First, this function consists of establishing goals, defining strategies and determining plans to coordinate the general activities of the organization.

b. Organization

Second, in the organization, the manager determines what must be done, how it will be done, and defines who does it.

c. Direction

Thirdly, in this function all the activities of the members of the organization are directed and coordinated.

d. Control

Fourth, this function consists of controlling and supervising all activities to ensure that they are carried out as planned.

2. Specific functions

A manager performs different functions depending on the level he occupies. Among the specific functions of managers we find:

to. Senior managers

Senior managers must make the decisions that affect the direction of the organization as a whole. They must also define the policies to be followed by all company employees. They also establish the general objectives and goals that are expected to be achieved.

b. Middle management managers

Middle management managers must put into practice the application of top management policies. In the same way, they must make the achievement of the general objectives materialize. For that reason, they work on more specific goals.

c. Front line managers

Without a doubt, the front line managers are the people in charge of supervising and coordinating the activities of the front line employees. Their functions are directly related to the people who occupy the lowest positions in a company.

What does an administrator do?

The functions of an administrator are:

1. Planning

Of course, the manager must define in his planning process the objectives, actions, methods and resources required to achieve successful results. He must determine precisely how to implement the action plan.

2. Organization

Similarly, in the organizing process the plan is put into practice. All this is achieved by making the best use of available resources.

3. Address

Then, the management consists of assigning those responsible who must direct the actions of the plan. These managers must lead, motivate and maintain an efficient process of communication with the people who are in charge of them to carry out the plan.


Finally, the control carried out by the administrator allows the actions of the plan to be executed properly and within the established times, since it ensures that human, material, technological and financial resources are used more efficiently.

Main differences between manager and administrator

The main differences between a manager and an administrator are:


  • It is the highest-ranking person in a company or a department.
  • He is the legal representative of the company and must be legally responsible for his actions and decisions.
  • It can be any person, that is, any individual can hold the position of manager in the organization. Even without administrative knowledge.
  • Carries out specific functions in the company or in a department. He is the leader and the person in charge of that area.
  • Perform administrative tasks for the company.

The administrator

  • You must manage company resources.
  • He is a professional who has the necessary knowledge and skills to perform.
  • Ensures that the company uses its resources optimally to achieve the proposed goals and objectives.

Difference Between Manager and Administrator

In conclusion, we can say that the words manager and administrator are used interchangeably. However, they are very different charges, although they have some similarities and many differences.

The similarities are that in both positions the functions of the administrative process are carried out, with the difference that the manager applies them to the outside of the company and the administrator to the internal operation. Of the administrative tasks, the manager must mainly know how to control and direct, while the administrator must know how to plan and organize.