Cruise Control Is – Understanding, How It Works and Using It

Cruise control is an advanced feature found in today's latest cars. This feature is also known by other names, such as speed control. autocruise. active cruise control. intelligent cruise control. dynamic radar cruise control. active cruise control. and distronic plus.

The cruise control function is to adjust the speed of the car without the need to step on the gas pedal. However, there is a maximum and minimum speed to be able to activate this feature.

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Definition of Cruise Control

Cruise control is an advanced feature found in today's latest cars. The presence of these advanced features in the automotive world can be said to be quite indulgent and make the driver comfortable.

Because, the driver just activates and adjusts with a certain speed limit so that the car can drive stably without the need to step on the gas pedal. Feet were so not too sore due to too long stepped on the gas pedal.

This feature is very suitable for use when you want to travel long distances. In addition, this cruise control can also save fuel because the car is traveling at a constant speed.

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Keep in mind, even though the car's speed is set automatically, it doesn't mean you just ignore it. You still have to concentrate on the situation ahead.

This is done to anticipate if there are other drivers who overtake or appear from the opposite direction.

Adaptive Cruise Control

The development of cruise control technology is the emergence of Adaptive Cruise Control which is claimed to be more sophisticated. The difference between adaptive cruise control is that this feature can adjust the car's speed according to traffic conditions.

In addition to freeing the driver from the gas pedal, adaptive cruise control also frees the driver from the brakes. However, there is still a maximum and minimum speed limit to be able to activate this adaptive cruise control feature.

Cars Equipped with cruise Control

Unfortunately, in Indonesia itself, not many cars are equipped with this cruise control feature. There are only a few cars that use this feature and usually the price is quite high. The cars equipped with cruise control are as follows.

  • Toyota Fortuner Type SRZ, TRD, and VRZ.
  • Mitsubishi Xpander and Xpander Cross
  • Honda Jazz
  • Auto S-Cross
  • DFSK Glory 580
  • Honda HR-V
  • Chevrolet Trax
  • Hyundai Kona
  • Wuling Almaz

How cruise Controlworks

When driving for very long distances and for a long time, it is certainly enough to make your feet tired because you have to keep stepping on the gas pedal. That is why, the cruise control feature is here as a solution to help reduce fatigue when driving long distances and for long periods of time.

This cruise control feature uses actuators to control the throttle and help your car to run at the same speed. So, how does this cruise control work ?

The way cruise control works is by connecting this feature to the accelerator via a cable to keep the gas pedal in a certain position. The point is to maintain the stability of the car so that it remains at a predetermined speed limit.

Meanwhile, the electronic system contained in the car will regulate the speed by using various sensors and throttle control to operate these features via a wireless system. In fact, the latest technology from this feature can adjust speed based on how fast the vehicle in front is moving and maintain a safe distance automatically.

How to Use cruise Control

To activate this cruise control feature, first you have to drive the car according to the desired speed. For example, according to the minimum speed limit on toll roads, which is 60 km/hour.

Then, press the Cruise Control and SET buttons together to activate it. If it is active, the car will drive within the specified speed limit.

To disable it, all you have to do is press the SET button again or step on the brake pedal. The cruise control feature will automatically stop and the car speed control will return to your right foot.

The basic buttons used to operate cruise control are as follows.

  • On/off

To enable and disable cruise control. You can see whether the feature is active or not on the car dashboard.

  • Res +

Press this button if you want to increase the car speed. Each time you press this button, the car will accelerate to 1 mph.

You can also use this button to continue the speed you have previously set.

  • Sets –

This button serves to reduce the speed that has been previously determined. Each time you press this button, the car's speed will decrease by 1 mph.

  • Cancel

In addition to stepping on the brake pedal, you can also press the Cancel button if you want to disable the cruise control feature.

This basic button is usually located on the right side of the steering wheel. However, each car has a different design.

So, this button could be located in a different position. However, the functions they have are usually the same.

Important Things Before Using cruise Control

The cruise control feature does offer convenience and comfort for the driver, especially when driving long distances. However, there are some important things that you should pay attention to before using cruise control are as follows.

Get to Know the Type of cruise Control Used

Not only cruise control, some cars use cruise control with a more sophisticated version, namely adaptive cruise control.

This feature can not only adjust the car's speed according to predetermined limits, but can also prepare for braking when the distance between cars is too close or increase speed when the distance is safe.

Keep Concentrating on the Road

Even though the speed of the car is set using the cruise control feature. that doesn't mean you just ignore the road. Because, there is the possibility of another driver who precedes you or appears from the opposite direction.

In addition, immediately deactivate cruise control when the roads start to get crowded to make it easier for you to control the car.

Use When on the Toll Road

The right way to activate the cruise control feature is the freeway or toll road. Because, this road is very quiet and long so you can relax a little and your feet can also take a break from the pedals.

Can it be used on regular highways? It could be, provided that the road conditions are quiet and there are not many other vehicles or pedestrians.

However, it is usually only used briefly because it will often meet intersections. Therefore, the right road for cruise control is a toll road.

Don't Activate Cruise Control When It's Raining

When it rains the streets become wet and slippery. Activating cruise control with road conditions like this would be very dangerous.

The car can twist and cause an accident or collision. Therefore, make sure you understand the operation of this feature before using it.

In addition to slippery roads, you should also not activate cruise control on uphill and steep roads because of the high risk of accidents.

Understand the Function of Buttons and Their Symbols

Every car equipped with cruise control features has several buttons with different symbols and functions. There is a function to activate and deactivate cruise control. reduce and increase speed, and so on.

Therefore, it is important to know the meaning of the symbols and functions of each available button before operating it.

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That's some information about cruise control that is important for you to know. Although it provides comfort and convenience when driving long distances, make sure you pay attention to some important things before using this feature.

A number of experts actually don't recommend this feature to be used on the roads in Indonesia because of the poor road conditions and chaotic traffic. So, make sure the road conditions are smooth when using this feature, OK ?

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