Difference Between Denomination and Company Name

In this article we will explain the difference between company name and company name , two very similar but not identical concepts.

The legal name of a company is essential and is present on all legal documents. Of course, in legal language, to refer to the name of the company, the concepts of company name or business name are used. However, they are not synonymous and, therefore, it is logical to ask what is the difference between denomination and company name.

Difference between company name and company name

The main difference lies in the type of name that the company acquires. Thus, the company name refers to those companies that adopt as their legal name, the names and surnames of one or more partners. On the other hand, when we talk about company name we are talking about an imaginary name.

In this sense, in order for a company, at least as indicated by the Spanish Companies Law, to be able to adopt a name of the company name type, it must be a simple limited partnership or by shares. For example, they could adopt as a company name: "López and brothers".

For its part, the company name refers to limited companies and corporations, which must have an SL or SA at the end of the invented or imaginary name. For example, a name could be: Empresalandia SL

In short, the difference between company name and company name lies mainly in the name adopted and, at the same time, in the type of company that can bear it.