Difference Between Communication and Information

Communication and information are two widely used concepts and sometimes cause for confusion by users. However they are different. The main difference lies in the fact that communication requires a response to be carried out, while information does not require feedback from the public.

Communication is a process involving two or more users . They exchange data, messages and adopt the position of sender and receiver alternatively.

The information is the set of data that has been previously elaborated to configure a message. The goal of the sender is to reach the receiver effectively. However, in this case an immediate response or feedback is not required to achieve the proposed objective.

What are the main differences between communication and information?

These are the most outstanding:

  • The information aims to publicize data, news or improve knowledge in users. Communication goes a step further, since in addition to transmitting messages, what is intended is that there be an interaction and a sharing to be carried out.
  • Communication is a fundamental human need. It is the way you have to transmit your emotions, thoughts or doubts, with the aim of reaching agreements that allow you to solve your problems or concerns.
  • The information provides knowledge and data with the aim of obtaining a more critical thinking when dealing with and talking about certain topics.
  • Information must always be up-to-date and truthful when it is released to the public. On the other hand, with communication, all kinds of topics can be revealed regardless of whether they are novel facts or not.
  • Communication is a process that allows human interaction to take place constantly. If two or more people are not involved, it is not possible to carry it out.
  • The information is intended to influence the opinions and behavior of the public to whom the message is addressed.
  • Communication improves social relations. Its implementation means that norms, rules and agreements are established in order to live in a balanced and organized way.

Example of communication and information

A school has decided to start an entrepreneurship workshop. Students will form groups to create the works requested by the teacher and assimilate the necessary knowledge on the subject.

They will communicate with each other to express their doubts, knowledge and contribute everything they know about the subject. In this case we would talk about an example of communication.

On the other hand, a newspaper has decided to publish the data of the companies with the highest turnover in a Latin American country. In this case, reference is made to information, since data is provided that is intended to increase public awareness.

Furthermore, the newspaper does not need a response to carry out this informative fact. However, it is transmitting a message to improve knowledge about this specific case to the users who will read this news.